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  1. Interesting take, I actually think it’s Zouma who kept going walkabout today. There were a couple of time’s he went charging out to left back when Azpi was getting back in and there was absolutely no need for him to be going out there. It leaves Christensen completely isolated in the centre of the defence and a massive hole where the LCB should be. I don’t think either played particularly well tonight mind you.
  2. Brilliant news that it seems to have just been a bruised hip. If we lose him for any significant period of time, we’re in trouble.
  3. If only he had that strong a wrist for their first goal. No idea what he was doing dropping his arms for the second either, he completely misjudged it. He also passed the ball straight to a Valencia attacker right on the edge of our box again. People have their doubts about him and rightly so - one penalty save doesn’t change that.
  4. Done well to get a draw with this f**king joke of a referee, gave them f**king everything. We still massively got away with that with them missing 3 incredible chances.
  5. f**king hell. What a miss. We have got off the hook massively.
  6. Possibly the worst argument for bringing a player on I've ever seen in my life.
  7. What difference does that make? His hold up play is f**king awful. He’s a terrible striker to have in the team when you need and outlet/target man.
  8. f**king hell. Every team against us gets the luck with deflections and as usual we get nothing.
  9. Because they know outside the 18 yard box he’s sh*te.
  10. Why the f**k did Frank bring on Bats. It should have been Giroud. Batshuayi has no hold up play and his link up play is sub par. He’s a penalty box striker for when you’re on top. He’s definitely not an outlet when you’re pressed back.
  11. I’m sick of this f**king referee. Every time a Valencia player goes down he gives a free kick. It’s f**king disgraceful.

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