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  1. Azpi should be definite keep, he’s one of the finest defenders in England. I’d like to keep Kovacic too, I think he has a lot more to offer than we’ve seen so far (some incredible flashes of brilliance driving forward).
  2. Those heartaches prove his point really. The team that won us our CL was nowhere near the best team in the world, yet several times when we were arguably the best team in the world we lost out.
  3. Feeling better about our chances after the great results today. Man Utd look dire, Arsenal are ridiculous and Spurs have the CL to distract them (plus being bottlers of course). Need to smash Burnley to build up that GD a bit, and then go to Manchester on a high. Need big performances from the lads until the end of the season.
  4. I reckon we had a really strong first half. First 10 minutes were worrying as we seemed to keep giving the ball away, but since then we’ve been excellent. Shame CHO has been pretty invisible, but that’s the risk of playing youngsters. Hopefully he’ll settle in a bit better in the second half.
  5. It annoyed me that we didn’t go for Piatiek. Seemed an obvious choice with little risk.
  6. How has he been badly managed? He’s 18 and has broken into the first team this season. At 18. Sarri was clear he needed to improve tactically and he has. Does anyone seriously think he should have just been handed an automatic start back in August over hugely experienced players who have been loyal servants of this club for years?
  7. Kentonio


    Really want Monchi from Sevilla. Apparently he’s an absolute star over there.
  8. Start of the season I (and many other people here) said I’d be more than happy with top 4 and some good cup runs. We’re still very much in the running for top 4, we came very close in the LC final, and we’re still in contention for the EL. What exactly are people moaning about? None of us expected to be challenging this year, and back in early pre-season it seemed like it was going to be a season of complete disaster.
  9. Really enjoyed tonight’s match. Great to see things working properly.
  10. I still think given time and some player changes, Sarri can turn us into an English version of his Napoli team. It’s obvious we’re not playing the way he wants us to yet, and it’s equally obvious that he’s a manager with massive tactical knowledge based on his previous teams. I’d have taken top 4 in a heartbeat after the mess of pre-season, and we’re fighting for it and also looking good in the EL. I don’t know what other fans were expecting, but this really isn’t some huge disappointment for me position wise. I do wish the players were adapting to his tactics faster, but I think there’s a couple of players basically holding that progress up, and I really hope we can get rid of (or at least postpone) that transfer ban so we can get rid of a few and bring in people he thinks fit his ideas better. I’m tired of changing manager every 5 minutes and I’m beyond tired of seeing the players downing tools when things get tough. It’s time for a new approach at Chelsea, and I reckon Sarri is as good a bet as anyone to bring it.
  11. If it had been most talented it’d be Eden, but greatest has to be between JT and Frank. Gave it to Frank by a whisker, although still not really decided. Both great for very different reasons.
  12. I thought them, Atletico and Barca all got done for the same thing as us, shenanigans regarding youth players. I read just now though that the chairman of the appeals board took over after the Spanish cases, so he might be trying to toughen up the system. It still seems wildly unfair to us though, and hopefully CAS will agree.
  13. Outrageous that the likes of Madrid can just have their bans postponed by appealing, but when we ask it's denied. I hope we take it to the court of sports arbitration and see what they say about there being one rule for one club and another for another.

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