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  1. Fair enough mate, he shouldn’t have been put in that situation anyway, also thought Thiago should have focused on cutting off the cut back when Auba got it and left Kepa to stop the shot but hindsights a wonderful thing. I reckon they were panicking after the pass back! Frustrating as f**k because as poor as we were - Arsenal created sweet FA.
  2. It’s taught to keepers from youth football to push the ball out wide of the goal. If he stopped that dead and someone was following it in and tapped it in he would get absolutely slaughtered.
  3. What’s with this boring rhetoric that Tuchel is immune to criticism. He’s just been on sky and admitted he made a mistake with the starting 11. So you want us to all praise him unconditionally even when he acknowledges he made mistakes himself? People didn’t have a problem sticking the boot in on Frank but can’t take a bit of criticism towards Tuchel when it’s perfectly warranted, bizarre.
  4. Fair play to Tuchel, just admitted on Sky Sports that he wasn’t happy with his lineup but wouldn’t specify, good on him for taking ownership and didn’t shy away from highlighting how bad the goal was.
  5. They did? Have a look at everyone complaining about the treatment off senior players like Jorgi and Rudi? Bit weird your instant response to a criticism of TT is to bring up Frank - were you not one of the ones telling us to move on?! You’re misunderstanding, I’m not saying he’ll only start them. What I’m saying is when it comes time to hook someone, the youngsters are always first in the firing line, even when you have senior players like Jorginho stinking the place out.
  6. Bollocks. Jorginho defensive fibre? You’ve got to be kidding? Maybe when we sit deep he can cut passing lanes but when we’re pressing high he doesn’t have the physical attributes to cover ground. When has Mount ever played particularly well when playing deep in a two for us? Not a single game comes to mind. He was involved a lot in the first half and barely got involved in the second. Are you intentionally failing to understand? It’s not about who he replaced him with. It’s about the player who was hooked. If that was one of the youngsters who put in that shocker in the
  7. Because it’s not a one off and it doesn’t happen with the older players? I’m not comparing him to Frank. I’m taking about Tuchel in isolation. It’s not good in my opinion. It should be performance based, regardless of your price tag or status. But to answer, because it’s not a one off with TT - he’s done this before a few times this year. The young players are always the first to be hooked even if they’re not the worst performers.
  8. He will never be a key part of a team that wins the title though. I’ve thought that since he joined and I still feel the same. He is such a safe, nothing player. He can have some really good games, but too often he’s anonymous and when he’s bad, his lack of physicality makes him too absolutely shocking.
  9. He should be out on loan. He’s been in and around the first team for 3 years as you say but he’s never getting regular football. Like it or not, the players need that to develop. Look at Mason, couple of years at Vitesse & Derby and he comes back in ready to go, Reece James the same, Christensen at Gladbach, even Tammy at Villa etc. Callum needs consistent game time and I really don’t understand why we don’t loan him out to get it.
  10. I like Tuchel but tonight’s not the first time he’s shown he’s an absolute bottle merchant when it comes to senior players. It doesn’t matter how sh*te some of our senior players are, he’ll took the better performing youngsters off instead. Criminal that Gilmour was taken off and Jorginho played the entire 90 minutes despite being absolutely woeful. Sick to death of the false 9 sh*te as well, for every 1 good performance we have with it, we have 5 where we look f**king dreadful. continuing with 5 at the back when we are chasing a goal is bizarre as well. Take a defender off and s
  11. To create an angle. I said it earlier in the thread and I think Redknapp mentioned it at half time. You’re taught from a young age, when making a back pass you put it to either side of the goal. Precisely to avoid a situation like that. He didn’t even lift his head before he played it. It was atrocious and he knew it.
  12. First time they’ve beaten us at Stamford Bridge in 9 years, f**king shambles.
  13. Ahh yes, because every young player is the same, where was Harry Kane at 19? Frank Lampard? Can do this all night.
  14. What exactly do you think Kepa could have made a better decision about with the clearance? He was scrambling just to keep it out and pushed it wide. The only person to blame is Jorginho.
  15. Alan Smith can not be trying to say that’s a f**king penalty after they waved off Havertz ones in their box and the blatant hand ball 😂 f**king unbiased my arse.
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