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  1. I would say Kante too. Under Lampard we all considered of selling him! I love Lampard but Tuchel has transformed the players and the unity of the group.
  2. Hoddle is always against us, idiot. Cant believe he managed chelsea too!
  3. They are more aggressive this half. We need to pick pace if we are to win.
  4. In my opinion in his current form he is one of the best top 3 goalkeepers in the world. Jan oblak is considered to be the best and he looked ordinary last night compare to this man.
  5. Happy new year to you all. The past 2 weeks or so have being the most difficult in my life financially and emotionally up to the point were i couldnt eat or sleep. On top of that Chelsea losing constantly seemed like a cursed two weeks. I guess what am trying to say is that everyone has its ups and downs that often seem devastating. Lampard will be the first one upset and angry with recent results. Hopefully, Chelsea and Lampard will have more ups than downs this year 2021. I think the greatest chelsea player of all time deserves at least the same patience Solskjaer is afforded.
  6. The lack of Plan B and being proactive is certainly missing with Lampard atm. I would add that assistants are hugely important in a team and apart from Morris whom is inexperienced himself cant name the other ones. Lampard needs an experienced head in the backroom team to offer some support and perhaps a bit of tough love too.
  7. I honestly don't see whats all the fuss is about Rice! Besides do we really need him? In regards to Havertz this is were patience is required. He is still a young man, new country etc etc. Cristiano Ronaldo had skill when he first arrived at MU but weak physically, falling or diving all the time we used to say back then. Once he developed physically the rest is history one of the greatest players of all time. Havertz needs that time and patience from us. We made similar mistakes in the past with Salah, de bruyne etc and I truly believe that Havertz can match them or even surpass the
  8. We all have the benefit of hindsight. We dominated the game but with lack of wingers 3-4-3 would probably have worked better. However, in my opinion best system for our team currently with lack of wingers and to get the best out of Havertz and Werner would be: 4-3-1-2 similar to what Ac Milan played in the past when they dominated with Kaka in that number 10 role. Defense would remain unchanged, james and chilwell have the pace and stamina to provide the width. Midfield 3 of Kovacic Kante and Mount provide protection and skill. Havertz would have that free role simila
  9. How is declan rice an upgrade to anyone in our midfield. He is slow and heavy footed to play as dm, dont see anything that he does well in that role.
  10. Just goes to show with decent scouting you can find an excellent goalkeeper. Whoever advised to sign Kepa needs to be fired immediately. Hope is not Marina though.
  11. As we saw tonight we certainly have the players for 4-3-3 and I hope we continue to deploy this system until everything gels together.
  12. That could work out too in certain games. Perhaps against more defensive oppositions we could play Jorginho there instead of Kante to open up the game. Point is that i think with the type of players we have 4-3-3 seems like a good idea to deploy. Problem is Havertz and if he can play that number 8 role.
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