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  1. I would have went Mount but I actually went Christensen. Purely because he was class after everyone moaning like f**k that he was in the team, only for him to respond with a great performance and not putting a foot wrong. Mount was also outstanding, fantastic goal and really sets the tone of our press and attacking play. I still think he’s undervalued by a lot of fans & the abuse he gets online (not here) is pathetic.
  2. Another brilliant performance from Mason, hopefully gets folk off his back for a bit. I doubt it though. He’s a quality player and it’s great to see one of our own really making a mark in the team. Dragged us back from that embarrassing situation yesterday.
  3. I found that quite telling as well. Happy to call out Alonso but James doesn’t get a peep said about him.
  4. No, no, no FC!!! The narrative is he’s f**king awful and is at fault for every goal we concede. Did you miss the briefing?!
  5. Very solid again tonight. The fact some people were looking to blame us being 3-0 on him is absolutely laughable and really highlights how strong some posters agenda against him is. A country mile ahead of any other defender on the park tonight and up with Mason as our best performer overall in the game.
  6. Massively off the hook there. Piss poor performance.
  7. YESSSSS!!! Get in Tammy!!! Come on! Keep pushing!!
  8. He’s been our best defender today by a country mile. Give it a rest with the agenda.
  9. Hehe that’s a better place to stop a counter Andreas - well in😂
  10. In behind James again and Christensen across to cover...
  11. That was never a foul by Azpi, Furlong is backing in to him & he rolls away from him. Would have been soft as sh*t.
  12. YES!!! Now that’s how we should be attacking, beautiful football between Callum and Kai!
  13. It still absolutely blows my mind the level of fan boying that James gets. Defensively he is a total liability. He’s just simply not good enough to be starting for a team like Chelsea, especially with a player like Azpilicueta in that position. He has been directly involved in conceding 3 goals in our last 2 games. For all his promise in his attacking play, he needs to learn how to defend first and foremost. He needs to sit out a while. No other defender at the club would get us much slack turning these types of defensive performances. It’s championship level defending.
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