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  1. Agree.... i think reals priorities are neymar and mbappe but hazard is the more realistic for them
  2. Until i hear it from the horses mouth i wont be satisfied lol, was encouraging to hear buck say that the club will do everything in their power to keep him. Hazard doesn’t come across as a greedy person so i think it comes down to him wanting the club to invest in the squad as much as investing in himself.
  3. Gazzetta reporting that hazard is ready to accept a £300,000pw contract with chelsea? Probably a load of old nonsense but hopefully not :-)
  4. Anyone else see the striker within loftus cheek? he seems to have some strong attributes to play up front in my opinion,big strong player with great feet quite quick? Perhaps his finishing is open for debate i cant really comment on that....
  5. Would definitely play kepa? Think he needs the game time and experience? Doesnt look too sharp just yet in my opinion. then i would say a completely different starting lineup? To be able to play in the league with fresh legs will be such an advantage,you only have to look at contes first season as proof. would even consider same europa league squad in the domestic cups also. Kepa Emerson Christensen Amps/Cahill Zappa Fabregas/drinkwater Barkley Loftus-cheek Hudson Odoi Pedro/Willian Morata/Giroud
  6. I can only see a martial deal happening if one or two off zouma, cahil or willian go the other way? Same applies to fekir, perhaps batshuayi or zouma going to lyon in either player plus cash or a loan similar to the kovacic/courtois deal?
  7. Or willian RW and fekir ST/F9? Reckon either would work
  8. Oblak or kepa would be my two first picks however if we do end up with butland i will get fully behind him or whoever they get in. Makes you wonder if courtois family lived in russia would he be going AWOL to force through a move to CSKA Moscow?
  9. Posted this months ago, not surprised in the slightest he went AWOL bloke has never shown any desire to the club or fans!!!!
  10. Hope he stays, however if madrid want him say we will accept nothing less than asensio and isco in return? You want him that bad?take it or leave it
  11. If reports are true sarri has signed a one year extension so thats him out if the running(for now) i would opt for morris on a one year personally think he deserves a chance after all he has done for the club plus he is chelsea he will have the desire and passion im sure and if it works out brilliant if not then always the option of sarri the season after? Be nice to get some more of our youth involved to be honest so maybe morris is the one to integrate them in? who knows maybe even have lamps as his assistant :-)
  12. If real madrid want tibo and tibo wants madrid then let them be with eachother but demand a deal involving isco or bale? A fit bale would be an unbelievable partner for hazard? Courtois is replaceable i would take butland from relegated stoke straight away if it meant we got isco or bale? loftus cheek needs to be back in the first team squad I genuinely believe that he would of out performed every partner kante has had this season, fabregas,bakayoko,drinkwater!!!! He would of partnered kante better than all them in my opinion, as for the rest of the squad i dont even know it would be great to see hazard stay i got a feeling he will? Also 3-4-3 is done we have been found out think maybe its time to revert back to 4-3-3 or perhaps a 4-2-3-1 but not sure we have the right players? And for christ sake get some of our youngsters involved
  13. Just a thought on what everyone thinks about where our temporary home away from home should be during the building of the new stadium?
  14. Lets say we dont sign anyone next season cos even if we do i cant predict who? Then inwould like to see this squad list. GK courtois willy DEF Azpi zappa sterling ampadu luiz christensen rudiger emerson alonso MID kante loftus cheek van ginkel fabregas drinkwater ATT hazard willian pedro hudson odoi giroud morata on loan zouma to a stronger team bakayoko to try and gain some confidence barkley to get first team football and fitness abraham another chance on loan blackman another loan batahuayi a season out on loan this is all based on no signings coming in next season, im sure van ginkel and loftus cheek would of done more than barkley and bakayoko this season? abraham aint getting nowhere near a starting place at the moment with giroud morata even batshuayi potentially being the real deal. zouma deserves a go at a stronger competing team to see what hes made of. blackman had a pretty solid season at sheff utd be interesting to see how he comes on.

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