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  1. watched Oxlaide Chamberlain play yesterday and he was utter sh*t
  2. Chalobah was a constant threat in the game, breaking down attacks and pushing the team forward. RLC constant attacking threat and looked like the only player for Palace who could make things happen. Zouma and Ake great defending. if someone had half a brain at the club they would have kept them knowing that we have 38 league games, hopefully at least 10 CL games if we have a good run, another 12 odd games with EFL cup and FA cup.
  3. Just looking at the player ratings for the games today, Ake got 7, best player on the pitch, Chalobah got an 8, best rated along with Gray, and RLC got a 7 and he was the best in his team. Should have kept all 3, other teams take a chance with their youngsters but we just sell them or ship them out. What I dont understand is if Conte didnt want them why did Emenalo and Grankoskya? not stop them leaving informing Conte that we would not buy more players. the other thing that pisses me off is that Mourinho didnt want Mata or Lukaku, now they are sh*t hot, Schurrle same, wtf is our board doing?
  4. Watching the Bournemoth Watford game and both Chalobah and AKe are playing well. Cannot understand how in a season where we will play over 50 games and we are back in the CL no one was able to convince these players tgat they will get games.
  5. PSG are willing to sell Matuidi for $25 to Juve if they get Fabinho from Monaco. Why would we not just bid $30 and get it done quickly, hes fit, hes not bad and would shore up our cm position giving Bakayoko time to recover.
  6. clubs now know that this far in to the market clubs start getting desperate, they know who our targets were and did not get them and now we are going for our second choices which leave the selling clubs in a position to ask for stupid money. Conte will have given the board a list of players at the end of last season and they should have gone after them straight away and quietly.
  7. because in Conte's system he has 2 central midfielders, so whoever we buy either has to be better than Kante, Cesc or Bakayoko or must be a player happy to sit on the bench and not be a first choice. that leaves either youngsters, which we have plenty of but keep loaning out or selling, or someone a little older who is not a first choice for their club. IMO we should have tried harder to keep Chalobah.
  8. Would love to see this team next season based on the players we are linked with ___________________Courtois Sandro______Cahill___________Boateng____Azpi _____Naingolan_____Bakayoko_____Kante Pedro____________Lukaku__________Hazard
  9. AS Roma have accepted a 30 million euro offer from Zenit for Kostas Manolas, if im not mistaken he was one of the players Conte was looking at to bolster our defence.
  10. want Bonucci, Naingolan and Morata.... NOW!!
  11. we would need at least 6 cbs next season to deal with our fixtures, if we buy VvD we would have Luiz, Cahill, Dave, Ake, and one of Zouma or Christiansen, maybe send Zouma out on loan for a season to get him back to full match fitness. But who would start? who do you drop to allow for Van Dijk?
  12. Heard some sh*t today on Radio 5 about JT joining JM at manure in the summer, please tell me its bullsh*t. Im gutted hes leaving us but I hope he goes to china or the mls not another prem team
  13. Im sure Conte will give him minutes when he thinks the time is right. The boy is going nowhere, lets give him time to adapt.
  14. Hello everyone! Unfortunately with a new baby i have not had much fre time to come on the site, but luckily i have been able to watch a few games. first of all i would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a fantadtic new year, with us winning the league ;) i would like to make a comment on Conte. I wasnt 100% sold on him when we got him in the summer, but i am happy to admit that i was completely wrong, the guy is world class. not only are the players and the entire squad looking like world beaters, not only is our bench made up mostly of players brought through our youth system but he seems to be an absolute gentleman. i will always be grateful for JM first stint at the club as it really made us a force to deal with, but now when you hear Antonio and Jose talk in press conferences or after games i know we have the right guy in place. would love us to sign Naingolan with the Oscar money this transfer market and i am really looking forward to seeing what Conte can do with this squad. Love to all!
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