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  1. You’ve posted some seriously weird stuff lately. We get it, you don’t like Lampard as manager, you feel Sarri was so terribly treated by us. But Jesus Christ you’re a chelsea fan, why are you wanting it to play out like AVB and us he unsuccessful and eventually sack the manager? How miserable it must be to not be able to be positive about a club legend managing us and integrating the youth in to the side.
  2. I think I read somewhere that the scheduling has been sorted this year so that’s something. on the subject of madden I think their training system is much better where you train the whole team instead of only being able to pick 5 players/drills to use on Fifa. Even if you could train the whole team and then focus on those 5 players/drills. As it stands I’ll probably hold off until it goes in the Jan sales with Madden for £25/30. It’ll depend on the gameplay on the demo though, as I feel the pace of the game is really slow and the fact you have Cahill able to catch sterling etc is ridiculous on ‘18.
  3. That’s interesting because to me as you say that reads that they should have identified it was a penalty. Gallagher was obviously mistaken when he said VAR couldn’t intervene. I’d be interested to hear the VAR referees thought process for the decision but I highly doubt we’ll ever get to that stage as referees seem to have protection from justifying decisions.
  4. Sorry mate, but anyone with a pair of eyes can see that it is a blatant penalty on Rodri, he was hauled to the ground by the neck. It’s as clear & obvious a penalty as you can get. It’s basically saying that all the decisions that went against us with Overbo wouldn’t be reviewed because the referee didn’t give it in the first instance. I’ll try and dig it out but I am adamant that’s what he said. VAR can’t intervene if the referee doesn’t give the original decision.
  5. This is the problem, I don’t think it’s being used correctly. I just heard Dermont Gallagher on sky sports saying that the penalty on Rodri, because the referee didn’t think it wasn’t a penalty that VAR can’t intervene. Probably similar to the handball yesterday by Leicester on the edge of the box. Surely the whole point in VAR is that it can pick the things the referee misses up and get the decision right? That was a clear penalty and the referee should have been made aware of that. As for the new handball rule, my understanding was that it’s supposed to be to avoid events like Sanchez goal for Arsenal where he literally hit the ball over the line with his hand.
  6. It came from Giroud vision and ability to back heel that in to the path of Kante. By the same token, Pedro's volley all came from Azpilicueta’s vision and delivery to find Giroud to chest it down for him. My point is he hasn’t offered anything significantly above what Azpilicueta does other than his ability to go past a player in my opinion but the reaction they get from some members on the board are of stark contrast.
  7. - A huge start for me would br fixing things like transfers, spread payments, buy and loan back, optional fees after a loan etc etc. It would just add to the authenticity of the game. - I think certain features that football manager has such as having your own coaching staff, making board requests to expand the stadium etc. Also choose sponsors and customise strips (within reason) in future season instead of wearing the same strip for 20 seasons. - When you send players on loan, actually track their performance for the club they’re at, at the moment their appearances etc all just stay on 0 no matter what. - Addition of the youth leagues, I.e. the U23/U19 teams, even if they’re not playable but it gives access to talented youth and lets you see the players develop. - better training, when I’m training my youth player who’s a 55 in the youth team, why is he attacking against my best defenders in Azpilicueta and Rudiger, shouldn’t he be training against the fellow youth team players? Thats a few just off the top of my head, I’m sure I could come up with more if I thought long and hard about it. What are yours?
  8. What’s with all this pressure folk are spouting about? We’ve played 2 games in the league for Christ sake. Gobsh*tes on Twitter are not going to force the clubs hand when match going fans booing the manager and telling him to f**k off didn’t influence them. Frank will be given time which is what he and these young players need. I HATE seeing us not win, but that’s football and expectations this season need to be adjusted to reflect it. We have no Devine right to heat anyone, especially when half our team are under 21 and playing together for the first time. It takes time to gel as a team and start to understand how each other player. Frank is a young manager, he’s going to make mistakes, that’s just part and parcel of the project the board have taken on. As long as he learns from them then that’s what matters. He can start by ditching the zonal marking!
  9. What is everyone’s thoughts on this so far from what’s been released? The Volta game type seems like a pretty cool addition I have to admit. I still don’t feel there’s been enough movement on career mode which is what I play to justify the money they want. I am interested to see how our team shapes up though so pretty torn this year!
  10. Best AC game in years for me, the cult of Kosmos storyline and side quests really add to the game - my only criticism is the coming out of the animus to modern times. I’m maybe being over critical but I’ve not really been a fan of that since the Desmond games. I just don’t feel I have the same connection to the new modern characters but the odyssey game play is fantastic, it re-introduced the sailing & ship warfare which was so popular in black flag. If you have any interest in Greek mythology then it’s a must buy, I think I’ve ploughed about 80 hours in to it and not even close to completing the game.
  11. Sorry, not having that - he’s no where near Robertson’s level & I highly doubt he ever will be. I rate Emerson, I think he’s a really good LB but for all the praise he’s got about his ability going forward what has he actually contributed from it? a shot hitting the bar where he arguably should have scored. I can’t think of one cross in the last 3 games where I thought ‘wow that was a great ball, xxxxx should have scored’.
  12. Fair enough if that’s how you meant it, I’m just saying that’s not how it read to me and goes along with the general narrative on the board at the minute that if Azpilicueta breathes then he’s done it wrong. Apologies, I’ve obviously picked up your point wrong!
  13. Not sure what you’re referring to, was this in the last 10 minutes or so? I was running about the house so only seen bits and pieces of the end of the game. Not sure what it has to do with it, he had a free header 7 yards out, all I’m saying is that at the top level you have to at least make the keeper work. I’m by no means slating the boy, I really like him as a player and he’s just a kid in the grand scheme of things but it’s just something I feel he needs to work on. He seems like he needs a fair few chances to eventually get one in, which isn’t a big deal at his age but moving forward he needs to work on being clinical, like frank was and he could be a 15/20 goal a season midfielder! It was a brilliant goal, and the kind I think most of us will have wanted to see that results from us pressing the other team, although I think he actually kicked his own heel from the replay which put him off balance, but he still done well to get the shot off and score it.
  14. Fair enough if you think it’s harsh but for me, from 6/7 yards out you should he testing the keeper more than he did, the pace was already on the ball from Azpis cross. I think it’s stretching it to say it should be to feet, at the end of the day he found his man - if that was a Giroud it was a goal. I appreciate he wasn’t running on to it but at least put it either side of the keeper. Azpilicueta could have had 5 minutes to prepare for that run from N’didi (sp) and he never would have beat him in the air. It’s a ridiculous place to have a guy who is only 5ft10 when you’re zonal marking. That whole row along the 6 yard box should be your biggest/best in the air.
  15. I suggest you re-read your post. You didn’t say that he defended well at all. ‘You said the team didn’t defend well. It would help if Azpilicueta could cross a ball’ - he put the best cross of the game for us in on to Masons head, which he nodded in to Schmeichels arms? You singled out Mason & Pedro and said the rest looked tired and not at it, which clearly shows you felt Pedro was at it - thus, praise.

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