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  1. With all the difficulties we've had at the #9 position I don't understand why Tuchel didn't give Giroud and Abraham more of a chance. Of course if we get Halland in than he should solidify the position for himself.
  2. Werner's goal that starts at 4:06 is one of the most impressive goals I've ever seen. Would love to see him get that finishing touch back. Mount's 2nd goal against Real Madrid was the most exciting of the season. I was listening in my car and yelled so loud I lost my voice for several days.
  3. Meh I would say that portion of the population is almost universally not soccer fans. That portion of our population tends to think soccer is some sort of communist plot. The talent level on the US team is a pretty mixed bag. A couple of starters are going to be playing 2nd division in Europe next year while you have starters who play a pretty good amount of time for teams like Juve, Barca, and Dortmund. Our starting keeper who was injured in the game is Man City's number 2 keeper. We're actually fairly strong in the attack except for our starting 9 who is terrible and
  4. It was originally not called but was reviewed and called after VAR review. It was the right call.
  5. Thing is that immigrants down generations start identifying more with their new country rather than the old. I don't know what the ceiling is, but I do know we are way better off than 30 years ago. Go look up the teams that the 1990 world cup squad played for. Most played for semi pro teams in the US that no longer exist, a few were still college players and a few played in some European 2nd divisions. In the 30 years since we have gone from that to a profitable MLS and a squad of players that is mostly European based with a few playing on the biggest clubs in Europe. Li
  6. Mexico/USA matches are always a ill tempered although this one was more than most. It is the biggest rivalry in the region because when looking at CONCACAF competitions, almost every single one is won by either Mexico or USA. It does not help that the US is always in effect playing away matches in this rivalry. Due to the number of immigrants from Mexico we have andthe lack of interest in soccer in much of the rest of the population even matches in the most northerly parts of the US usually have more fans for Mexico showing up than US fans.
  7. He had some really good passes that were not finished. Also his corners were spot on. 3 different corners lead to a shot on goal. One hit the woodwork and was finished by Reyna, and 2 led to really good saves by Mexico's keeper. It was a solid game before the penalty, but you are right that it wasn't a standout performance til then.
  8. Wow, Mexico drew a penalty which was saved by the number 2 keeper who was on due to injury too the number 1 keeper. Really entertaining match. Edit: USA wins 3 to 2.
  9. Pulisic scores for US in extra time. Was off a penalty that he created. If US can hold on it will be a game winner.
  10. I have learned not to fully trust these tranfer rumors. The native Brits here probably know the reliability of their media far better than we do.
  11. Not that great, the whole team barely got by Honduras with a goal from a sub in the 89th minute. The whole attack looked pretty disjointed really. That said Honduras was clearly playing for the draw. They were wasting tons of time. Apparently the rule in the semi final of the nation's league (but not the final for some reason) is that a draw goes straight to penalties with no extra time. They apparently felt their best chance to win was to take it to penalties. Either way US got the win, on to the finals.
  12. Ehh I'm not saying he's moving on or anything but I don't think you can read into that too much. Giroud was celebrating like crazy too and I've heard that he's already inked a deal to play in Italy. Abraham was also pretty happy and he seems to be #1 on our list of guys to sell. I think everyone was just excited that they could say they were part of a Champion's league winning squad. Even Kepa was excited and he's in the tough position of having been relegated to 2nd choice keeper.
  13. Make sure to post any highlight reel plays he makes in the Euros. I'll be focused on CONCACAF but I want to see all the Chelsea players do well . . . unless they happen to be playing the USA in the World Cup.
  14. When I started following Chelsea I was shocked at how easy it was to catch EPL matches over here. I don't know if Champion's league games (besides the final) are as easy to see because I'm always working during those games and I listen on my phone. Most annoying one is the FA cup. I don't get that on TV here, not even the final. But that kind of coverage was unthinkable in the '90's. So it's growing. But no you arn't going to wake up one day and have Champion's league or EPL discussions with your co-workers the way the NFL is discussed. (And for the record I'm
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