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  1. To the people calling him lazy. He isn't lazy. He just does things so effortlessly which gives the impression of said laziness. Kai alongside Kovacic are very press resistant and are able to twist and turn cleverly to create space when receiving the ball. Doesn't take too many touches, moves the ball quickly and his decision making is exceptional. Can't remember any brain farts or over/under hit passes made in the final 3rd, something Barkley is guilty of (for those comparing the two). He made some very good runs but unfortunately Kante was not able to spot them. I know Kante is a fan favourit
  2. I think there are some easy fixes that even Frank sees which will improve us overall - first off getting rid of players who don't fit his system like Alonso. Then there are bigger issues like our pressing. We did dispossess WBA a few times but more often than not they played through us with ease and they're not the only ones who have done this. I will reserve my judgement until after the international break when players' fitness levels should be at 100% I'd love to see a set back 4 and midfield 3 with occasional changes to give players rest.
  3. Would appreciate any updates on him if anyone knows something. We need both him and Ziyech.
  4. People keep saying he was played out of position when he has played RW before. The issue last night was that we were stuck in our own half majority of the game until Barkley came on and saw Havertz link up with Reece in the final 3rd. RLC couldn't do anything right and Havertz suffered from it imo. If you want to see the best of Havertz then you need players like Kovacic who are able to progress the ball upfield. We could barely string an attack together. Also not a fan of Mount playing on the wing. Lampard needs to stop doing this. He takes too long to cross and isn't able to take on de
  5. Had a look at RAWK and I regret it. So many belittling our recruitment and wanting us to fail. Will feel so good proving all rival fans wrong. I really want Pulisic to start since most of our new signings wont start and Lampard confirmed he has recovered but I think he will come off the bench. Do we know when Silva, Chilwell and Ziyech are set to return?
  6. Pulisic will be up against Kyle Walker. Interesting contest
  7. Are any of their injured players or defenders set to return in the next couple of weeks when we face them? If not then I'll be more confident for this game.
  8. The pressure is on City. We can afford to lose this match given our lead on arsenal and united atm. But I'd like to see us beat a top 6 side and keep the pace up
  9. Even with the gap between us and manure/arsenal we cant afford to drop points and become complacent. These c**ts are proper jammy and fluke wins while playing sh*t.
  10. If Sarri goes what happens to Jorginho? I assume he will leave too.
  11. Even rival fans are baffled as to what were doing playing in USA at this time of the season. If the transfer market of recent years weren't bad enough now untimely friendlies sabotage our season. Nothing wrong with rightfully criticising the club for poor decision making. With Ruben and Hazard i was confident on winning this final but it's all up to Hazard now. Fullbacks wont learn to cross the ball overnight and this team doesnt inspire anyone. Can only hope playing in a final is a big enough incentive to for them to turn up for once.
  12. Holy sh*t OUT FOR 1 YEAR?? As angry as I am about Ruben missing the final vs Arsenal I was expecting something like this to happen so not too surprised. But for f**ks sake if this is a serious injury and he's out for the entire season next season then this has been a colossal f**k up. Such a bright future ahead of him set back by 1 year due to poor management. Praying to god that it's just 3-6 months out nothing more.
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