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  1. Can’t really ask for more than that can you? Incredible performance. Admittedly Norwich are possibly the worst PL team I’ve ever seen, even worse than Derby ‘08 but you can only beat what is put in front of you and we did that with some quality goals.
  2. What a gent Ruben is, could have easily went himself but completely unselfishly gives Mount his hat-trick. That was beautiful football between him and Ziyech as well!
  3. I love how Chilly has tried to throw the ball away and Mason’s caught it and dropped it at the spot because he’ll want his hat trick 😂
  4. That’s more like it Mason, foot through it!!! Get in there!!
  5. That’s a shocking pen from Mason, expect better from him.
  6. He’s lucky that’s not red given the one Reece got earlier in the season.
  7. Ross has to finish that, although it was a very good save!
  8. Which should be a worry in itself to be fair 😂 Hanley is a big huddy, get the fear when he’s in the Scotland team.
  9. Come on Chelsea, let’s put 10 past them!! What a stupid f**king tackle when you’re on a booking 😂
  10. Not sure he’ll get away with claiming that was on target 😂! Edit: Massive deflection on it anyway!
  11. That’s a cracking finish from Chilly, makes up for that mistake a few minutes ago!
  12. True, the parachute payments last three years don’t they? So they know the chances are they’ll be back up within 3 years to start it again, quite a good business model for generating funds - would be disheartening as a fan though to see the lack of effort to stay up.
  13. f**king hell, poor from Chilly and Silva was sleeping, brilliant recovery from Mendy to bail them out.
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