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  1. I said something similar when Lampard was appointed "watch the media and fans change because Lampard is in charge " and that's exactly what happened haven't heard anyone said "actually Sarri was correct". It's very hard to admit it.
  2. I was in the Sarri in boat too but man we are exciting to watch I just get nervous eveytime we have to defend
  3. So that's the only thing you remember about him from yesterdays game?
  4. I wouldn’t blame Jorginho he was on a yellow and had he stopped him by sticking his leg out that would have been a second yellow and off but Tomori had the chance to block the cross didn't then you literally had 3 other players before that who could have stop the Southampton player
  5. Each time I watch united I think about our opening match how did we lose to this lot and also we basically gave then false hope set them up for failure ...
  6. We missed that player who knew the dark arts and Jorginho has that he knows how to break up the game when needed took a yellow for the team and didn't make rass challenges for the rest of the game.
  7. Yep without a doubt he's been immense today and seems to be rising to the occasion more and more
  8. Well one of our biggest concerns at the start was "can we score without Hazard" that's been well and truly put to bed. Our other concern at the start was can we defend " no we can't" [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. You know the ref has been a twat when Kante isn't happy
  10. Alonso hasn’t been beaten one on one so far today he’s been solid
  11. He's been poor that pass to Willian was on and should have made it

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