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  1. We need to rack up as many points as we can before December. 2nd half of the season we play the top 6 away from home mostly, will be tougher. I think we play spurs away in 2 weeks. As long as we manage draws vs the top 6 I'm not worried. We will dispatch smaller teams imo not worried about dropping silly points. A draw against manure was vital imo keeps arsenal below us still and the scum in 10th place. Will be a tight call this season, between us spurs and arsenal for 3rd/4th place. Dont want mourinho to have a sniff, dont need another team in the mix, will make top 4 tougher.
  2. They can overtake us for 3rd place if they manage to bang in a few more. Goal difference. When are these c**ts playing a strong team? Tired of teams rolling over
  3. Arsenal are jammy c**ts. Teams fall apart when playing against I wont be surprised if this ends up 5-1 again.
  4. zes

    Alvaro Morata

    But why would Icardi want to come here? He's got offers and interests from many other top clubs. Idk why he would leave a champions league team for us. The club wont sell Morata in January. He's here to stay until the summer and wont reach double figures in goals (all competitions). We are capable of top 4 this season and its our aim. As long as Pedro starts over Willian we can compensate for the lack of goals from Morata. Pedro scored 3 goals already before he went off injured last month. Him and Hazard are enough I think.
  5. zes

    Alvaro Morata

    I think enough people have expressed the exact same thoughts I had in mind so I wont bother repeating. What I wanted to add was that the sooner he goes the better. Not because he doesn't score goals but because he hinders his team mates from scoring as well. That is unacceptable at the top level and you saw today how we messed around in the final third. We score more goals with him off the pitch.
  6. Kepa is amazing. Great shot stopper. Tidy feet too. Good start to the season, always had high hopes for Sarri coming in been a supporter of his for a while but I wasn't expecting us to be joint top of the league. Top 4 is achievable especially with Manure disasterclass taking shape so far.
  7. zes


    Anyone can see the lack of end product and decision making from Willian. Not good enough. Aimlessly dribbling into nowhere usually.
  8. Arsenal currently in top 4 above spurs. A win from us takes us 2 pts ahead of both. We are better than Arsenal, 4th is the highest they can go. United are a shambles and Spurs will fight it with the arse for 4th.
  9. Always happy to see united get f**ked. SAF denied us many league titles in the mid 2000s they deserve to be humiliated. Spurs will run out of steam by January so not worried. Top 4 secured imo
  10. I did not say he never overlaps. I said he rarely does. Robertson and Mendy do it every game. I saw the match for myself and saw how congested our play was and struggled to break down Newcastle. If he can add more to his game along with his goal scoring Alonso would be world class.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45317675
  12. Gullit made some notable comments on MOTD which I agree with. Alonso as clutch as he is does have flaws. - Rarely overlaps on the wing so everything gets congested with no width to our play - Never takes players on or go past them. Always cuts inside. Look at Liverpool with Robertson or Mendy with City. Athletic fullbacks who make runs in behind the opposition defence instead of just playing the ball in front of them which is what Newcastle wanted and why we struggled. It's all nice and good when he gets the winner and his eye for a goal is special but when things dont go well you can see where one of the problems lie: too 1-dimensional and no penetration to the play like we saw vs Newcastle for the majority of the game. Azpi is the same but in Napoli Sarri had the RB play more defensive and the LB play in more advanced positions so Azpi can be excused.
  13. zes

    Alvaro Morata

    The difference between a title challenge and aiming for top 4. People say give him another chance, ok then. As long as we finish top 4 and we get rid of him next season so we can challenge for the title again. This guy isn't scoring 20 goals a season anytime soon for us. Cant afford to carry passengers in the team. Alonso cant save our ass every game with last minute winners. Prefer Giroud to start.

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