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  1. man on fire: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0328107/
  2. What doesn't Kill You - Ethan Hawke, Mark Ruffalo. cool!
  3. Thanks moi. Yes, Unforgiven was really cool. .. .. Steve McQueen, n Dustin Hoffman - Papillon! Amazing!
  4. Uh don't remember name. CLint Eastwood, Gene Heckman, Morgan Freeman.
  5. yeah, good robot, bad robot, fight, fight,blah, blah.. 1.5 max!
  6. wxwax I have seen Senna film. He was the best! and my last film is Limitless - Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro --------- awesome! Damn, I want that kind of pill :D
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWU7FxQIsoM replay, replay, replay.........
  8. Okay, I just watched another classic film called "ASSO" - Adriano Celentano. I think I'm enjoying his films more than his music. :))
  9. " Sleepy Hollow" - f**kin hell! It was quiet night and I was alone at home. Lights off. I'll never watch this film again and after that started watching Robert De Niro / Dakota Fanning - "Hide and Seek" Then relax :D Eddie Murphy's "Harlem Nights" and finished with the legend "the Good, the Bad and the Ugly". PS I must say, "to Yuma" is really really cool!
  10. Thanks fellas. I'll check 'em out later ;)
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