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  1. Thanks Chief and my apologies, didn't realize the link was pay-to-view.
  2. Shiiiit... https://theathletic.com/1671855/2020/03/12/chelsea-coronavirus-training-cancelled-cobham/?amp
  3. Leicester players apparently... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/12/leicester-city-players-in-self-isolation-due-to-coronavirus-symptoms
  4. Thanks for the response Deino! I was actually holding off purchasing any match tickets until I was clear on what was happening. Thankfully, my flight tix are going to be fully refunded free of charge plus I was planning on staying with friends during my trip and hadn't booked any accommodation. My biggest concern was getting over there in April whilst this was all at its worse and not being able to attend any live games. Does anyone have any news on what is going to happen with the remaining fixtures? Crazy times..
  5. Bumping my post in the hopes of getting some clarity, should I stay at home my fellow Chelsea fans?... 🤔
  6. Meant to be in London for a month from mid April for a course. I was hoping to finally see my first live Chels game traveling from Perth, Australia - all this news surrounding Covid-19 is starting to make me think that seeing them play might not be a possibility.... shiiiiiiiiiit
  7. Ffs Emerson!!!!! Why the f**k does he not put the ball out?!
  8. I don't know what the instructions were for the 2nd half but f**k me we came out negative. I understand we need to protect our lead but we invited Brighton to attack and they took our invitation with both hands. If it weren't for Kepa we'd be walking away with 0 points today. We need to start killing off games.
  9. He needs some help, Kanté has been the biggest let down. Mate, he's found a Brighton shirt more often than our own today
  10. Holy sh*t!!!! I had no shirt to take off so the pants are no more!!!!
  11. My apologies I should have made myself clear, is he/she available in the Transfer Market?

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