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  1. Go full strength we need match practice not the time to be doing rotation
  2. He's linked to Putin, can't get much worst than that.
  3. I said the goal not red card for Mane header he might aswell be a lamp post on the kings road.
  4. I understand that what am saying his give him his most comfortable position to start and then let him roam....not disputing his ability to play all over
  5. No because we look an the entire CV you are selectievly forgetting he won back to back Bundesliga setting records....reach CL final and lost he paid his dues in the lower leagues gain invaluable experience which am sure is helping him now.
  6. You mean after getting Mainz promoted to the Bunesliga?
  7. In a new league new team play him in his most natural postion until settled, playing him out wide doesnt seem to be giving him confidence.
  8. Klopp got Mainz 05 promoted to Bundesliga 2003-2004 season after taking charge in 2001( Experience). Won back to back Bundesliga against the mighty Bayern 2010-2011-2011-2012 with the youngest team to win the Bundesliga. Won German supercup in 2008 beating Bayern. So got a team promoted, won league agaist Bayern, took Dortmund to CL Final equal win record in Bundesliga and points total So thats pretty good CV and experience if you ask me. Key here is how long he spent at mainz05 before taking a top job. Also last team to win Bundesliga outside Bayern Klopps Bortmun
  9. I remember when on this forum fans moans about cautious approach from other managers.

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