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  1. Seen as Hudson-Odoi is the future of our team, when he comes on should we not be putting him on the left ahead of the likes of Willian and Pedro? He should be 2nd in line to that LW position, he’s better there than on the right.
  2. How many sh*te free kick does Luiz need to take before we realise he can’t ping them top bin anymore? We’ve got better free kick takers than him. There’s zero need for him to take them.
  3. How the f**k is that not a booking when Kovacic was clean through
  4. Was that a shot or a cross by Kovacic? Either way, horrendous!
  5. My biggest concern with that is more signings like Jorginho and Higuain who clearly aren’t good enough either.
  6. That’s what he should be doing in that LCM role surely, getting the ball on the half turn and committing players. He rarely seems to do that in a chelsea shirt.
  7. Emerson challenging for the ball - yellow. Prague players continually kicking Hazards ankle - no yellow. Makes sense that
  8. I just don’t think Barkley is ever going to fulfil the early promise he showed at Everton, I don’t know if it’s the injury he got or what but he actually looks like he’s regressed as a player since then. I actually forgot he was playing at times tonight. Such a shame as it looked like he could be a brilliant signing if he’d kicked on and fulfilled his potential.
  9. This often? I know it happened but it happens almost every week now, I don’t think it happens this much under Conte.
  10. Jesus Christ, what an earth does Sarri say to the players at half time? It’s always the same - manage ok in the first half and as soon as the second half starts we’re f**king abysmal.
  11. That’s arsenal through, Napoli need 4 to go through now.
  12. Not that I want to be a total downer on a night where we’re playing well but Barkley has been poor again IMO. He’s not getting involved, it’s games like this where he should be marking his authority and effecting the game. He’s been pretty anonymous for me.
  13. Another great ball from Kanté, he’s channeling his inner Cesc today.
  14. Instant reply! Giroud unlucky not to get his second, good sniffing from Pedro. Emerson and Hazard working really well down the left tonight.

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