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  1. opinionsarelike

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    As for wanting us to adapt, have a plan B and all that, but still show ambition in the transfer market. Look at it like a math equation: (players that suit plan A) + (players that suit plan B) = money spent If one of these addends equals zero, you can get away with spending less money (or, spend more to perfect our style of play). Our only chance in establishing ourselves as a consistent (not falling out of the CL every other year) club right now, given our resources, is by adopting one style of play and go all out on that particular style. It's our only way of establishing a proper scouting network, so that we can buy the Icardi's, Werner's and Aouar's of the world, before they cost 100 million quid.
  2. opinionsarelike

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Cundy is a typical fan-gone-pundit, and even though he truly loves Chelsea, his words and analysis on football means absolutely zilch. I agree that we were terrible after 60 minutes played yesterday. However, we were good before that, against a very decent side. Compare that to when we played Huddersfield in our opening round, and it's a clear improvement. Our players react terrible to adversity, yes, but Sarri did the only thing he could do to change it. The problem is that we have players far too comfortable retreating back to their security blanket of long balls when the going gets tough, but that will take practice and hard selections to get rid of, thus another argument for Sarri needing time (doing what he was hired to do, what he knows best). The only legitimate criticism I can give Sarri is that he seems to be doing what his predecessors did; pick underperforming and unsuited players - and that will be his downfall. Some players can't and/or won't suit Sarri's style of play, and that's on him to figure out.
  3. opinionsarelike

    Wolves V Chelsea (PL) Wed 5th Dec 19:45 UK

    Do you mean the time when Morata was so obviously clipped down from behind? Even so, you are wrong. Morata might have missed it if he got the chance to score, but Giroud wouldn't even have been quick enough to be in the vicinity of action. This is where Giroud fools people. I completely agree that Morata is hot garbage, this is obvious. Giroud on the other hand, is so slow that we never get to see how poor he really is.
  4. The constant wish to make the most dynamic player in the world play the least dynamic position on the pitch is quite interesting.
  5. opinionsarelike

    Marcos Alonso

    Unless Alonso is given that inside full back role, where he can drift inside of the box, he's close to worthless. Also, teams are giving him the Bosingwa- and Ivanovic-treatment by not pressing him when he has the ball wide. He could try until tomorrow to dribble someone from a standstill and still come out unsuccessful and his crosses are awful. The last point I would argue is that he steals the width of the team, making our arguably best player, Hazard, have less space than what he could have. And these are only his offensive problems. Palmieri could or could not be the answer, but there are cruise ships with a better acceleration rate than what Alonso's got.
  6. I think Sarri has an attractive enough outlook on how he wants his football to be played for players to buy in to. Sarri got Jorginho to join us instead of Guardiola; on another note, the Spaniard has made no attempt to hide his admiration of Joringho's mesmeziring talents - which is in stark contrast to half our fanbase. I do find that intriguing. Conte couldn't attract talent even if his life depended on it. A great, great coach, but his signings for Juventus were mostly a disaster as well. The club was in my opinion correct in not backing him fully. The words that have leaked on Sarri's wishlist, if we are to believe them, are much more positive and in tune (in terms of style and age) with what we've been wanting to do as a club for years.
  7. opinionsarelike

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I argumented for my opinion, so please discuss my argument as well if you're going to say what I said and didn't say. We won the title, you are right. But Mourinho could never start playing proactive football again after that, which was kind of the point I was trying to make. Sarris principles, in no particular order, are: a) high line and press, b) fast, one touch triangular passing vertically and c) collective movement off the ball. a) We aren't lowering our line anytime soon, and we won't stop pressing. b) Replacing Jorginho with Kanté means that we can't penetrate the opposition's lines as precise and with regularity. It will also hinder our ability to create those passing triangles in the middle of the field. c) This will just require more practice, in the style Sarri wants us to play, ie. not pragmatically change how we are to play every other game. I do agree here, we got absolutely smashed. Pressing extensively will always have an element of risk to it. The best pressing side in the world today, Manchester City, lose big sometimes. But at the end of the day, they are probably the best Premier League side ever and will most likely have back to back seasons with 100 points or above in the league. Totally agree, but if we are to make a process and effort of trying to change the philosophy of the club, then we need to do it properly. I truly do believe that Sarri needs to stick to his guns 100% if he wants this to work. Time will show, I guess. I like Sarri a lot and believe he has a modern outlook on the sport which requires a different playing style and skill set as opposed to only ten-fifteen years ago. But I know that I personally wouldn't be able to trust a boss if he were to change philosophy several times in a year/season/whatever. Why should footballers be different? That's my whole point. If you want Sarri out, then fine, I don't care. But for as long as Sarri is here, he should be allowed to teach what he knows. If not, then get in another manager.
  8. opinionsarelike

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Guardiola went head over heels to make Claudio Bravo his goalkeeper, because Joe Hart couldn't play his style. If you dont think that's a change that is central to how Guardiola wanted to play, then there's no point in further discussing this.
  9. opinionsarelike

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    It's almost like Guardiola didn't bring in his favorite keeper, kicking out Joe Hart in the process, only for his personal favorite to play as one of the worst goal keepers ever to grace the Premiership.
  10. opinionsarelike

    Jorginho is a Blue

    @Nibs The concept is the same for me. A player with such talents that the opposing teams dedicate their game plan to stop him, those are the players we need more of. Different roles and all that, but that’s the backwards thinking I don’t understand. As of now, Jorginho is both a reward (since he’s one of the most magnificent one touch passers in the world and has very good press resistance) and a risk (since he isn’t a very good defender). I am adamant that a team of Chelsea’s stature shouldn’t think risk before reward.
  11. opinionsarelike

    Jorginho is a Blue

    If teams dedicate their game plan to stopping Jorginho, surely the correct response to that would be getting more players like Jorginho (players who actually can play one touch football and understands the coach’s principles) - not get rid of him or remove him from his best position? I do agree that yesterday wasn’t Jorginho’s finest performance, he was one of many who underperformed, but this all feels a bit backward thinking. Hazard isn’t called upon to be dropped when he’s man marked out of a game - it’s the other players who need to get on his level.
  12. opinionsarelike

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    That would be completely fair. Everyone watches football differently, and have their right to do so. I didn’t say anything about my opinion on the matter, so that straw man won’t work with me. I just feel that there are a lot of people who swings both ways on this. They want pragmatic football when it’s needed, but they also want free flowing football. Sarri simply can’t abandon his principles now, that would be admission of failure, and the players would never be able to trust another decision of him later on. You either do it 100% or not at all. Luckily all the players who’ve come out and spoke after the game has admitted the failure that was yesterday. Now it’s time to see if they’ll strive to adapt to Sarri’s methods - cause it’s them or him.
  13. opinionsarelike

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Your straw men don’t bite, @atomis. I just asked a simple question. If you want us to be more pragmatic, that’s fine for me, football is a personal thing and people can have whatever opinion they want as far as I’m concerned. As far as Poch having great success ... you do realize that Poch’s Spuds career is pretty much what Sarri’s Chelsea career will be if the latter doesn’t win any trophies?
  14. opinionsarelike

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    The people who want us to drastically adapt after yesterday’s game; what were your thoughts after Mourinho pragmatically changed us from a free flowing attack to a scraping team after our pasting by Spuds in the 14-15 season? Because if we were to do something as drastic now, we might as well sack Sarri and reset/restart the whole process, cause there’s no coming back to free flowing football after a change like that, not with the same manager at least.
  15. opinionsarelike

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    We obviously have a different understanding as to what "speculation" means. You are literally saying that Luiz would do fine at City, and that Pep would have said yes to him, had they not secured a younger and (in my opinion) a better option. That can not ever be verified. Therefore, in my view, a speculative statement. I said that Luiz has struggled with defending every team he has been in. I think this is verified by the fact that we sold him the first time around, that he was basically kicked out of the Brazilian national team after captaining one of the most embarrasing defeats ever, that PSG sold him, last year's season and his season up to date. As for Luiz' good season two years ago, I agree. He was very good. He had two centre backs watching his back, allowing Luiz to do what he does best - because that is good. After all, I noted that he's a good footballer. However, that's one good and consistent season, which he never had before that, and has failed to replicate since. For David Luiz, the sore thumb that sticks out is his good one. In a career spanning over eleven years, that's not good enough, in my opinion.