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  1. Jorginho is being let down by other players such as Batshuayi last night and others that are not in the same wavelength. I dont know how to insert videos here, but there is an instance where Jorginho puts batshuayi through to score with a quick touch and go pass that takes out the defense, for only batshuayi slipping and not even having the IQ to expect it in the first place. Imagine if that was Drogba or Costa that would have being a goal and Jorginho would have being called a genius. He does that every game but its not noticed as others dont take those chances. On a different note rumou
  2. Agree with it all. Since Emenealo left our signings mostly have being poor. What is Cech supposed to do? Who is helping Lampard to identify the right players? I have no clue who decides our transfers.
  3. Now would have being the right time to back the manager, yet again we fail to do that to a club legend nonetheless. The incoming transfers since emenealo left have being uninspiring sadly.
  4. Lampard has also realised that kids can take you so far. Although I am delighted to see homegrown talent finally being given a chance, we need some quality signings to help us out. I am actually surprised how we are still 4th.
  5. I think we benched Jorginho for a few games and played Kante with Kovacic, yet we still looked rubbish, in fact we looked worse. Its not Jorginhos fault but rather the entire team is not playing well in my opinion. Something is missing, not sure what.
  6. Oh by the way when he had bang average defenders and goalkeepers he won absolutely nothing but they still stood by him and eventually got him world class defender and world class goalkeeper. Not bad eeey.
  7. No one can change the entire team in one season. We did it with Mourinho first time around but that is a rarity. Fact is was backed up to sign the best defender in the league when we were in for him too but thought he was too expensive! Hell when Conte asked for Koulibaly, that time Napoli wanted 50 million we didnt back him, nor with Alex Sandro and in regards to nainngolan he didn't want tocome here anyway and i was delighted that Conte got rid off him immediately, besides that he was a unpopular figure at Inter milan. Question is are we backing our managers properly and making the right sig
  8. Yes, cant go crazy but i feel like a smart signing not a panicked one will give a boost to the team and supporters too when we most need it.
  9. Honestly don't know why people are afraid of signings in January. Some of our past best players have being signed in January: Anelka - Ivanovic - Salah - Cahill - de bruyne - kurt zouma - david Luiz. They all have being good signings. We had some bad ones too like Torres but he served the club to his best abilities too. This team needs help and if the rumours are true about Cavani am all for for it.
  10. Yes, they are not well known names but very very talented in my opinion. Also, there is Lucas Paqueta of Ac Milan. He would be perfect for that no 10 role. Reminds me a bit of Kaka but Ac milan play 4-4-2 now and they have not used him properly. He would only cost about £30 million which is a steal in this current market.
  11. I agree, he is not a top goalkeeper this season and there are lots better then him, but the goal result yesterday was not all his fault. If attackers had done their job, it would have not made a difference anyway. We should have scored at least 3 goals yesterday.
  12. Dortmund would possibly be tempted to sell Jadon Sancho for the right price since they got that kid Haaland.
  13. Well Piatek is available for less then 30 million and he still 24yrs old and has plenty of experience in Seria A, someone that we were linked with before, had a great scoring record before the managerial mess at Ac Milan. He would be a great replacement of Michy which in my opinion offers absolutely nothing, we might aswell play youngster instead of him. Than there is Timo Werner we have being linked with him for ages, only 23, can play across the front three and score for fun. Federico Chiesa of Fiorentina is a beast too. Kai Havertz of Bayern Leverkusen is one for the future but one of the b
  14. Yes, it was a weak header and he could have possibly saved it. However, all top keepers would have conceded there too so in my opinion the goal was not his fault. If we had someone like John Terry he wouldn't have had to make a save there at all in the first place.
  15. Who is in charge of our transfers. We need to make a quality signing to help out this young team. Its ridiculous having fought so hard to overturn the ban and no signs of any players coming in. Sad really.
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