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  1. I reckon 3rd the way things are going. Tough matches ahead but other than City I think we can get 3 points from them all. Expecting more slipups from Leicester too.
  2. Not sure if it's backtracking. They've made the threat clear and now want to calm things down and presumably give the clubs a chance to change direction before they hit the iceberg.
  3. If they're about to kick us out anyway, they could even sanction us now.
  4. f**king disgusted by this. Never been more ashamed of my club.
  5. It’s Messi so you couldn’t say no if there was even a chance, but realistically it’s going to be City if it’s England.
  6. Pedro immediately created a few openings after he came on. It was a good sub.
  7. We need to sort out the GK immediately, and hopefully the LB this window, but the CB's can wait quite honestly. Rudiger might have had a torrid few months but he was great before, and the likes of Christiensen and Zouma deserve a bit more time. No point trying to fix all the problems in one go, fix what's urgent and then see if the less immediate stuff continues to be a problem or just looked worse because of the bigger issues.
  8. Have to wonder if he’ll regret that when he’s in his 40’s and looking back. Footballers have such a short career window anyway.
  9. Just feels like they don’t want Liverpool to miss out on their first title in decades. Restarting isn’t going to deliver a fair set of results, and as people above have said it’s going to screw up the start of next season. They should just give the scousers a trophy to shut them up and wrap it all for the season.
  10. Except you can't recover in 2 days, there were people in China in hospital for weeks, all their symptoms gone, and yet still testing positive. It's a slow burn it seems.
  11. Fairly sure I have shoes older than him.
  12. That Zouma interception yesterday was sex on a stick. 🤩
  13. Surely you'd want a youngster competing on each side, so when the older players move on (maybe next season) the kids are already in place? Also then you can bring in the older heads for games when you need experience on a particular wing.
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