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  1. Some of those a really good. I love the hoop throw back to the 80's design. The actual one? Nah. I didn't buy last year's but I'll pick it up cheap now because I'm not buying that monstrosity.
  2. You're not kidding! He should be playing as much as possible between now and the end of the year so he knows we want him.
  3. We'd have to trigger the extended loan option, we can't sign him.
  4. Well it's going to get quiet in here, since we can sign any players until the summer of 2020... Of course we can still sell players but I would hope that we don't because if we start that we'll be unable to strengthen. I guess this means Kovatic will be going back to Real too.
  5. It's tricky, I mean how do you convince Drinkwater to move to a little club like Madrid?
  6. He's good but *very* young. It'd be a hell of a gamble taking a young kid away from home like that. Maybe if we bought him this year, loaned him out like we did Courtois and played Willy this year it might make sense but I'd be concerned if we were to make honour number one this year.
  7. Thierry Henry looked pretty rubbish a Juventus until a different coach poached him and helped him realise his tallent by playing him in the right way. Bakayoko had one lousy season under Conte, how do you know that he won't respond better to Sarri and look like the player Jardim had everybody purring over at Monaco? Everybody laughted when we signed Lampard from West Ham, how was that 22 year old going too strengthen our team? I believe he did okay once he was given a chance. Everybody expects instant results but that's not how it works for the vast majority of players. Give the guy a break
  8. Apparently we've offered £30m plus Drinkwater for Zaha... which has been turned down. The market is ridiculous. £60m for inconsistent wingers like Zaha and Mahrez while Barça are quietly picking up Malcolm for just over half that? At this rate we would be better placed to keep giving CH-O a run out, if Zaha is £60m then he's got to be worth at least £65m [emoji23]
  9. With the US market his transfer will generate a lot of income and talents that can unlock defences don't come cheap. There was a lot of chatter about why would City sign Sane and what a waste it was. Turns out that sometimes a highly thought of tallent can be worth a punt. Germany is a pretty similar level of physicality to the EPL too so it's not like he's coming from the Netherlands or Italy where you can't be sure if they can hack it. Personally I'd be pretty excited by this and it's a statement signing to be sure. Still don't know why we aren't looking at Fekir as a Fabregas replacement
  10. There's hints that Christian Pulisic might be bring hawked ariund by Dortmund. He's be expensive (£60m+) but he's a hell of a tallent and 19 had a lot of room to grow. Thoughts?
  11. There are 13 days until the window closes on the 9th. Given the glacial speed at which we negotiate deals this has zero chance of happening.
  12. Why in the hell are there rumours about us signing Cech? [emoji15]
  13. I'd love us to sign this lad. He amazing and has had a lot of sh*t flung at him at Milan, plus they are pretty much broke so a halfway decent offer should be enough to get him. It helps that the manager is Italian too, I would say.
  14. We have two good strikers. Apparently Morata was carrying a back injury for much of the season and that would be consistent with a strong start and then a tail off in form. Batshuayi is a good strikers but he needs more than 10 mins at the end of a game to show it. I don't see that this would help us at all. Sarri needs to assess the team and get what he feels he needs, not have the board second guessing his needs.
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