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  1. Fans at Norwich got praised by the police. That of course doesn't go down well with Dan Levene. I wonder if he ever heard of Pinocchio?
  2. I suspect that a lot of the tweets abusing Tammy could well be coming from overseas.
  3. I can't link the tweet, but I will be showing it to a solicitor's office on Monday.
  4. And of course, the paragon of virtue that is Car Park Collymore has charged in, claiming that anyone who's attended a match in the past 40 years is "facilitating racism". I'm giving serious thought to stopping by a solicitors' firm on my way home from work on Monday to make an enquiry. If the bloke who abused me at Winchester vs Moneyfields over the Paris incident says that he "wants a word", I'll insist that it's in the vicinity of the club chairman. An entire football team can vouch for my whereabouts for the Sterling incident; ditto with 1100 miles (the distance from Winchester to Budapest) for yesterday.
  5. Is this part of "Football Leaks"? If so, let's just skip to the part where the alleger is hiding from a criminal conviction in a cupboard in the Madagascan embassy. Also, if FIFA think they can punish me, however indirectly, for something I had no involvement in, they can f**k the f**king f**k off.
  6. In today's episode of "Seriously, what in the actual f**king f**k", it has been announced that next Tuesday Neville Southall will be giving his twitter account to the nappy fetish community. Yes, really.
  7. I'm calling it now. Mourinho won't last the season. He could well be gone by Christmas.
  8. Case Closed: The Phantom of Baker Street. Conan and his friends find themselves trapped in a VR simulation in which they must find and catch Jack the Ripper; or all of them will die. Sadly, this was the last Detective Conan film to be dubbed into English; in fact, it has not been dubbed into English since, although it does have English subtitles.
  9. Case Closed: The Time-Bombed skyscraper The first Detective Conan film, in which the teen-turned-child detective must solve a series of bombing attempts whilst concealing his identity from his girlfriend. The Fourteenth Target Conan has to solve a series of murder attempts (and murders) by a killer who leaves playing cards at the scene of the crime. The Last Wizard of the Century An attempt by a prolific thief (the "Phantom Thief Kid") to steal a faberge egg made for Tsar Nicholas II leads Conan into a mystery involving a descendent of the Russian Royal Family and a killer known as "The Scorpion" who shoots their victims in the right eye.
  10. Broken sake cups. Playing cards were in The Fourteenth Target.
  11. Case Closed: Countdown to Heaven The fifth Detective Conan film, featuring a series of murders and a bomb plot by a sinister organisation. I wish Studio Ghibli would make a Detective Conan film...

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