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  1. Surely you'd want a youngster competing on each side, so when the older players move on (maybe next season) the kids are already in place? Also then you can bring in the older heads for games when you need experience on a particular wing.
  2. Yeah, thought he was going to get sent off yesterday, but he balanced it beautifully. Nice change after watching Alonso lose his sh*t regularly in the past.
  3. I remember Pat Nevin absolutely raving about Bats at the time we bought him, saying he was one of the best young strikers in the world. Hopefully he can buckle down and start living up to that.
  4. Embarrassing at the back at times, but damn are we exciting going forward or what? Still lots of naivety out there which you’d expect from such a young team, but so much fun to watch. I was one of the camp who really wanted Sarri to stay, but couldn’t be happier with life under Frank so far.
  5. Jesus Christ, it’s the 2nd game of the season..
  6. That was always Cahill's big flaw to be honest.
  7. I think that's a good thing. It doesn't do these young players any good at all being lauded as the 'next big thing!' and having both tons of pressure put on them, and their egos stroked too early. Let's keep the hype down, and leave them wanting to work hard to prove a point.
  8. If it’s true that him and Willian are both super bothered about the number 10 shirt then they both need to grow up. At least with Callum he’s still a kid, Willian has no excuse.
  9. I always had a soft spot for Kenedy. Really exciting player on his day. Hopefully he can kick on this season and show us what he’s capable of.
  10. Apparently had blue highlights on his new white/gold boots as a tribute to Chels according to Nike. ?
  11. Same here. Also it puts him in the media spotlight more, which seems to have a slight effect on how loanees are perceived by the club.
  12. 12m according to this https://www.sportskeeda.com/football/robert-lewandowski-net-worth
  13. It's nice to see Frank back, but I can't say I ever felt like I lost the club in the first place.

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