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  1. You’ve stated that this is a side not looking to win titles at no point have I agreed with that. If frank and the young players don’t have the hunger to win titles then they’re in the wrong game. I can pretty much guarantee frank will have look at our cup competitions and looking to win them.
  2. I’ll echo this, always criticised his end product but he’s delivering on that big time now. Big upturn in form so fair play to him it’s brilliant to see and he’s starting on merit. If it is down to his contract, we’ll just need to keep him on a one year rolling contract. I think it could be down to being one of the more senior players and not being in Hazards shadow so he’s taking on more responsibility but we’ll see if and when he signs a new contract.
  3. Haha! I’m not massive Willian fan I can assure you, but he most definitely is. His last three games I believe go: assist - goal - assist. How is that not an automatic start for a winger who’s main criticism from most of this board has been end product? Willian is in brilliant form so he definitely should be an automatic starter at the moment. The simple fact is Pulisic is too lightweight, he gets shrugged and bullied off the ball far too easily. He has bags of talent as his assist yesterday showed but he needs to toughen up and settle in to the league and appearances off the bench will help. Says who? We are no worse than the other usual top 6 suspects. United/spurs in turmoil. Arsenal - being arsenal. We’ve played the best side in Europe twice this season and had we been a bit more clinical could have beaten them twice. I can’t think of a game I’ve watched and thought ‘Jesus we have played horrendously’. I am by no means expecting us to win anything and above top 6 will be a brilliant season for us, but that doesn’t mean I’d be surprised if we win a trophy or finish higher up the league. It’s early doors but we’re 2 points of second. It’s a bit early for waving the white flag on winning titles this year and I’m sure frank would love to win something alongside blooding the youngsters. Experience is key alongside the young boys we put it.
  4. Of course it’s not Zouma alone, as you say there was a few of them at fault for the goal but he’s yet again involved in a goal we concede. There was a ball in the second half where he completely misread the flight of it and it bounced over his head. I think it was Ings and fortunately Tomori held him up enough to let Kante get back and make the tackle. I agree with Zouma, it’s the same criticism of Luiz - you can’t get away with these brain farts at the top level. Tomori I think is harsh, he’s a young lad and had been rock solid until the last couple of games - small blips in form will happen. The international break has come at the perfect time for him.
  5. I mean, their penalty the other day - it wasn’t enough to be overturned as clear and obvious but similarly if the ref didn’t give it, I also don’t think it would have been clear and obvious to overturn. It was one of those borderline pens. So, lucky in the sense the ref gave it as on another day he might not and I don’t think there was enough in it to overturn either way.
  6. Yesss!!! 4-1!! Good to see Pulisic and Bats combine for a goal!
  7. I have a horrible feeling that they will win it this year. They have the quality and luck on their side. Annoying as I don’t want them to ever win it.
  8. And as you post that he loses flight of the ball and it bounces over his head.
  9. We could do with some fresh legs IMO. Callum seems to have faded significantly, I’d take him off for Pulisic
  10. Wrong decision there, Callum should have been crossing that in to Tammy & Mount!
  11. That’s f**king shoulder to shoulder, never a free kick in a million years.
  12. WTF?! That was a great tackle by Alonso, won the ball cleanly.
  13. Callum really needs to work on finishing these chances!
  14. CHO wasn’t been outstanding but he still has an assist. I’ll take a goal/assist a game if he’s quiet the rest in all honesty.

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