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  1. Read this Wtf is the PFA playing at there will be some backlash after this that so called "£200" million in cash, how many players actually pay the correct tax and don't have a very creative account. This is not to go down well.
  2. This sums up the inept government, this is why they are so quiet on so many fronts now why the people who want to "take our country back" are so quiet. Sensible people knew how vital these unsung hero's are, they went from unskilled to critically essential workers in a matter of weeks. Lorry drivers, warehouse workers, cleaners, care workers, Nurses, delivery drivers all so under appreciated now we are counting on them to save our lives. God bless you all, you have always been critical workers [emoji1488][emoji1488][emoji1488]
  3. And who funds the Tory party, Doris from down the road? Where do people get this idea the Tories are for the common man l, are they are not wealthy? Practically all Tory ministers are multi-millionares why do you think Jacob Reees-Mogg said "cheap shoes for Peasants". You are the Peasant!! Why do you think the Russia report isn't being released? Because they want to protect us or because they want to hide the fact they are being bankrolled by Russia billionaires back by Putin. Who do people think are the metropolitan Elites, Labour? [emoji23][emoji23] It's the people who convince a country to throw away their protection so they can run the country into the ground to make millions by keeping people on zero hour contracts and minimum wage. If people think this lock down is tough wait until the real economic shock hits and reality meets fantasy. I do mental gymnastics trying to work out how people were conviced to cut their nose off to spite their face and it's happening again with Covid-19. The tribal loyalty to politicals is dangerous.
  4. So our testing numbers are going down we were promised 10,000 test a day but we are not even doing, that what a joke. Germany testing 70,000 per day and people think this government is doing a good job.
  5. It's not...the factual numbers proved that.
  6. If this is true ffs this government is still going with that bat sh*t crazy herd Immunity I just can't with this government anymore. Why is it that every other country is checking arrivals? Is it because we are Great Britain and we don't need to follow WHO guidance? NHS staff also still not getting the required equipment
  7. When your country is going through a crisis but your only concern is TV ratings God help us.
  8. I spend a fear bit of time in upstate New York and I can tell you the last person they wanted elected was Trump the guy is currently withholding aid to New York the hardest hit area in the US because of his beef with the Governor putting people's life as risk because of a petty spat this man child is absolute asshole. Would Clinton restrict aid to Americans because of a spat I honestly don't believe so.
  9. Fine job? He wanted everyone to catch the virus with his bullsh*t "heard immunity" which sounds like a Dominic Cummings plan that they had to abandon immediately next was not locking down the country early enough and third am absolutely sure commercial flights are still landing for high risk areas without checks, not making the financial help clear leaving self employed people out to dry for weeks, not testing front line workers....I mean I could carry on and on.... So yes they are doing a brilliant job. O and did I forgot years or austerity and defunding of the NHS so their wealthy backers can privatise it to milk the UK people, I would love to see these parasites try and f**k with the NHS after this. I get ever angry about the NHS because I know what it's like when you have to pay for health care people here simply don't appreciate the value of NHS. So again yes Boris and his minions are doing a fantastic job for the last 10 years In power.

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