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  1. I agree with the OP. If we're realistically going to stay in title contention we have to take all 18 points here. We could MAYBE get away with one draw. Man City and Liverpool are just that dominate that they are not going to drop many points. They will occasionally here and there but for the most part they are going to win the vast majority of their matches. We have to do the same thing to keep up. Honestly anything more than one draw and I'm pretty sure we're going to be going from playing for the title to playing for Champion's league qualification.
  2. And the second half is looking just like the first.
  3. I don't think we have even gotten 10 percent possession.
  4. Wonder what happened to James. It didn't seem that bad at first but they are taking him to the training room.
  5. City certainly seems a step faster across the board.
  6. I am too. If I was just a Pulisic fan I wouldn't watch today since he isn't playing.
  7. First American to have a major role at a big club. I am a proper fan of the team at this point but I started watching due to him.
  8. OMG guys. So the match starts at 7:30 am here and my 2 oldest kids wanted me to wake them up for the match. I figured when I actually woke them they would want to sleep. To my surprise they are up...
  9. He is a manage just coming off champions league win and has his club in first place in the EPL. If he didn't want to play him he doesn't have to hide it.
  10. So who starts in Mason's place? Werner or Ziyech? I am thinking Werner.
  11. Odds on Mendy being available for this match? Lukaku Havertz Mount Alonso - Kante - Kova - James Rudi - Christensen - Azpi Mendy
  12. Werner RLC Ziyech Chilly - Saul - Barkley - James Sarr - Trev - Christensen Kepa
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