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  1. Watched Star Trek: Beyond over the weekend. It wasn't bad. I don't usually advocate for movies being longer but another 5 min of footage would have been nice to fill in some of the holes in the plot.
  2. The passion that Conte has, it just makes me smile every time I see it. Obviously puts it all into his club and country. It's exactly what we need after the fractured management of last season. It's early, but the players are buying in and you can see the drive they have. Long may it continue. Definitely a debate could be had for him bringing in subs too late, but I believe late subs were a part of his plan and it worked. I'll take it, no doubt. Good start to the campaign.
  3. Good first press conference. I'm very excited and optimistic to see how Conte is going to shape this team!
  4. Completely agree EB, well said.
  5. Anyone playing Battleborn for the PS4? Good fun. I bought Overwatch, have not tried it yet.
  6. Good mate. I'll send you a PM, must catch up.
  7. Haven't visited this thread in a while, so excuse me if this has been mentioned. I would recommend looking at Rocket League. My son and I spend some time on it on the PS4. So much fun.
  8. Great addition to the club. Mou and Agent Cesc at it again. Welcome Pedro!
  9. After 27 years (1988 release, yes?) I still find when it's on the tele that I watch it. I have no idea how many countless times that I have watched it but not many movies are worth a repeat, multiple times, after so many years.
  10. I was going to watch this just because there isn't much else on. Think I'll just fire up a game or something instead.
  11. Die Hard, the original. My mum took me to see this when it first released. A good memory and a decent enough flick. The sequels ruined it imho, but the original was good.
  12. Just watched Fury. Great film, and the final minutes were just eye opening. I give it an 8/10.
  13. Very much so, completely agree. This is why I find it a bit odd that (if the reports are true) only Cuadrado is coming in with Schürrle and Salah out. It is good that we have almost a week for the lads to get rest.
  14. Right here. ^ My main concern is lack of depth. I'm perfectly fine with Cuadrado coming in especially if Salah is going the other way on loan. That 1-for-1 swap is an upgrade for us and most likely (have not run the numbers) not a bad hit on our FFP situation. However, if we sell Schürrle, the squad is obviously thinner than before. I am good with bringing in some youth, and maybe that is Jose's plan, but it still concerns me and does seem a bit odd.
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