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  1. Was not aware of that. I always sort of wondered how the kids end up on the youth teams. Sort of makes me curious about what the rules are when it comes to moving between youth teams. Are you free to just go play for whatever youth squad will take you up until the point in which you sign a contract with a club?
  2. Part of me wonders if he wasn't a childhood fan of Chelsea and that helped influence the decision to transfer to Chelsea. I mean he's an American growing up in Hersey, PA save for 1 year he spends in England. In that time he visits Chelsea and gets to see the locker room at age 6 and then later at age 11 secures a tryout with the Chelsea youth squad (although apparently didn't make it.) Then he transfers to Chelsea as a young adult. That doesn't seem like random chance. In any of those cases it seems like he could have visited other team's or tried out with other team's youth squads or transferred to another EPL team.
  3. There are pics of him at an even younger age apparently getting to see the Chelsea locker room. With his coach's jersey hanging behind him.
  4. I'm curious when this was taken, I know Pulisic spent a year in England and was on the youth squad for Brackley Town. I looked up Mount and it looked like he spent his entire youth career with Chelsea. I'm curious when they played together. Edit: NM I looked it up and apparently Pulisic had a 5 day trial with Chelsea back in the day. Crazy cause this photo was snapped a little over a month after my wedding. BTW the Ginger kid plays in the 8th tier. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8618955/Third-kid-alongside-Mason-Mount-Christian-Pulisic-Chelsea-Twitter-throwback-picture-revealed.html
  5. Everyone is impatient when it's injury news on an important starter.
  6. I was looking and all I could find in terms of time-frame is Pulisic saying that he would "be back in no time". I don't put much stock into that. One because athletes always give optimistic sounding replies to when they will be back and two because "no time" is not really well defined. I know hamstring issues tend to linger though especially if you push the athlete back out there before it's completely healed.
  7. So he's basically likely to miss September and should come available sometime in October or November depending on circumstances. Although if he re-injured the same muscle they may consider holding him out for longer.
  8. I saw a video from a doctor on this and he guessed 12 weeks. It's the off-season so he has time to recoup. Worst thing is that it may limit him with pre season training.
  9. So I wasn't able to find this onTV but I saw stuff on YouTube called matchday live. Is that a broadcast of the game following everyone talking?
  10. I've seen the Bodyguard on Netflix. I enjoyed that one too. Although I considered is more of a political thriller than a police show. But I can see the cross-over. I can probably get Luther, on one of the streaming services so I might try that one too. Any of these will probably take a while for me to watch though. Save for like the Bodyguard, my wife generally doesn't like these kinds of programs so I generally only watch something like that when she works nightshift which is about 3 days a month or I'm sick enough to warrant me staying in a recliner for long periods of time. Outside of that my wife and I try to watch stuff together. But it had occurred to me that I had watched Broadchurch, Sherlock and DCI Banks and I enjoyed all of those better than the offerings I've seen from the US. Broadchurch in particular was a great story and had an amazing cast.

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