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  1. Give Barkley some time on the ball and he can do brilliant stuff, I often find he has the right ideas but poor execution, this one was perfect though.
  2. Will Timo win VAR Golden Boot again this season? Edit: does @Sidneyticketslev or @Gol15 have stats for disallowed goals since VAR introduction btw?
  3. Chelsea 4 - 1 Southampton 28' Timo (Lukaku if Timo is benched again)
  4. Remember when we actually had chances for Werner to miss? Glorious days.
  5. I guess we can all agree that Tommy must release Pulisic from his underprison dungeon now. 😅
  6. Get CHO on that left field instead of Ziyech... Stop that ball trapping, pass to rudiger or Alonso's right foot in the halfway line. Someoneeee
  7. Alonso's bright run of form is over. Time for Ben, TT
  8. After the Pool game people were praising how resilient and prepared this team was, and now after one lousy defeat against City we're suddenly just not ready to compete against them both. Come on, guys... We can surely take those pts back in the reverse fixtures, especially that 1 pt against Pool in which we played 11vs10 for a whole half. Btw, the one silver lining in what Sidney had posted about fixtures after Christmas is that we get rid of Pool, City and Spurs before the knockout rounds of CL, so no resting required. Yes, it will take major effort to lift the title (as it always does, no matter the pts difference between teams) and our upfront players gotta step up, but I do think we'll be pushing anyone to the title.
  9. And we just witnessed a poor game from both best players in the world 😅
  10. It says more about Ziyech than Saul at this point, which is quite weird seeing he got goals against City last season
  11. Slowly starting to play some football... Come on Alonso, hit that
  12. He was our only bright spark in the offensive side tbh... But we're lacking precision in the midfield areas (plus that Lukaku first touch which was very Werner and Romelu esque)
  13. Besides Kova being a bit careless, I don't think we're that bad at all. We're pressuring them at the right spots and we're 1 Kova run through the middle to get a nice opportunity. Timo is looking lively as well.
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