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  1. Not a massive difference, but it a draw means we’d only need to match their result in the final game which might have given us extra leeway. We’re in a good position to top the group either way, I just think it would have given us an even better chance had they drawn.
  2. 10 years ago is what BT Sport said last night, quite the achievement that! I agree, his coaching seems to be improving more and more, the quality additions in the summer have helped - it feels good to have a summer that all of the signings were quality and have made a mark on the team already. Even better that Frank has the Mount haters on Twitter frothing at the mouth after his comments last night - it’s a good Wednesday!
  3. Yeah I get that but it keeps Sevilla level on points with us a draw/loss would have kept them 2/3 points behind us and Krasnador would still have been on 2/4 points with us on 10. Highly unlikely they were catching us anyway.
  4. I’m not sure BT are making out Sevilla winning is good for us. I would have preferred a draw or a Krasnador win. We would be likely to qualify anyway and it would give us a much better chance of winning the group.
  5. Get in Giroud!!! Great header, Werner should have done better with the finish for me.
  6. That’s an awful header, barely testing the keeper - great run and pass as well 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. Great vision and pass from Mount to spot CHO’s runs cool finish as well! Made in Cobham!
  8. Tell you what if I was a City fan I’d be fuming. After the goal they had disallowed, the ball rolls up Sissokos forearm and VAR don’t even look at it and 2 minutes later they’re 2-0. The application of the handball rules are a travesty.
  9. It looked like a training game for us! We completely dominated, probably should have won by 4 or 5 but any win right after the international break is a great win!! Glad that it allowed us to build up the form we had before the international break, I was worried it would break our stride. Hopefully midweek helps us to build that yet again!
  10. Aww Mase, fantastic first touch, does let down by the finish!
  11. That was tight. Shame that! Fantastic finish by him there, probably the most difficult of the three he had today as well 😂
  12. Wow. That was a sensational strike, yikes. On the plus side, they usually go in against us.
  13. Does your doctor know you’re on the internet unsupervised?
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