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  1. Difficult period for us but not much more Lampard can do. We have being punching above our weight for a while now all due to Lampard. He plays best team possible we have, however unfortunately though we have alot of average players that Lampard cant do anything about. Only Abraham, Pulisic jorginho, Kovacic and Mount beginning of the season have provided quality. All the rest have made mistakes and often played poorly. Only mistake in my opinion Lampard has had is disrupt the partnership of Kovacic and Jorginho. Kante though its a player that cant be left out or we risk of loosing him to another team. So its catch 22. I am confident though Lampard will strengthen the team in January and we will end up in champions league spot for next season.
  2. Paying £95 million for a CB that will be 29 soon its ridiculous, including wages and agents fees, koulibaly will be a huge expense. There are other upcoming but potentially world class cb that could cost half of koulibaly.
  3. Certainly Alonso has his weaknesses but at least he does contribute with goals and he is one of the tallest in the squad which could help defending crosses. Azpi and Palmieri have contributed nothing, so for me i thought i would never say this but Alonso should be first choice for now.
  4. I think he would jump at the opportunity of joining us and as you mentioned he would be a fantastic purchase.
  5. Donnarumma of Ac Milan. Swap deal would do plus give them bakayoko on loan for 1 year to make happen, they seem to have liked him. Don't know actually why we didnt go for Donnarumma in the first place as ac milan were looking only for 50 million, he reminds me of a young gigi buffon.
  6. Ake is just as worse but can score a few goals besides if we do sell zouma i would like someone world class and not just slightly better.
  7. They both play together. Conte is even looking for one more striker to rotate them as they are playing every week, hence the links with Giroud and its highly highly unlikely that Inter will sell him. Barcelona have being after him for a while now too so if he were to leave thats probably his next destination. Werner would be my choice, young, hungry and scoring alot.
  8. Imagine how Michy and Giroud would feel though. Lampard has to be careful not to rock the boat too much with the elder members of the squad, we have seen in the past what they can do. I think one of the reasons Lampard got rid off Luiz is that he was a huge influence in the dressing room for good or bad in Conte's case.
  9. Armando Broja. Only 18 but tall, powerful and is scoring goals 10 goals in 9 games.
  10. Hindsight is great though isn't it. In the Valencia game everyone was saying if only Lampard played Giroud to get in the end of crosses from James. Michy hasn't been that good either so playing Giroud a French first team player wasn't a bad idea.
  11. Fank has shown to be a good manager and has the potential to be an exceptional one. I would have never thought that we would be playing so well and be in the running for champions league at this stage. However, in my opinion he needs a van dijk type of leader in defence, someone who is great at defending but can contribute with goals at the other end like van dijk did yesterday. In our team the defence is the poorest in my opinion.
  12. Zouma was to slow to intercept and james needs to get closer to opponents
  13. Totally agree. I would personally sell Christiensen since his stock is still high, we could possibly get at least 30 million for him. Unpopular opinion but Tomori has not being that great either, there is nothing outstanding that he offers apart from pace and he is a bit short for a defender.
  14. Totally agree. More I think about it, its obvious to see that defence is the weakest when we think about our past defenders Terry, Carvalho, Desailly, etc where the elite class A defenders. Its no coincidence that Liverpool is doing well now that they have van dijk and even Man city where dominating when they had Kmpany. Man utd when they had Ferdinand and vidic etc. Point is that defence is extremely important and in our team I do not see a leader or an elite defender like the above. Rudiger would hugely improve that but we do need a potential world class star. I have being watching Ruben Dias quite a bit and I think he has the potential to be just that. He is very tall could help Kepa with clearing crosses, powerful, great speed and very good spreading the ball from the back and only 22 yrs old. We would have two outstanding Rubens in the team.
  15. According to those statistics alonso is better than chilwell. Palmieri just came back from injury lets give him some time.

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