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  1. I am wondering If it wasn't his best game since he came to Chelsea or his career.
  2. I am wasting my evening.. I would rather join my wife at bed
  3. Same here and the Magic of "Coupe de France" in my country.
  4. Yesterday I was talking to a friend and I said "If we will be at 4 points behind 4th place with 10 games to go I'd sign immediately". Now we are at 6 points behind with 18 games to go. Who whould have imagined it one week ago? I am optimistic, but we have to smash Spurs on Thursday.
  5. Even If he's scored, It wouldn't mean anything. This guy is bottom of League level at best
  6. Tuchel said “Hakim has been in a bit of overload since five weeks so he has a bit of a risk of getting injured if he plays more than say 30 minutes. For that we decided to take a break now to go out of the risk zone. We decided this yesterday.”
  7. It's the 66 road... But for the opponents to run into Mendy
  8. He has to leave. I don't even want to see him anymore. So useless.
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