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  1. Actually me not mentioning it is opposite of being negative as I know we will have up and down season. Lamps was one of my favourite ever players, my issue is not with him getting the Chelsea job it's with him getting it so early as I don't want to see him sacked after a couple of seasons which ruins everything if he simply can't get us going. Let him learn his craft for a few years then bring him in....
  2. That crossed my mind also but I didn't want to mentioned it just wanted it to play out
  3. Our season seems to be riding on CHO AND RLC [emoji849][emoji849]
  4. I really don't see the hype around him maybe he will show it as the season goes on
  5. I know people made this comparison last season with Sarri but comparing Lamps to Klopp and Pep first season is now really reaching, both came with a proven track record
  6. They booed their own player and manager last season do you actually think if results don't improve Lamp or the players will be any different. What will happen is they will choose the next scapegoat and I think it will be Willian, Zouma, Azpi or Pedro to boo.
  7. Brutos


    That was an absolute stinker from Willian
  8. It will be a trying season but if we got through Jose last season we can get through this one just enjoy the ride. Like last season we all said we wanted to change our style which Sarri did successfully last season. Now we have another season where we will have to just accept we may not get top 4 or top 6. People said I was as being negative nope just realistic when you hire a manager who had one average season in the championship. He's still learning and that will take a couple of seasons atleast and I don't know if after those two seasons if he or us will get better we are hoping he does and we do as a result. What I do know now and the facts are he's still very inexperience and will show all throughout the season and next season I think also. Just hope in the end he turns into a fantastic manager who can win us some more titles and not just be a Poch plays good stuff but doesn't win anything. People should taper their expectations for the next couple of seasons.
  9. Colleague said we look like Derby of last season great at times but ultimately average
  10. I called this but I was told I was being negative we are lucky not to have lost this 1-3 or 1-4... The GAP between the defence and Midfield is mind boggling at times....after the United game
  11. You can drive a double decker bus between the lines right now

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