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  1. He doesn’t get nearly the amount of stick Tammy does and certainly not judged to be a “championship striker” the way Abraham is which given his goal scoring last season is pretty insulting.
  2. The different benchmarks for players by fans is quite astounding for me. Tammy is 23 years old and gets called a championship striker after coming through out academy for nothing. Werner is a 24 year old we spent tens of millions on and it’s the rest of the teams fault that he’s not scoring and not his inability to adapt to deep defences and a more physical league. This isn’t a slight on Timo, more just pointing out how the academy players have to perform at a higher level than the “superstars” just to be acknowledge as being worthy Chelsea players.
  3. That’s not strictly true though is it? Him and Alonso almost made a massive c**t of it against Atleti which let Suarez get in and square it to Lamar who IMO should have got on the end of it. If that goes in it’s a different game. It shows how important the end product of a mistake is to how people remember it. Christensen made a mistake against Barca that led to a goal about 4 years ago and it’s still talked about & used against him. Alonso & Rudiger look like the chuckle brothers a week ago and because it doesn’t result in a goal it’s forgotten about. He’s playing well
  4. Never doubted him 😁! Oozes class and is immense in the middle of a back three.
  5. This is the perfect post for me. I’m delighted we’re back in contention for top 4 and the results we’ve had of late but my god we are awful to watch in my opinion. As you’ve said, most of those wins were via goals from penalties. TT has made us more solid at the back there’s no disputing that but when you’re playing a back 5 that’s to be expected. The attack is even more toothless now than it was before.
  6. I have no idea how he’s still on the park after 70 mins with this performance.
  7. I totally agree, that’s why we can’t be too fussy with which one tries it 😂
  8. Mason has to use his left foot there once he’s past mctominay, trying to contort his body gave him time to block it.
  9. At least someone’s willing to shoot from distance. Something we sorely lack from our midfield IMO.
  10. Jesus Christ. Good save Mendy. If we go behind I can’t see us getting back in to this.
  11. How have we managed to f**k a 4 on 2. Jesus Christ. That is abysmal
  12. How the f**k Ziyech gets to stay on while Callum gets hooked is mental unless he’s injured. It’s like playing with a man short.
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