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  1. Massive result for Rangers tonight however if they go in with that attitude in defense for the next game they'll get found out. That defence has been shocking in the last two European outings. However they outgunned Antwerp in the end and deserve to go through it is a massive achievement for the club. The guy who is probably feeling it the most tonight is young Paterson. Last week he was caught up in the covid scandal and there were a few demanding he be canned. But tonight he got his chance after the break and it took him under 30 seconds to blow the opposition wide open with a superb g
  2. That man's DNA should be bottled for science and the advancement of mankind.
  3. By the time we're done with this mob the only thing we should be able to see is a pair of legs and a set of eyeballs sticking out from the bottom of the casting couch, we really need to get one of these teams shagged to boost the morale and get that all important feel good factor going.
  4. This team are a little too loose with their hands. Next person to hit one of our guys in the face should be scissored by big Giroud.
  5. SILKYYYYYYYYYYYY Vintage one touch finish from the big man.
  6. 28 year old who looks like a 49 year old truck driver.
  7. Not gonna lie, I've got the beginnings of a semi for this one.
  8. Ryan Jack with a downright thunderbolt of volley into the Killie net. I've always felt Jack would do well in England if his knees weren't so dodgy.
  9. Our goalie has the constant facial expression of a guy who always got picked last for the team at P.E.
  10. Not going to lie, my nuts receded before that clearance
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