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  1. Lol was just about to post that, what a guy!
  2. Got to see him up close in Sydney last night and I'll just say I'm jealous of you folk that get to watch him every week in London. What an incredible player
  3. Anyone planning to catch the Indian super league? Anelka is playing tomorrow joined by Freddy ljungberg. There's some big names in the league except about 5-6 years to late hah Still should be interesting Quick run down of the names Atletico de Kolkata (part owned by atletico madrid) -Luis García -Josemi Chennaiyin FC -Marco Materazzi (player-manager) -Elano -Mikael Silvestre Delhi Dynamos -Alessandro del Piero FC Goa Manager: Zico -Robert Pires -Andre Santos Kerala Blasters -David James (player-manager) -Michael Chopra Mumbai City Manager: Peter Reid -Fredrik Ljung
  4. Melbourne City (formerly heart but they got bought by man city owners and rebranded this season) in the Australian a-league He looked good, set up David Villa for the equaliser and was up and down the wing,even doing his defensive duties
  5. Some of the talk in here reminds me of when a player is injured and they become this mythical beast of a footballer, you'd think Torres scored messi and Ronaldo levels of goals when he was at Liverpool and now he puts his boots on backwards for us(for those playing at home it was actually a bit over a goal every other game) I think the key is for the majority of us we'd only see Torres on the highlights and they aren't really gonna show how many he misses there(well not before the transfer anyway). I will say the one part that has annoyed me lately though, it's not that he isn't scoring the
  6. Champions of Europe!

  7. CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!!!!! Always doing things the hard way but I wouldn't have it any other way Cech is f**king superman, Drogba is a beast, Lamps has ice running through his veins when it comes to penalties I heard Tag Heuer are bringing out a new watch called the Ashley Cole in commemoration of his timing on tackles and blocks Mikel bossed the midfield defensively (Didn't score the winner though, that'll obviously come next year when we defend the title against Real) Nando who ran his heart out, won us the corner which lead to the goal when we thought all was loss, came to the big club
  8. Yea I saw that earlier as well They're saying it'd be Ryan on the left of midfield though, which is an interesting setup. Would offer alot of protection down that left flank (which is more robben's I think, even though they will switch) Either way it's 7:30am here and kickoff is in just over 21 hours... It's gonna be a loonggggg day
  9. Well hazard was apparently on French tv saying he'll be in the prem league next season and his agent was spotted at city v wolves.... So I think it was obviously a curve ball and he'll be playing championship with wolves next season :D
  10. Well it's been what, about 6 years now? And his been in some high pressure jobs to say the least
  11. Yeap penalties here we come Reals record in Europe is 1/2 while Bayern is 3/3 for whatever that's worth
  12. I've only seen the ET but man kaka has looked woeful this match (cue the goalazo from him)
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