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  1. Problem is that he's not wearing a Blue shirt anymore...
  2. Just read that Kante felt a niggle in his hamstring yesterday so Lamps obv doesn't want to risk him, hopefully it's nothing too serious
  3. I think we'll see the following line-up: Kepa Dave - Zouma - Tomori - Alonso Kante - Jorgi - Kovacic Willian - Tammy - Mount With CHO to make an appearance along with James (possibly) and either Bats or Pulisic... depending on how the game pans out.
  4. I think Mount will be involved, mate. He was rested midweek - massive opportunity to pick up the 3 points against a Brighton team riddled with injuries at the moment. I think we'll play our strongest available 11 to get the job done.
  5. This - 100% this. We can't (and under Lamps I don't think we will) go into this thinking that the game has already been won. As ozboy said, a mixture of youth and a few senior players should hopefully do the trick! We're still chasing our first home win under Lamps and I think that'll be playing on his mind. Go out there tonight with a killer instinct and get the job done by half-time, then we can rest some of the key players... If they have been selected of course.
  6. He's looked immense so far! I'm surprised how quickly he's been able to adapt to the Premier League. I was a little worried that he might not be able to adjust to the physicality of the EPL as he's not the biggest player on the pitch, but the way he's able to shift his weight on the ball and bounce off of players is incredible. There have been times where he has gone quiet during the game which is to be expected for a player of his age but his closing down, decision making, first touch, and confidence on the ball has been unreal - looks as if he has been playing in the Premier League for years! I love the fact that we have the likes of Tammy, RLC, Reece James, CHO, all showing their talent but man am I excited for this kid!
  7. Just curious, where should Mount have put his leg??...
  8. Just watched Coquelin's tackle on Mount... how is that not a straight red? I swear we keep getting f**ked over by the VAR, why even have it if they aren't going to review tackles like this??

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