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  1. Besides the mish*ts I feel like he's trying to outsmart everyone and not sticking to the basics. Maybe he does need a bit of a longer holiday. I'm missing Werner's movement, I'd definitely have started him.
  2. My god... We're playing at friendly intensity at best... So many loose passes and crossing
  3. I always say the problem with Jorgi's penalties is lack of variation. To me it just seems logical to stress out the keeper by making him always guess whether he'll do the hop or not. Am I insane for thinking that? I mean, if I had this thought then surely someone as savy as Jorginho could vision that.
  4. I'm not sure why and when it started, but since I was a child (I'm thirty now, so since the 90s at least) I've always seen the no. 17 associated with good dribblers. Here in Brazil it was always associated with Denilson (from Betis) whom I'm not sure many of you remember but was our spark & plug player of the bench on the 98 and 02 WCs. Cristiano Ronaldo and probably Quaresma (can't remember atm) also wore it when he started playing for Portugal. Just a few examples out of my head.
  5. Damn you @Valerie. My fall happened just like you predicted! Lpool 0 - 1 Chelsea 54' Lukaku
  6. Wish we get Dortmund and smash 80000000000k wages Haaland first-hand.
  7. Here's to hoping this will cause lots of upsets for our rivals 😎
  8. Ah, I wasn't really blaming him for anything tbh. I know Reece isn't the best cover out there, just felt like Azpi was a little bit off on a personal level, like someone who plays on a flu or lacking some sleep. Like Valpo said, there were some balls that went past him that Azpi himself looked a little bit surprised, one sec late to react... The 2nd half though proved to me that there wasn't anything to worry about him, no flu, no lack of sleep, aged legs or whatsoever haha keep it up, captain!
  9. I talked about Azpi being uncharacteristically slow to react or having heavy legs, but on the 2nd half he stepped up and absolutely dominated like usual. Great game which we all leave thinking should have gotten even more, but the early signs are pretty exciting.
  10. On the Saka booing, like many others I feel it's no problem at all, as long as it doesn't cross the line. Regardless of his age or overall quality, he's Arsenal star player, so if there's anyone we should be booing it's him. No point trying to destabilise Xhaka or a scrub like Holding (well, now we do have reason after that tackle).
  11. Anyone else feeling like Azpi seems to be on heavy legs? Not sure why, just doesn't seem 100% comfortable like he usually does.
  12. YEAH! Top of the table!! I'm gonna WIN this thing!! Is this how Le Arse fans feel every start of the season? 😅
  13. @DidierDrogbalala Did I ever tell how much I love ya? Thanks, mate! 😍
  14. Will go through the whole thread later but does anyone know where I can stream/download the full match? Want to feel a little bit of that atmosphere of the opening game of the season and just the highlights won't do it (unless it's the only option)
  15. I'm unable to watch the game, but so thrilled for Chalobah! Now let's keep it that way so I start the prediction game with a nice score 😎
  16. Always a freaking amazin player when he's up to it. Good for us it doesn't happen that often and let's hope he stays like that.
  17. He's not a unknown though, that's only for us fans who don't watch La Liga or Ligue 1 as he has played over 150+ games for Sevilla/Bordeaux. At 22, he's experienced as he can be already, just didn't have a hype run like De Ligt on the CL. If you're up for the dutch, then I believe you should be open for Kounde as well because they're just as good by the sounds of it. Hoping we settle quickly either on this deal or say we're sticking with Zooms and Chalobah because the season's started so let's stop that bs of transfer rumours clouding the minds of our players. Absolutely hate that the transfer window runs through the start of the season.
  18. Who wouldn't want to deal with this beauty? 😍 And also, how can someone with that fashion sense approve that fugly 3 logo on the front of our kit? Can we fund a Kickstarter and get rid of it?
  19. This thread should have a "abandon hope all ye who post here" warning the 1st time they come into it 😅 I like reading all the divergent opinions. Jorginho's skillset is truly intangible. I like him, can't avoid thinking we can improve on him, but also can't say for sure who would improve us a team (besides my Billy tinted glasses). Anyone who comes, regardless of the quality, would change the whole dynamic of the team and I wouldn't know if it's for the best.
  20. I said before I'd rather spend all that money on fitness/heading coaches and protein bars for Tammy + a new CB, but since it didn't happen, I'll leave my skepticism aside and support Lukaku all the way! Hope everything goes well for him and evidently for us! In TT we trust! Welcome back Lukaku! 💙
  21. Maybe he was asked to be a little bit more conservative than Alonso because he was covering newbie Chalobah. I do agree he wasn't at his best though. Whenever he's on the left he's eager to run at players (did a beautiful move against Arsenal I think playing as LWB), but on the right he seems too passive and just passes around to Ziyech/Chalobah waiting for the overlap on the wing... There's no movement towards the box like Alonso usually does so he's never a "surprise" for the defence. I still hope TT keeps trusting him though as long as we're winning, think he'll eventually become good enough with the confidence and experience as I don't think the loan move is on the cards right now and next season would be too late.
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