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  1. Lamps was one of my favorite players ever, period. Still remember this goal: But as a neutral he is clearly out of his depth. Chelsea is the most decorated English club since Roman came right? You just cannot accept being mid-table after spending so much in the summer and risking CL football during this difficult time. Allegri is right there. Lamps should go learn at a smaller club in a smaller league like Gerrard. Take your time, gather experience and maybe try again in 5-10 years.
  2. Don't know if this means 'no' to any manager, as in Lampard is not in any danger, or 'no' as in no to Tuchel specifically
  3. Anything that suits his team, the squad of players he has. It is a complete myth he plays some dead, all-out-defense football. He averaged more goals per game at Juve than SAF did at United or Poch at Tottenham. We changed literally every year and he changed how we played. First year was a narrow 4312 with 4 classic midfielders, lots of possession, moving the ball around etc. Second year tried that again, was awful, changed back to 352 then to 451 and struck teams on counter attacks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t99oVhQ6N8 Third year tried again with 352,
  4. Hi. Juve fan here, just roaming. Allegri does not play 3 at the back.
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