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  1. I think you’re being harsh, he had a very good season at Derby & derby fans are desperate to keep him and Jody from what I’ve seen. His first year in management; he’s lowered the average age of the team by about 3 years, integrated the youth, improved the style of play massively, all the while not letting the results slip either & they’ve just fallen at the last hurdle in the playoff final, in large part to a goalkeeping howler. Is it too soon? I think so, but it doesn’t take away from the job he’s done this year.
  2. Absolute horrendous injury by the looks of things, this summer is just getting worse and worse.
  3. I’m absolutely heartbroken, but I wish him the best unless he plays against us. The memories will last forever! A wee small part of me wants him to fail and come back here in a year or so, but I don’t think he will - he’s too good a player and too good a person to fail!
  4. Either way it’ll increase his value so the club will probably view it as a win-win.
  5. Thanks - that makes sense and is probably as good an explanation as I could have asked for. I guess we’ll just need to see how this pans out. The reason i ask is I was curious if we were going to take the hit on the ban and then the rumours of Sarri wanting to be hacked etc, if maybe the club have decided that they want him to stay that extra year and had submitted an appeal. All conjecture of course but your explanation would make sense.
  6. Of course, but by the same token & playing devils advocate - do you have any evidence that we didn’t have them already?
  7. So, we’re assuming we’ve just received these then? Is that correct? I just hadn’t seen any of the chelsea ‘ITK’ guys on twitter making any comments to indicate that we’d received the written reasons.
  8. https://www.skysports.com/share/11736622 some of our decisions baffle me, if we were going to do this all along - why wait until now?
  9. I actually canni believe I’ve just read that. Despite it being a ‘glorified friendly’ I’ll still be happy if we win the European super cup & I quite enjoy when we win the community shield as well although I wouldn’t cry if we lost. Dismissing the likes of the FA & League Cup though is embarrassing. I’m not usually one to back up the folk that call people plastic and glory hunters but this post sums that up to perfection.
  10. Based on what exactly? A third place finish and a EL? That automatically qualifies him for 3 more years? Much more successful managers than that have got the bullet much quicker. If we finished 10th for the next 2 years, you think he’d still deserve the 3rd because of what he achieved this season (which would be 3 years prior in this scenario) that’s ludicrous. Managers are assessed on an annual basis for the most part, that’s a simple fact of the job.
  11. Alright Mystic Meg. No one knows what will happen next season, that’s just a very doom and gloom view to take on how we will do next season. We were 10th under one of the best managers in the world? Things don’t always work out how they should on paper. For any of us know, Lampard for example could win us the league in his first season. The bold; talk about melodramatic, the ground is not falling apart, Jesus. Abramovich reasons for absence have been well documented on this site and many news sources. He was at the final and looked over the moon as always and as invested in chelsea as he has been in the past.
  12. Lampard is the natural progression if we want attacking football. Allegri would be a step backwards, we’d be as well appointing Mourinho again. I would have preferred Lampard to get more experience before coming back to manage us but if Sarri walks, I don’t think too many top attacking coaches will be lining up to manage a club with a two window transfer ban and their best player leaving.
  13. This is precisely why I won’t be believing anything any Sky PL or Sky Italia pages post. 99% of it is utter sh*te and they just make things up to get traffic on their sites. It might be true but it’s laughable two different parts of the same company are reporting the complete opposite things on the same day. I was Sarri out for a lot of the season. He’s gradually changed my mind and I’ve said already he deserves the second season. Especially after the EL final. Big game and he came up with the goods. An improvement in the second half instead of getting worse was a good sign as well. I’ll be a little disappointed if he goes this summer now as I feel he should at least do a second season and see if he can really prove myself and others completely wrong, but if he decides he wants to manage in Italy again then I wish him nothing but the best & thank you for another trophy. Who knows, maybe it’s the whole transfer ban that has put him off, can’t massively blame him. It is a bit of a disaster. I suspect the club know they will lose if they appeal and that’s why we’ve not lodged one with CAS.
  14. The fact that us winning it has ensured arsenal spent another year in the EL makes this even sweeter

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