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  1. I agree but there’s teams with worse players than them that don’t defend as badly as we do.
  2. I agree with that mate, you’re right there is 100% things happening on the park that top level players shouldn’t need to be coached on. Some of it is actually school boy level that they’re failing to do. My point was more that Lampards faults cannot be overlooked as well. He’s made some brilliant decisions this season but he’s made some equally poor ones. He’s young, and relatively new - it’s learning but the way we’ve defended set plays all season is not good enough. As you say, a bit of self reflection and we go again at the weekend but if we concede from another corner or free kick. I might put my remote through the TV.
  3. Both he and Jody need to have a look in the mirror and figure out what the f**k is going on with us from set plays. It’s absolutely disgraceful how bad we are at defending set plays, it’s not just now and again. It’s literally every ball in to the box looks like it’s going to be a goal. It’s seriously holding us back. We are probably one of if not the worst team I’ve ever seen defending set pieces. You see better defending at the park on a Sunday morning. They’re young and learning but this needs to be sorted for next season. It’s easy to target us, you just play for set pieces and you’re guaranteed chances.
  4. Strongly disagree, he is far and away the worst defender we have on our books. I could happily not see him play for us again. JT would never have allowed us to get in that position in the first place.
  5. There’s not a single personal attack in my post. Multiple people have tried to explain this and you refuse to or are unable to understand so you’re right. Best to leave it there.
  6. I’ve spent sooo long defending him and I still truly believe he’s the only one of our CB’s composed on the ball and has to play. But I am getting fed up of performances like this. He’s now 23? This inconsistency needs to start being cut out. If I was frank, I’d have him in the gym after the season ends and have him bulk up significantly and give him one more season. Mainly because I’d line to see him, Zouma and Tomori play alongside a proper leader which Rudiger is definitely not. I’d go Zouma - Christensen until the end of the season and that’s only because Tomori seems to have disappeared.
  7. Remember when we had the likes of Alex who couldn’t even start for us regularly? Now we have Rudiger as our ‘senior’ CB. The guy has to go. He’s not young, he’s not got potential. I don’t care if he helps us sign Sancho, Havertz, Skriniar, Messi and Ronaldo. He still has to go. He’s just simply not good enough. Shocking on the ball. Shocking at defending.
  8. You are clearly unable to analyse football games if you cannot see the sheer lack of organisation we have from set plays and defending in general. You’re really struggling to understand this aren’t you? So for you, every single corner and set piece against us this season has been an individual error? So you don’t think there’s a flaw in the overall plan if that keeps happening on EVERY defensive set play? If you want to bury your head in the sand and act like Frank and Jody’s grandma and defend everything they do, be my guest. But they’re at fault for how weak we are defensively at set pieces.
  9. He was sh*te but if anyone is getting singled out it should be bambi playing beside him. Our whole CB unit is sh*te. Blows my mind we’re not being linked with CB’s and seriously f**king worrying. We NEED CB’s because ours aren’t good enough. f**k signing Havertz or anyone else. We have to sign a top class CB. On top of that though, the coaching needs to improve massively.
  10. Do you understand football? Do you understand who picks the team? Who sets us up defensively at set pieces? The players don’t pick who plays... the players don’t choose how to set up defensively. It’s done by the manager which is.... You guessed it - Frank. I’ve given him credit when he’s changed the game with his subs in recent weeks so I’ll bloody well criticise him when he can’t set us up to defend a simple corner. It’s shocking how bad we are at it for a team at this level, there’s better defending in Sunday league games.
  11. Rudiger has more bad moments than good in pretty much every game.
  12. 0/6 against West Ham. Frank needs to have a serious look at himself. That’s not f**king good enough. Wasted the performance and result against City. Really hope West Ham go down. I f**king hate them as a club.
  13. Because the striker has gone short. He has to go with the man or he gets the ball, turns and is running straight at him. The recovery wasn’t great but he had to go with him. Neither are good enough but Rudiger is meant to be the experienced one.
  14. Alonso as well man. He’s just let the c**t run the length of the park without even trying to get back. That left side of our defence is f**king murder. The other side isn’t great either but those two in particular are horrendous footballers.

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