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  1. I don’t see any tie which will be good for my heart
  2. CHO has been terrible am sorry but he needs to get his head in the game esle he will not start for a long time
  3. So who's to blame now for leaving Remi unmarked in the box Kepa???
  4. It's funny last season everyone wanted Kova and Jorginho gone now the debate has changed...some very fickle fans
  5. I don't care how good we are in attack, we need to sort out the back and sort out set pieces now it's become a crisis. I said it before we can't outscore everyone we need to be a 1-0 Chelsea team then build on that
  6. He controls the game without him he have little direction would love see what Lampard does next
  7. Well I went out saying I would catch the second half at home now not looking forward to it
  8. Last year it was Jorginho this yeah it's kepa wonder who it will be next season.
  9. The ability the switch off commentary is so pleasing well done Amazon
  10. Blaming one player for us being open when you have 11 players and full backroom staff is just laughable
  11. Absolutely he had a great game wasn't for him we would have drawn this game
  12. He will only get better that’s the scary part

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