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  1. Football is a funny little thing isn't it? Basically, whenever Moses stayed within our ranks we won a title. 😳
  2. They're all probably thinking "Damn, we could've been playing against that amazing blue team from London every single year, but now the dream is over... Curse you fans of football!"
  3. By that point he'll be using the posts to assist himself. He's THAT good 😎
  4. You mean "silKai"...? 😏 ... ... ... 😐 Okay, I'm leaving now. 😳
  5. I just love the smirk "You know I got your number, Pep" on Tommy's face. Leaving aside the trolls, can we start talking about how that fugly "3" logo is ruining all those lovely pics? 🥺 Or should we consider it as a lucky omen by now?
  6. Yeah and don't forget that lay off midair pass to Mason around the 60th min mark. That was awesome as well and should've ended with a goal. Edit: Gotta hate the media, here in Brazil ESPN's headline for Timo's words post game is "Werner takes aim at Lampard: We had few chances and now we're in the CL final". He didn't even mention Frank, and all he talked about was how the season was up and down, up and down so he didn't really expect to be in 2 finals. Is it always that bad in England (or whichever country you're from) as well?
  7. While his talent is undeniable, today I'm most thrilled about his fiery attitude, fighting Doritos, challenging players in the air just about everywhere on the field. He could miss every single shot (he did anyway) and still be player of the match due to his energy alone. Let's keep the blood flowing kiddo! 🔥
  8. I don't think Tuchel sees it as a problem, quite the contrary. Just like City's quadruple's quest, I believe this team as it is can finally start working towards it, which is kinda funny considering our last few seasons without coming close to challenge for the PL title. Having all those quality players available, sometimes from the get go, sometimes from the bench will be of the utmost importance. Maybe if they all had started tonight's match we could all be talking about how Eden & Benzema tore our 2 defenders apart and our subs didn't have the quality to change the game. If we do
  9. Do the bounce! (Couldn't find another Frank gif and "bounce" does lead to lots of Not Safe for Shared Bed GIFs)
  10. To be fair, who doesn't get the Bale treatment over there? I honestly don't get player's wish to be part of that whole Galactico farse. I hate Barca but being a Madrid player just seems like a major pain in the ass.
  11. He truly is Kovacic's other half.
  12. Is it just me or that assistant ref (our defence side right now) gets a thrill out of flagging offside? Never seen one with such a huge smile whenever he's asked to intervene 😅
  13. Yeah, I'd be willing to give anyone a chance, even on high wages, before spending 65m+ on Lukaku (and the same 200k wages), including spending it all on high quality protein bars for Tammy and Billy, and a new pet for Timo to regain some joy in his life.
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