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  1. Brutos

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    This is why he's different from the rest
  2. Brutos

    That Sterling Incident

    Some of the reasoning and attempted justification for these mens behaviour is exactly why incidents like this will continue and it's the standard response doesn't even surprise me.
  3. Brutos

    That Sterling Incident

    As a black Chelsea fan each time these incidents happen unfortunately like Sterling it doesn't surprise me just like my day to day life when it happens whether it's conscious or unconscious. The guardian publish a damming report I believe two Sundays ago regarding institutional racism and it was spot on. 2018 Britian is very very racists just like it was before, only now it sits behind closed doors, group chats and fake smile's.
  4. Brutos

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Which is why if we go for a false 9 hazard has to go through the middle
  5. Brutos

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Kante was rampaging down the right today getting in behind the city defence like a world class winger and I absolutely loved it..... So much for not being useful to the team
  6. Brutos

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    He had a similar monster performance against Liverpool...
  7. Just remember we had a similar performance against Liverpool and had Hazard took his 1one1 we would have beaten them too. We we have now beaten the City, Liverpool in league cup and draw (should have been a win) in the league and people question Sarri. Fair enough Tottenham was a horror show and I put that down to the player's because they showed no guts or fight ..but Sarri is a top manager. I see some of the negative posters who came out the woodwork have disappeared now.....odd that
  8. That win had everything to do with how Sarri wants us to play one of the biggest thing's i saw and hes been asking for is NO SPACE BETWEEN THE LINE'S which restricted City all night
  9. This just shows that if the player's carry out Sarri instructions you have a result like this
  10. People moaning about Sarri still want him gone?
  11. Watching the first half highlights how on earth we haven't conceded
  12. Let's hope if we lose its not a battering
  13. Not watching the match as I purposefully went out to avoid the heart ache are we getting over run already?
  14. Liverpool 2 up now Salah again