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  1. Any new about City's ban of Champion's League and the possibility of the 5th place could qualify to C1?
  2. I regret this 0-3 defeat.. With "behind closed doors", we could have a chance to win this game but we're not going to score three goals..
  3. Baba

    Moussa Dembele

    I hope that Chelsea won't sign him. So average, doesn't have skills, poor finishing.. Not even better than Michy to be honest.
  4. The difference is that CHO is younger and was a Bayern target. Tammy was on loan these previous years and never interested a top club like Bayern for example. Tammy is our "best" striker because of the last summer ban. It's a huge difference between them.
  5. Tammy have asked £200 p/w. I don't think he worth it to be honest. 8M a year is way too much for a striker like him. I would prefer Chelsea to sign Lautaro or Wernem who are much better than him.
  6. Hello from France! If Gilmour will perform for the 3rd time in a row against Villa, maybe the ban of 3 games will cost Jorginho's place in the starting XI. If it happens, there will be no reason for our board to not sell him this summer. He's still in his prime and Sarri still loves his son.. Like French people says "Les absents ont toujours torts" (Sorry for my average English). 🤭
  7. Baba showed to Hiddink that he deserves to be a starter now, clearly. I don't want to see this back four "Iva-Cahill-Terry-Azpi" again.

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