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  1. Not gonna lie, I've got a semi for the upcoming Tavernier / Patterson combo down the right. The left wings of the entire SPL will need a year long supply of lube.
  2. God am going to miss the big handsome bastard. If I came home after a 12 hour shift and found him in bed with the wife ( even tho am no married ) I'd apologise and leave.
  3. I remember saying something similar years and years ago about Blur's song 2. Blur did in 2 minutes what Oasis couldn't do in an entire album. Fitting when you think about who support who tonight. But anyways, I can't get over tonight. It's a nice way to end the season after everything that's gone on in 2020. The super league etc. Who want's to be anywhere else other than the top of the mountain with Chelsea? What a magical night and a brilliant achievement. Being stuck up in Scotland I feel detached at times but I swear I can feel the energy from here. I think it's time I hit the hay, it's been a hell of a night,
  4. This is probably one of my favorite pictures from modern football. Captain James Tavernier's journey has been a odyssey of epic proportions. Attacked by fans after losing finals during a pitch invasion, confronted by opposition fans throughout his career. Branded a perennial loser from football fans and the media alike. A Captain without a trophy etc. Rangers fans would probably admit to saying he wasn't Rangers class not so long ago during his dark spell after taking a monumental amount of abuse from all corners. But yesterday, during a pandemic that was breaking a lot of peoples mental strength, Captain James Tavernier walks across red white and blue confetti with the big one in hand, wearing one of the heaviest shirts in the team. Picture says a thousand words. A trophy hard fought and well earned. Rangers legend right there. Said it before I'll say it again, you put three lions on his chest and he'll prove his worth.
  5. f**kin party tiiiiime wooooohoooooo! Today marks the end of a ten year journey from the depths of Scottish......World football by returning to the throne. I can't move for the scene of red white and blue. All thoughts and opinions about Steven Gerrard aside, the man has taken that fire and determination from his days in Liverpool and had it pummelled and refined by Govan's most beloved. There is a mindset at Rangers, a way of doing things and a way of acting Being. He's been nothing short of a gentleman and a class act from the minute he arrived up here. First number he took was the media and the absolute drivelling hacks pretending to be journalists. Once he taught them a badly needed lesson he went about studying, observing, learning and adapting. The end result is legendary. Looking at the trajectory, by the time he hits his 50's he will be one of the most respected managers in world football. How he handles himself is nothing but class. The key, is standing by him. He needs time and in time he delivered. Gotta admit, having lived up here for the last ten years looking at snp flags being flown everywhere, my soul is smiling at the sheer volume of Union flags flying everywhere. Heart is beating a little harder, lungs taking in a little more air, standing a little taller. Today, is magic. Title 55 secure.
  6. To be fair, Michael has loads of f**k you money, so he can say whatever he wants without worrying about the bills.
  7. That is my half time tipple my good man. I actually arsed a bottle of red leg earlier this week. Fantastic stuff.
  8. Got ma 100% cotton throw round me on the sofa with ma cats, a bowl of chicken tikka masala and a tall glass of iced Irn Bru waiting for Chelsea to come on the telly! Life, it's faaaaaantastic! 2-1 Chelsea.
  9. Coming home to find Chelsea 1-0 up is like coming home to find the wife waiting on the bed in lingerie and she's giving you the eyes. I'm well up for this.
  10. Sexy football, sexy goals and 3pts smashed through the mattress today. It's how it should be during a Chelsea match. Loving life today.
  11. At the end of the day, A.Madrid shat the bed. Simeone is a spent force, they need fresh ideas over there, a different face and a change of voice. We were quiet and composed tonight, focused, professional... we got the job done. Giroud didn't even have to put his mirror back in his bag and tie his laces.
  12. I'd very much appreciate it if the gentlemen today could stuff Leeds back into their lockers. 3-1 Chelsea.
  13. Massive result for Rangers tonight however if they go in with that attitude in defense for the next game they'll get found out. That defence has been shocking in the last two European outings. However they outgunned Antwerp in the end and deserve to go through it is a massive achievement for the club. The guy who is probably feeling it the most tonight is young Paterson. Last week he was caught up in the covid scandal and there were a few demanding he be canned. But tonight he got his chance after the break and it took him under 30 seconds to blow the opposition wide open with a superb goal. There are shades of 08 in this Rangers side and maybe, just maybe they can go the whole way but the defense....dearie me. Brilliant result tonight and hats off to Morelos for his sportsmanship with the boy who pulled up with the hamstring. Back to business in the league next so get it done Rangers.
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