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  1. It is said the best form of defense is to attack. Hence Mason Mount is so important to this team. None of our attackers press like him. Tuchel got it wrong today and from his interviews he understands that so its lesson learned rather than a defeat today. Also, its sad to see as soon as Alonso has a bad game every one is calling for his head.
  2. Interesting enough i thought Sarr was the better player. I agree though no point in crossing when we only have Werner there.
  3. Tactical masterclass by Tuchel. 3-5-2 changed the game.
  4. Mount or Havertz deserve to come off before Jorginho and am a massive fan of both.
  5. Why does everyone want Jorginho off, he hasn't done anything wrong and already a few good interceptions.
  6. Loving the lineup. They are all fresh players. No point having a big strong team and playing the same 11 every match. Rotation is key this year. Will keep everyone on their toes and fresh.
  7. Seems that Saul Niguez is coming over here and Tuchel himself said that Chalobah has forced himself into the first team therefore he considers him as a new signing and rightly so. I dont believe Tuchel is unhappy with our transfers. Quality over quantity.
  8. Against Villa i would rest christiensen, azpilicueta and Jorginho and would go for an attacking lineup. Mendy Chalobah - Silva - Rudiger Pulisic - Mount - Kovacic - Alonso Havertz - Werner Lukaku Rotation will be key to keep all players happy.
  9. Prodigal son returns. I was against this signing due to the price tag and age however i am delighted for Lukaku as he is a chelsea fan too and will always give his best. We will have a top player for next 5 years the minimum.
  10. Brilliant summary. Tuchel has alot of pressure this year, pleasing everyone will be a huge task.
  11. I hope Lukaku news is not true especially for that amount of money offered. I think is more of a tactic to negotiate a deal for haaland.
  12. Aleksander Isak has being impressive. Has the physicality, pace, skill and can score goal. Not to mention he is still young.
  13. I would say Kante too. Under Lampard we all considered of selling him! I love Lampard but Tuchel has transformed the players and the unity of the group.
  14. Hoddle is always against us, idiot. Cant believe he managed chelsea too!
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