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  1. I have a hunch that Christeansen wasn't fully fit. In his last match i remember him talking to the medics about a discomfort, therefore probably Lampard decided not to risk him. Zouma though looked uncomfortable from first half, i commented on match day thread that he was all over the place. I would have risked christinsen second half when we conceded immediately.
  2. I am very happy with Lampard personally. We have being crying to give youth a chance and now he does that, we are not content with that either. Its not his fault Zouma is rubbish or Azpi is the worse right back in the league atm. Yes, we could blame him a little bit for picking those two but he has no other options. He is giving everyone a chance to see what they can do to find the best 11 So far abraham and mount have grabbed that opportunity with both hands. Jorginho has being great too, even with the lack of pace, and to be honest he should have being made the captain! Disappointing result today but bright future.
  3. Everyone talking about Barkley but Zouma is all over the place positionally and not very good technicaly. Tomori is much better.
  4. I think Frank will be great. As a coach Makelele makes more sense than Drogba as he has gained experience at Monaco with some top young players. Hope he comes here to work his magic.
  5. Am excited if Lampard is appointed. Question is will be Zola staying? I read somewhere that Makelele will join Lampard too. All chelsea backroom. Love it.
  6. I dont get why everyone all of a sudden is complaining that it was Sarri's decision that he decided to leave! Would you lot have being happier if he was sacked instead? I say good for him, that he is leaving in his own terms, fans have treated him appallingly and even after getting 3rd and winning uefa cup he does not seem to get any recognition. I dont see anyone else available other than Lampard. Dont want rafa nor Mourinho that would be a negative appointment and very short term yet again.
  7. That statement just made a grown man cry. ? Amazing player and tremendous history made with Chelsea. Will be watching much more of real madrid from now on.
  8. Everyone seems to underestimate Conte but he has proven that he is a winner wherever he went and if Pirlo says that Conte is the best manager he ever played for than thats good enough for me to consider him one of the best. In regards to Sarri if he does go to Juve will we back the new manager. I dont think we will, lack of patience is apparent from the fans as well as Abramovich. Next season i wouldn't be surprised if we dont even make top 6 which would be really sad obviously.
  9. I think next year will prove it otherwise. I am confident that inter will win the title or come very close with Conte in charge. I agree that Sarri is a good manager too but we need a few attacking additions and someone like John Terry as his assistant or even dennis wise as zola is way too nice.
  10. With additions ofcourse we will win again even if we dont have any of the above managers. Conte won us the title in his first season and i feel he is second to Guardiola atm. Klopp has being at Liverpool many years now and has made many additions yet has not won the title.
  11. Question: out of the above who would have being able or is able to win the title with Chelsea's current squad including Hazard?
  12. Well, we have being on his back complaining how sh*t his football is most of the times, do you blame him. I am glad we won and now he is off to Juve, hope Lampard will do just as well if not better.
  13. So many haters. Damn. I actually think that will fire up the players tomorrow.

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