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  1. All he had to do was get his body in the way and keep his hands beside him
  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/frank-lampard-chelsea-west-ham-champions-league-race-top-four-a9597076.html?amp "Chelsea still badly struggle to defend. Yarmolenko inflicted the 44th goal they’ve conceded this season, which is their second worst record after 32 games in the Premier League after conceding 47 in 1996-97"
  3. It was laughable this why am not even upset it's just comedy at the moment
  4. A few battering compared to consistent crap defending all season are two different things. Picking selective matches doesn't prove they perform bad through the entire season. What I am seeing here is a consistent sh*t organised defense all season from the first kick of the season against United. This is completely different to the odd hammering we got. We conceded 39 goals last season, currently on 44 with 6 matches remaining so I estimate we will close to 50 conceded with the team's we have to play next.
  5. Until we fix our sh*t defending he will continue to concede Goals I still dont see a today who would keep more clean sheets with this unorganise defence.
  6. We got lucky against city, I made the same statement after the match we deserve some luck but it wasn't because we had their number Sterling should have scored and they had several tap ins that they missed. I haven't gotten excited since the restart because I can see the same issues we had at the first match against United still present
  7. These same defender's perform well defensively last season so what's the difference with them this season?
  8. You completely missed the point I was making. This wasn't me having a go at him for his new contract I was stating he's never in the 6 yard box to receive the ball he's always on his heels which is absolutely infuriating with the amount of crosses we put in the box. I haven't seen any improvement in this aspect of his game all season
  9. Can we still blame Jorginho or Zouma even though they weren't playing? Maybe we can pin it on Willian somehow, why wasn't he tracking back for the third goal? Why wasn't Jorginho covering the back 4 ? Why did Zouma leave his man? FFS...
  10. He's waiting on a brand new contract...so it seems that's holding him back from arriving in the 6 yard box
  11. You is not the striker to lead you to a title yet, will he end up being that guy maybe, is he never in the box for tap ins or crosses always on his heals.

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