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  1. We should do whatever is necessary to get Sarri to stay. He deserves another season, and we deserve to see the project develop. Sick of endless change.
  2. The punching was weird, but hopefully the coaches will drill that out of him.
  3. Yeah I think so, and I don’t mean that to disparage him in any way at all. We couldn’t bring in other players of the same level to achieve the same result, so now perhaps having the team more balanced might bring out the best in the others.
  4. We're the most successful team in England in recent years. If people want to laugh at our considerable success then they're more than welcome.
  5. No Rudiger, no RLC no CHO. We should still beat them, but its a cup game and anything can happen. If the players put in the effort and lose, c'est la vie. If they can't be arsed, then its just going to confirm my belief that some of our players need to leave immediately, not the coach. If they can't raise themselves for a european cup final, then they should feck off.
  6. Have you guys actually watched any women's football recently? I hadn't for years (and it was terrible back then), but then I saw the Champion's League semi between Lyon and City live last year, and frankly I was extremely surprised by how much better it is now than it used to be. It's not PL level yet, but I'd have put it at around Championship level. Crowds were huge, even the local men's ultras had turned up to lend their support, and there was a great vibe with a crowd full of kids wearing their favourite players shirts and screaming their heads off. It made me change my mind about women's football very quickly.
  7. Yeah it sucks that it'll only be before 6,000 fans in Baku. He deserved a bigger goodbye.
  8. Wow mate, you'd have loved being a Chels fan in the 80's..
  9. Who told you there is no top manager available? So who are they?
  10. What if there isn't a top manager available? What are the club supposed to do then? Hire someone who doesn't fit, just because the fans insist on a change? What happens when that new guy then fails, will fans be blaming themselves for unwisely demanding a change, or will they just blame the board for not finding the non-existent unicorn they wanted?
  11. This is the same faulty logic that made Brexit happen. You can't just demand a huge change, ignore it when people point out the vast problems with that change and then just insist its someone elses job to solve them.
  12. Neither can they according to some people who've examined their financials.
  13. Yup. If people had stuck with their expectations from before the season began, there would be a lot more happy people around now. I think it was that big unbeaten streak we had at the start (and Conte winning the title in his first season) that had some people fooled into thinking we should be title contenders this season. It was never realistically on the cards.
  14. A few comments from the CL final match thread of this very forum to stir your memory.. Any of this sound any different to the match threads from this year? The night we beat Bayern was one of the best football nights I've ever had, but let's not pretend we won it through some display of football genius. We won it because we got lucky that night, and it didn't matter a damn because many of the same players should have won several CL's before that and they deserved to finally lift that big bastard trophy and scream in the faces of the European giants who had treated us like upstarts until that night. This forum has been full of wailing and teeth gnashing this year, with people talking like its the end of days because a new manager hasn't turned us into the new Barcelona overnight. It's long past time that people remembered that there's been plenty of times when we didn't look like much before but still went on to have some of the greatest nights in the clubs history. Now can we just enjoy making it to another European trophy final, support the manager and the lads and have some fun again? Tomorrow will bring what it brings, but Chelsea will still be here regardless.
  15. Yes we were, we were terrible that year. Bayern were all over us and how we ended up winning is still nothing short of a miracle. But because we won, it’s all blue tinted glasses and a convenient forgetfulness about how poor we had been compared to the previous Chelsea teams that actually deserved to win it but didn’t. Yes we should have been more convincing against Frankfurt, but we’re in the final now and that’s what ultimately matters.

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