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  1. Allegri will not last half a season here. His football is boring as hell. Only reason he has done well with Juve is because Conte build the foundation and Juventus is by far the best team in italy. If Sarri is indeed fired at the end of the season the Ajax manager deserves to be looked at as this Ajax team is outstanding young team with beautiful quick football.
  2. Totally agree with you. Am not Sarri's biggest fan but no one gives a name who they would replace Sarri with!?
  3. Azpilicueta is very important to this team. He is developing as a leader very well, I thought he did very well last night. We cant be naive in thinking that having 4 or 5 youth team players at the same time in the team we will still be competing for the title.
  4. Reluctant to rotate the team and play the youngsters!!! Lol There were 7 changes yesterday and 3 youngsters on starting 11!
  5. I have never being so confused about a manager than with Sarri. One moment i want him gone and games like yesterday i want him to stay. Who else would have played THREE academy players from the start and play so well, Christiansen seems to have cut out the errors, loftus cheek is back to full fitness and making the lampard position his own, CHO is gaining experience and game time more than any 18 yr old before him at Chelsea. I see them three being in the first team regular next year. Also, Ampadu will get game time next year with Kovacic leaving. Reece James will be with the first team too next year. IF we finish top 4 and win UEFA cup Sarri would have done excellent for his first season.
  6. Honestly who has used youth more than Sarri in the past 20 years?
  7. Bollocks! What you on about? Like some of your posts but such language is ridiculous and very unproductive. I am not an accountant but did follow the Ronaldo juventus deal and guess what they did make a profit and Ronaldo was sold 100 million where as hazard would be surprised if he went more than 70 million as it's his last year with us. How about Mbappe being quoted for 250 million? Or us getting Pulisic for a ridiculous amount? Don't you think commercial aspects don't influence fees? Anyway back to the topic would love for him to stay but if he goes all the best to him, we had big players leave in the past and the club continued to do well.
  8. Hazard is a special talent though. They would be making a profit just from shirt sells. However, i wouldn't be surprised if Hazard signed a new deal with us to become one of the greats for this club. I think he is settled and us fans adore him and he knows that.
  9. I am sorry but Costa knew too well that he was not going to stay at Chelsea. Besides, a manager is entitled to manage the team whatever way he sees fit. Ferguson threw a bloody boot om Beckhams eye, would he have put up with Costa? Dont think so! I hated Costa for the fact that he made a big deal of wanting to go to China. That was so disrespectful to Chelsea in my view so he got what he deserved. In regards to Conte he deserves his wages for the remainder of the contract nothing more.
  10. Dissapointing loss for sure. If Sarri is out, who do we replace him with? What happens to Jorginho and Higuain? I think the board have invested alot in Sarri that has backfired on all of us. Personally i wish we backed Conte and invested that money on Koulibaly and Sandro, they were both quoted 50 mill each which could have being a bargain by now.
  11. He is a decent outlet on the left hand. Needs to concentrate more on the defensive side and i think he could be really good. As a team though we could be using the wings a bit more to stretch teams and open up space in the middle. Needs to concentrate more and create a few crosses. I like his attitude too.
  12. To be fair i lost count the amount of times he overlaped Hazard but he never got the pass from Hazard to whip it to Higuain. On the other side willian passed to azpi and he shot it towards higuain which we got the first goal. Hazard and willian keep it far too long in my opinion and always dribble around the centre. Palmieri could benefit alot from his runs IF someone passed the ball to him. He is better than alonso on all aspects except scoring.
  13. Sarri has proved a few people wrong including myself. Lets hope it continues. Koulibaly is a dream and in my opinion we dont need him now, Rudiger is a beast too. What we need i think should be a scoring midfielder and a decent striker, jovic is young and talented. I also believe that if CHO is patient next season he will be a starter under Sarri.
  14. Atm Sarri is choosing the right team and the likes of CHO and Loftus Cheek are getting minutes. I even see them breaking into the team if Sarri stays. He needs help though. The Kepa fiasco has shown that Sarri is not getting any help. As much as i love Zola, he is too nice and was doing nothing when Sarri was going crazy. I wish we had Terry or Wise besides Sarri. You dont want to mess with those two because clearly our players need a backside kicking at times.

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