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  1. He couldn't have done a Kepa because Kepa would of missed the ball completely...
  2. In any other year I would say nah but in 2020 this is absolutely believable
  3. I absolutely hate listening to Glenn Hoddle, do they not have anyone else
  4. Yep even with injuries they are a level above everyone else
  5. Love seeing Ruben playing still think he can be absolute key player for us.
  6. The match against them will be a very dangerous match his tail is up and he will be looking to get one over us big time.
  7. We can't go into the Spurs match with any arrogance else we will end up on the end of a defeat Jose will prepare his players specially for us. He will have a plan to completely kill our attacks and counter. Whatever you think about Jose he knows how to setup a team to frustrate
  8. Hat fans need to remember Timo is German they are buiit with great mentality in football Timo can miss 3 and it doesn't affect him cause he knows he will score again he's mentality just different he will be a big difference to us this season
  9. You forget who's in charge if there is one man and who can spoil a party for for any team is Jose
  10. That's why I never worry about Timo form temporary class permanent
  11. Haven't seen Mount in the game at all actually forgot he was playing.
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