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  1. He had glimpses two years ago when we signed him though and he’s not moved forward at all. He’s been here 2 years and is 26 now - he should be showing some sort of consistency. He’s about 6th choice when everyone is fit and even then I would prefer to see Billy come on so I’d argue 7th.
  2. Surely we have enough with all the youth coming through now that it’s not longer a big issue for us like it was in the past?
  3. Honestly, I think it’s time to put the Ross Barkley experiment to bed and move him on. He’s not getting any better in his entire time here. He’s not good enough and never will be.
  4. Poor from Kova, he’s jumping away from the rest of the wall.
  5. i can only assume Pedro is left on to show himself in the shop window as he’s been rank tonight.
  6. I didn’t think it looked like anyone touched him which is usually a bad sign but obviously they must have.
  7. Pretty sure Kovacic has just done his hamstring. That’s f**king devastating if he’s f**ked.
  8. Surely that’s a foul for Mount? He won the ball and the guy just pushes his back in to him over and over 😂
  9. What is Lampard to do? Sub himself on and score. The players need to take some f**king accountability. We had the chances to win the game. The fact the players didn’t take them is on them. Lampard made changes to win the game, went two up front. Brought on Mount and Barkley two more attacking midfielders. Kepa can’t save anything but our alternative is an aging Willy. Kante slopping is that lampards fault too? Calling for his head is embarrassing. people were saying top 10 was success at the start of the season and now there’s people wanting his head when we’re in the top 4. A bit of perspective.
  10. I’m in a bar in Copenhagen and all the bar has cheered a draw away to us. These c**ts are small time. f**k them. Two shots on target and two goals. They are a diddy club and are in our shadow. Up the Chels
  11. Feel like I’m not watching the same game as a lot of you. We have absolutely dominated these c**ts. It’s not his fault these c**ts cannot finish chances. Abraham missing headers from 6 yards, Bats missing from inside the 6 yard box. The players are simply not good enough. We’re not clinical and that’s why we’re not winning. The players need to take a look at theirselves. Also Lampard can’t help that Kepa has one of the worst save % in the whole European top flight. Shocking business from the club.

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