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  1. Sorry mate, tend to take the summer off the forum and missed this amongst all the CL stuff. How about 8 points? Means it’s within 3 results which I’d argue is relatively close. If we’re talking being an important player in a title challenging team, I’d say 70% of minutes across the league season? 50% I’d expect of a squad player which I have no doubt he’s more than capable of.
  2. I take it all back, will never criticise him again 👀
  3. No disputing he’s world class at RWB but if we change formation or managers (yes, I know - but we’re Chelsea) does he still fit? I’m not overly keen on this. I feel like a striker (Haaland) and a proper DM (Rice) should be the clubs priorities at the moment. If we want to move on Alonso & Emerson and need cover for LB/LWB - we should be looking at Josh Doig at Hibs - YPOTY in Scotland and only 18 with the club looking for about £5m, showing more promise than Andy Robertson showed at that age and I reckon his ceiling is higher. Chilwell is locked down as starter anyway and he’s no particularly injury prone! Still, if it doesn’t interfere with Haaland or Rice - great!
  4. May have already been shared...
  5. Excellent tonight, absolutely f**king excellent. I’ve had doubts about Reece defensively before, understandable given his age. Performances like that though are that of a seasoned pro. He pocketed Sterling which isn’t easy with his pace, even the couple of times it looked like he’d been beaten he managed to get back and recover to stop him. That was such a mature performance from a young lad in a Champions League final. Truly incredible, the sky truly is the limit for him if he can consistently deliver performances even close to that, I thought he was faultless.
  6. The guy is a legend already, he is such a phenomenal talent, he’s only 22 years old! He’s an incredible player and his attitude is second to none, such a mature player at such a young age. Hopefully rival fans can drop this doesn’t turn up in finals. Biggest final in club football, assisting for the winner - what more can you ask for 💙!
  7. Absolutely over the moon for the geezer! He had massive boots to fill when Terry departed, he may not he as vocal as he was but I don’t doubt for a second he cares as much about the club at JT. He is firmly up there with Frank, JT, Drogs for what he’s done for us. He’s been such an incredible servant and player, cemented himself as even more of a legend after tonight. He’s taken over the mantle of Mr Chelsea fantastically, he really epitomises everything good about our club. Well deserved el Capitano 💙
  8. He deserves an absolutely incredible amount of praise for his performance tonight. I feared the worst when Thiago went down as he is such an experienced and calming player in the back line. Coming off the bench and getting up to speed quickly is hard any game and any position, but the central defender in our three is so key and for him to come in and stroll the game as he did, after being out for 3 weeks - putting his body on the line blocking shots was incredible. Elite performance from Andreas & deserves all the plaudits in the world tonight.
  9. He has been scarily good in the knockout rounds of the CL this year. I mean he’s always a monster but even by his standards he has been absolutely colossal in our run to the Champions League. He is hands down the best central midfield player in the world. It doesn’t matter who he is up against, he will pocket them and then some. It’s like we’re playing with 12 men when he’s in the team. The guy is a club legend and I f**king love him 💙
  10. f**k it, I’m fully on board. Give him an extension for as long as he wants. f**king hero - got Pep in his back pocket 🙌💙
  11. Can we ditch the new kit for next season though? Let’s just stick with this one for another year 💙
  12. I still can’t believe it. What a f**king feeling this is. You forget just how good it feels to win big ears - what a f**king night! UP THE f**kING’ CHELS!!
  13. Also, can we talk about the media w**kfest over Foden only for him to do hee-haw, meanwhile mason is assisting winning goals and not getting the same kind of circle jerk. Delighted for Mason as well! Incredible night for the players, hope they enjoy this!!
  14. I thought James and Chilwell were outstanding tonight, completely shut down Sterling & Mahrez, which as we’ve seen all season is no easy feat. Kante as well, he was everywhere in the centre of the park.
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