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  1. I believe the term football came up because it was a sport played on foot as opposed to on horse. So a lot of early sports were called football simply because they were not played on foot. Hence the reason why it's used in the names of Association Football, Rugby (Rugby Football Union), American Football, Canadian Football, Aussie Rules football etc etc etc. Soccer stuck here mainly because American football is also very popular.
  2. Bigger concern honestly is how many players we lose to injury.
  3. The ref missed the first pen call but since then he has been great.
  4. Is Reece James out of favor or something, I feel like we are better with Azpi at CB and James at Right Wing Back.
  5. Pull Rom, Weare up 2 nil. No sense in hurting his ankle worse
  6. Glad the ref found the balls to call the pen this time.
  7. If that was the case you would think they would have noticed it as a high ankle sprain from the start and not given such a short recovery window.
  8. Mendy and the damn post are looking like the top MOTM candidates
  9. They certainly look like they want this match more than us. Need to up the effort, they are not giving up and are not going to just let us cruise to a win.
  10. That is twice we have gotten lucky with the post.
  11. They said this was their first top flight football in 74 years and they are currently mid table. I hope they lose today but I have to root for them to do well overall and avoid relegation.
  12. I don't know how accurate the mirror is as a source but they are reporting that the new owners are not going to be dropping a huge ton of cash into the transfer budget. According to this it's 100 million quid over the next 4 years, so basically 25 million quid per year. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/newcastle-owners-transfer-spending-investment-25215345
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