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  2. Convict & Marmite in the same sentence sums up Marmite perfectly.
  3. You're right Munkworth, I apologize - it's the single greatest invention in history
  4. Alright if we're talking about toast here, let's discuss how Vegemite is the best tasting spread in the Universe 😍
  5. Not sure Kepa did a whole lot wrong there, cross was mis-hit and he did well to keep the ball from crossing the line..
  6. face it lads and lasses, we are getting nothing from this ref today
  7. if we can take one thing away from tonight is that Jorginho should no longer be on penalty duty
  8. Reece has been poor today, then again they all have
  9. I love N'Golo but man he makes some silly challenges in bad areas at times. Two costly errors have resulted in two goals but what's worrying is how easily Arsenal have been able to glide past our players. We look like f**king training cones at the minute. We need to pull our fingers out in the second half and changes need to be made.
  10. Ffs Emerson!!!!! Why the f**k does he not put the ball out?!
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