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  1. Could we get a player who will try to help Mason Mount win this game?
  2. Come on James, let the ball settle and actually take a good shot.
  3. Awful attacking, only shot really challenged the keeper.
  4. Those shots from outside the box are rarely worth it.
  5. Well he didn't ruin the win for us. Kept a clean sheet. Still glad to see that Mendy is going to be in goal.
  6. Wait what? Your cat has a favorite football team?
  7. Did someone make sure to slap Timo in the face before the half started?
  8. It's a fine final score but I'm not sure you can count a PL clean sheet from Kepa.
  9. Can we just have someone slap him in the face right before kickoff?
  10. Better get at least one more goal to make up for possible Kepa screw ups.
  11. I suppose it is better than nothing but these Chelsea announcers on this app suck. They chit chat more than they say what is going on.
  12. Well sucks to lose a substitute on Tammy going out but I personally perfer Giroud anyway.
  13. We have been discussing this. My chelsea app (I'm listening to the game because it's 3pm here and I'm at work) is saying that he is getting the start after his "Impressive showing against Barnsley" . . . AKA keeping a clean sheet against a mid tier Championship squad is now "impressive".
  14. Just listening to this game but the opening attack sounded good.
  15. Well for Kepa it's great. For Chelsea it could be awful.
  16. I would agree but no matter how you slice it, this seems like an unnecessary risk. Ceiling - Kepa is suddenly now everything Chelsea thought they were getting when they bought him. At that level Kepa is maybe a bit better than Mendy? Floor - Kepa gives up 2 boneheaded goals before halftime. Why roll the dice??
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