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  1. Raven8er

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    THIS! Out of the "Top 6" actually, f**k that!, I'd go as far as saying "Top 10" clubs - we look defensively suspect out of the lot! Jorginho is now targeted every game because everyone knows how much of a liability he is, Alonso can't defend to save his life, Luiz - as much as I love him, he is is too up and down for me, and Dave has been out of form for awhile now. Couple all of that with Kante being played out of position, Barkley and Kovacic really not up to standard, Haz has one foot in Madrid, a past-it Higuain, and Willian and Pedro both stealing a living it's fair to say that Sarri has his hands full and a bloody big job to turn things around. Surely he can see that what he is trying to implement is not working, so is it 1. "Sarriball" just doesn't cut it in the EPL? (especially now that teams have found us out) or 2. Sarri just doesn't have the squad to make it all work? If it's either of those 2 answers, surely you tweak and change things to play with what you have rather than sending the same f**king team out every week just to be played off of the park. Utilise what you have now by changing the system (even if it meant a slight change) then build what you are trying to implement with a proper pre-season and a proper transfer window (granted he is still around and the Board are willing to spend of course)
  2. Kante summoning his inner Xavi
  3. Reports ealier that Rudi was out with a knee injury, he's not been dropped.
  4. Raven8er

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Don't forget his stint/vacation at Perth Glory! Didn't he threaten to get sent off and score own goals if the club didn't accept his request?... I can see a defender like Gallas doing that - being that he plays in defence, but CHO plays forward... Imagine a mazy CHO run from up front, megs Kante, rounds Kepa, back of the net Not that I'd ever think CHO would sink that low of course haha
  5. Raven8er

    Alvaro Morata

    THIS - I'm with you Spiller, I also believed he was going to go on and lead our line for years to come, but I just don't think he has the right mentality to be a club's leading forward... He was a bit-part player at Juve & Real and would tend to make his impact coming off of the bench. Chelsea were really the first club to trust him in being their number one striker, and as the games went on - it became pretty evident that he wasn't up to the task. Thing is, I don't think he is as bad a striker as he shows, I honestly believe his attitude on the pitch is his biggest downfall, soon as something doesn't go his way - his head drops. Hopefully he can go on and do good things at Atletico and we can possibly offload him for a decent price. I'll remember some of the limited things he did right for us, especially that header against Utd. Cheers Alvaro
  6. Raven8er

    Alvaro Morata

  7. Raven8er

    In case you were wondering.....

    scored a few crackers for us, too!
  8. Not denying his ability, just looks like his body language is a bit off...
  9. is it just me or has Haz looked a bit disinterested in the last few games?..
  10. CHO is a gun, Sarri should def start him in the next few games...
  11. that was all CHO, well in Morata
  12. http://bankai.stream/rnaw1.php
  13. f**k this ref, calls for a slight nudge by Morata but we get f**k all for getting dragged back