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  1. I guess what I see as an issue is that we send Ania away but pay good money for Zappacosta who doesn't appear to be any better. We have had a great youth team but none of it gets to the first team.
  2. https://www.90min.com/posts/6388246-torino-president-confirms-permanent-signing-of-chelsea-youngster-ola-aina?utm_source=fotmob&utm_medium=share I was quite disappointed to see this. €10m seems quite cheap for a decent youth player these days.
  3. I get the desire for results but how does the board expect anything to change if we keep sacking managers? If I were a decent manager I'm not sure I'd want this job... we've become a joke.
  4. Some of those a really good. I love the hoop throw back to the 80's design. The actual one? Nah. I didn't buy last year's but I'll pick it up cheap now because I'm not buying that monstrosity.
  5. Damn. Can anybody explain what the point of Jorgihnio and Kovetic?
  6. Well there it is, the reason Kepa needs to learn his lesson.
  7. He has to save a pen in the shootout. Otherwise he's f**ked. I'd still fine him and bench him.
  8. Kepa is totally out of order here. He should be benched for a the next few games.
  9. Considering Emerson has hardly played I've been far more impressed with him than Alonso in a game where we needed a disciplined performance.

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