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  1. Most likely because Martinez isn't a deadly finisher as well, even though I like him and would consider signing him if Haaland or Lewa aren't really available. He's just a different kind of striker than what we're supposedly going after. A bit more similar to Leipzig's Werner, which is why he had a great season alongside the "true 9" Lukaku for Inter.
  2. Baba's touch is so poor, even last game when he got the assist he lost it there for a second. Finding Sarr a little bit raw so far, kinda off with his positioning and not really imposing physically. Chalobah's been the more impressive one.
  3. That way Partey intercepting a RLC pass for either Kova or Ziyech I think. On the other side it was Elneny who lost the ball for our chance. Loving Hudson-Odoi, causing them lots of problems. We probably won't see lots of it on the season since Chilwell won't be playing inverted, but it's a nice option to have.
  4. Plus 1 & 1 always makes 3, right? Right?!
  5. I believe the only one with a feesible chance to get a spot on the XI (most likely a 12th player) is RLC in place of Kovacic if he's now fully fit and ready to kick ass. Besides the 9 situation it's the only other place up to grab IMO. Jorgi and Kante are a lock, and Kova is a very reliable option just missing that final pass or shot, if RLC can bring back his runs from deep in the Sarri days we may well stop complaining about lack of numbers from midfield. Based on this game I'd keep Chalobah, Broja and RLC for the squad. I liked Rahman's directness as well, which was a bit of fresh air after Alonso impersonating Eden, although he seems a bit sloppy or reckless.
  6. Pretty sure Zooms was the one who took that photo! Right @Valerie? 😅
  7. Btw, if anyone's a bit disappointed and wanted Varane, this Kounde news appeared on the same day that United pretty much confirmed their deal, so it's possible that we were trying to negotiate with him but maybe we're unwilling to double his 170k/week wages like Utd is rumoured to do. I would love to give them Alonso or Emerson... Lets us keep Happy, please...
  8. His English was fine, it just didn't look like he meant any of his words 😅
  9. Mendy learned the triplets technique with Kante and stopped the sure goal
  10. Will we ever win a game with the new kit though?
  11. 🤣 Respect our captain! (It's a captain armband on Alonso's arm, right?) Who would've thought we'd live to see this day!
  12. 1st pic: Nah, he looks soft as a puppy. 2nd pic: Okay, he can impose himself, let's get him! Can't trust my judgement at all... 😅
  13. Honestly you could say that about every single transfer window for them and they're always not delivering somehow and having to repeat the cycle looking for the holy grail. Needed a CB, signed Baily, then signed Lindelof, then Maguire, then Varane, then... Needed a CM, resigned Pogba, signed Matic, then Fred, then Bruno, then Van den Beek, then... Though I'll admit it's the first time in ages I think they've got good deals for the money instead of overspending, let's see if the tenth time's the charm.
  14. Funnily enough, had this weird nightmare in which we were playing Arsenal (I think, can't really say for certain), losing 2-1 and in the last breath of the match JT flicked a ball to Eden who didn't hit with power and their GK saved it. Then woke up to this news. Hopefully he'll get a job with good chances of either staying in PL or promotion from the Championship.
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