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  1. I made this same observations especially around what tye hell is the plan going into to games. At the start of the season we had a plan but it was sussed out very quickly now we are trying the same thing over and over again
  2. Absolutely spot on, I said a few pages back whether you hate them or not, which I don't, their project the way they went about their business in the last 5 years is absolutely outstanding. I have a lot of respect for their project it's a well oiled machine from top to bottom.
  3. I defended him a lot but am concerned now he's just can't save a shot we really need a new goalkeeping coach I see why Lampard wanted shay given as goalkeeping coach
  4. I hear your points absolutely valid we have had fantastic results and as great as they are they are exceptions this season not the norm. My concern relates to progression, I am not seeing the progression from mistakes made in previous matches to the other matches. If I saw that but we still had challenges or still lose then fair play. What did we do in the last match that didn't work? What did we do great? How do we build on the "what worked" while fixing the "what didn't" What I am seeing however is the same tactics the same approach the same style. When Sarri did that last season the media started the no plan B agenda and fans run with it, at the moment I don't even think we have a plan A. The start of the season I could see the plan, high press, direct quick play I don't see that anymore which begs the question what's our approach to games. Are we developing a identity? Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is mind boggling, every game you can see a pattern very early on and you pretty much can figure out the result, this is my concern. We were left with a very good base from Sarri to build on with only Hazard leaving which shouldn't affect our over system and framework. The gist of what am trying to convey is there is a concern from me that we have regressed. *The obvious caveat is we had no transfer window and that will change next season so I am still behind Lamps fully I just want to some identity grit fight not just against Tottenham or Arsenal away and that doesn't need a transfer window.
  5. I think Kloop would be doing better Pep hasn't proved anything with average players so he probably struggle but anyone thinking proven managers with average players wouldn't be doing better just don't want to address the fact that Lampard is showing signs on being out of his depth. I am still fully behind him, he's still learning on the job, still has bags of potential but currently he looks like the least convincing at this moment in time and he is starting to show signs that he doesn't know how to turn this around which is worrying because even with class players in every position what is the guarantee he can get them to play together. Granted no manager can absolutely guarantee success but you have a better chance with a proven one.
  6. We need a world class striker because it does seem Tammy is struggling maybe contract talk's getting to his head
  7. I am concerned even with millions spent if the tactical side is lacking you would just get a group of good players not playing as a team. I so want this to be a success but unless you can see progress in terms of how we approach game's no new signing is going to fix tactical deficiency. Lamp needs to start showing signs of tactical progression
  8. Better than watching Chelsea.. FFS am in a breakout session and following the forum to get updates was excited when we went one up but now they have deflated me. Company taking us on a pub crawl on the trip later so will drink my disappointment away later
  9. Am so glad am in Vegas and not watching that sh*te show, how can we be one man up and not finish arsenal wtf is wrong with this team.
  10. Second time in 6 months just don't like 10 hours in a plane.
  11. Won't catch the match today in Las Vegas at a company SKO being talked at all day.
  12. So if Lampard is saying we are not converting chances then maybe we need to look at the striking options because it seems Lampard is absorbing himself of responsibility at what point it's the fact you don't have enough experience and you are still finding your way. Am happy with that just be honest forthright and say am still learning we all understand that but he's starting to come across like Conte and to some extent Sarri, stubborn.
  13. I said in few weeks or maybe a month back that am worried about Franks ability to effect the game from the touch line and he's proving me more often than not right more than wrong. I thought we turned a corner on him making tactical adjustments and have a PLAN B but he clearly hasn't because barring the Tottenham match which is a Derby he has shown very little signs that his tactics can work consistently so far. He looks absolutely clueless on how to deal with a low block time and time again it’s becoming so easy for teams to beat us, just get two bags of 4 stay compact , organised they won’t break us down and we will ABSOLUTELY get chances as they can’t defend either. It's still early days in this project and he needs to be given time, but until he can come up with A PLAN B expect more of these defeats this season. We have still in 4th because the rest are just as sh*te as us at the moment. Also let's see him mould his squad to his liking and then see if we still have these problems after 3 years because getting better players aren't going to fix tactical ineptitude, that player will save you so often ala Hazard,but when that fails then what??? It's also worrying that he still believes Kante is playing excellent it's like he wants to prove a point that he's going to stick with this no matter what.
  14. Blaming the keeper for that I so stupid there are far bigger problems that Kepa and Lampard needs to fix this quickly

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