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  1. EdinburghBlue

    That Sterling Incident

    You will never, ever, ever, ever stamp out abuse/foul language at football. Never in a millions years will that happen and you’re delusional if you think otherwise. There is of course absolutely no place in any walk of life for racist language. But as I say, if words like ‘c**t’, ‘f**k’ etc bother you, I’d suggest staying at home as they will always exist at football and in most walks of life. If he has racially abused Sterling he deserves everything he gets, however if he’s not and he’s called him a ‘manc c***’ the witch hunt is a joke. has he embarrassed himself? Yes but is it crime of the century to call someone a c***? No. it reminds me of one of my favourite phots of terry. look at the anger in some of those faces. I doubt they’re screaming ‘have a good game mate’. There was no big debate about the abuse terry was receiving in this photo and if football fans should swear or he aggressive. Just to reiterate - If he’s been racist then he deserves no sympathy whatsoever and the book should be thrown at him.
  2. EdinburghBlue

    Chelsea v Man City (PL) Sat 8th Dec 17:30 UK

    I always said that the false 9 was the way forward
  3. EdinburghBlue

    Andreas Christensen

    Indeed, almost like he’s seen very little game time for most of the season... oh wait. Everyone is quick to jump on our young players but in the Sarri thread will blindly defend him to any criticism. I didn’t manage to catch the game last night but Christensen has seen very little action this season and most of the time it’s been with a makeshift team in the EL etc. He also played on the left I’ve read alongside Alonso (who is in his worst form for us probably since he signed) which I’m sure doesn’t help. People have constantly said the formation and tactics leaves the defence exposed as an excuse for Luiz etc but Christensen should be sold? But hypocritical. Personally, I’d be more inclined to cut our youth players some slack but whatever floats your boat. I’m not saying he’s the next Terry but he was quality for a decent part of last season.
  4. EdinburghBlue

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    He used to have Cole beside him and was still exceptionally error prone. He’s just not a very good defender in a 2 because he gets left exposed unlike a 3 where it’s covered up. People seem to love trotting out Christensen’s mistakes, he’s a young defender learning and he made a handful of mistakes in quick succession and was punished by quality teams like Barca. Luiz has made more mistakes this season that Christensen had in that spell. When it’s been against quality I.e. Spurs & United - he’s been punished. He’s just lucky against lesser sides they’ve not taken the chances. On top of that he’s a 31 year old veteran, he shouldn’t be making these simple mistakes. Whether Christensen is the answer long term I don’t know, but we are extremely vulnerable at the back at the moment and for all the ability on the ball Luiz brings, he cannot defend very well in a 2.
  5. EdinburghBlue

    Alvaro Morata

    I think you need to watch it again then. That’s not a question that should need asked.
  6. EdinburghBlue

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I don’t totally agree with his justification for CHO not getting minutes. It sounded as if he picks players on reputation/age/wages. He said it’s hard to find a space for him in the team or on the bench because you have players like Moses on the bench. moses was never good enough for us as a winger, a very good wing back yes but not a winger. It’s no surprise that our young players get disillusioned at the club with things like that. i did like that he said he wants to create a space for him in the team/squad regularly but it’s hard because we have 28 players, maybe we’re going to cull the squad a bit in January to create more room for our youngsters. Players should be picked on performance not their wages or what reputation they have, hopefully Sarri sticks with what he said and tries to create a space for him.
  7. Some folk have such a hatred of Morata it’s scary how bias they’ll be against him. He’s not the player I thought he’d be when he signed but he wasn’t that bad today. I actually thought his hold up play and general play was good today if he could just stay onside it would be much better, not that I think it would make much difference as the rest of the team bar Hazard were shocking anyway.
  8. Spurs will be raging they’ve only won this by 2 goals when it could have been 22
  9. Seriously what is the point in playing high balls in to Hazard? It’s a f**king waste of time. It’s absolutely ridiculous to think that’s a good way to play. Taking Morata off has actually made us worse as now Hazard is completely out of the game. I actually can’t believe how poor we’ve been in this game. It makes me sick.
  10. This could literally be 10-0. That whole defence is a f**king joke.
  11. Just hit it Pedro f**ksake.
  13. I’m confused? I mean as a guy - he seems a like a grade A pr1ck
  14. If Morata was still on or even Giroud that was a goal.
  15. I still don’t think Luiz is a good enough defender. He offers a lot with the ball at his feet but he’s just not very good at defending which IMO is the most important thing. Before people jump down my throat - this isn’t the first game that he’s made mistakes. He just hasn’t been punished by lesser teams now Spurs are exposing it and capitalising.