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  1. Hey guys I have not been following the events that followed after Sarri's departure. Trying to catch up on everything had surgery and all so just getting back into footy now. Anyone kind enough to give a brief maybe 2-3 sentence summary on how things have progressed with Frank and the lads? How's the squad looking? Would appreciate it.
  2. Well Sarri is gone. Banging on about the same points on why he is leaving over and over again is pointless since we have nailed down all the possible reasons already. Focus should turn to our next manager and the squad for next season. Once again top 4 will be our aim seems like thats the best we can do these days. I am not expecting the board to put any thought into the next appointment or future signings. Coutinho is being chased imagine spending Hazard money on him. Feel emotionally detached from the club and people who think we will keep winning trophies carrying on like this will realise that the reason why we kept winning despite managers being turned over was because of the players we had. Drogba/Cech/Lampard and Hazard after them carrying us. We have no one in this team who can lead or on Hazards level now.
  3. If Sarri goes what happens to Jorginho? I assume he will leave too.
  4. Bullsh*t. Klopp and Guardiola made it work who are similar to Sarri.
  5. People are not looking at the real problem here. Sarri was brought in by the club to build a team and play a style of football. After a 'successful' season we are yet again looking to start over again with a new manager. While Pool and City build on and add on to their existing strong squads.
  6. Imagine going into the season with Willian and Pedro as our main wingers. or even rotating squad players. Not expecting anything if the ban is kept this summer might be in for a worst season than 15/16
  7. f**k. another dinosaur. this has to be a nightmare. I am Italian and know what Juve fans think of him. Gets shown up in Europe due to sitting back all the time with dinosaur tactics and their annual scudetto win in a league where they get first dips in recruiting the best players.
  8. I dont know what will happen next but I am confident that Sarri wont go to Juve. No way will he betray his hometown Naples like that and he even said he will never manage any other serie A team. people in naples consider him a god. dont see him managing another serie A club.
  9. I cant believe whats happening. This week has been a sh*tshow why is there always so much uncertainty around the club. Things never work out for managers here and unlike before we aren't number 1 anymore. I hope all of this gets resolved quickly.
  10. Even rival fans are baffled as to what were doing playing in USA at this time of the season. If the transfer market of recent years weren't bad enough now untimely friendlies sabotage our season. Nothing wrong with rightfully criticising the club for poor decision making. With Ruben and Hazard i was confident on winning this final but it's all up to Hazard now. Fullbacks wont learn to cross the ball overnight and this team doesnt inspire anyone. Can only hope playing in a final is a big enough incentive to for them to turn up for once.
  11. Waiting for the club to announce something. How many months exactly he is expected to be out. I dont care about the EL final the worry is that lot of players never fully recover after such an injury. Worried if RLC will lose his physical ability and power in his strides. Same for CHO. Terrible injury to suffer.
  12. Holy sh*t OUT FOR 1 YEAR?? As angry as I am about Ruben missing the final vs Arsenal I was expecting something like this to happen so not too surprised. But for f**ks sake if this is a serious injury and he's out for the entire season next season then this has been a colossal f**k up. Such a bright future ahead of him set back by 1 year due to poor management. Praying to god that it's just 3-6 months out nothing more.
  13. people think other teams imploding gave us top 4 when 71 points is usually enough for top 4 looking at previous seasons. yh last season maybe not but there are plenty other seasons where even 66 points was enough for top 4. did teams implode in those seasons too? 66 is much lower than 71 points which is what spurs have in 4th place. enough of these ifs and buts. ridiculous
  14. No thank you. Barcelona fans want him out for a reason. We need leaders and consistent performers not hollywood signings who score a 30 yarder every now and then.
  15. I still don't understand why we signed him.

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