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  1. I watched it a lot 20 years ago or thereabouts (when it was popular in Australia), and I still revisit it every once in a while. You must be from a country where Dragon Ball was more popular. I only saw a little bit of Dragon Ball because it was on cable TV here rather than free-to-air (unlike DBZ). @Scott Harris would confirm that DBZ was far more popular in the Anglosphere than DB was.
  2. Maybe he meant that Frank didn't seem to be able to demoralise the opposition with his moaning, because that's what that poster would probably have been doing if he was in Frank's position,
  3. Wow, when I last turned in, it was half-time. From what I could tell, we struggled to break down a well-drilled defensive line? So what happened? Did some of Kai's positional magic open up space for someone? Did Werner win another of his penalties using that electrifying acceleration he has? Is Ben Chilwell suddenly a quicker, more agile Marcos Alonso? So many questions, not all of them good, and so possibly not all of them can be answered properly! Jokes aside, can't argue with 4-0! KEEP SMASHING THAT CRYSTAL!
  4. If the PL really wanted to gift Liverpool their PL title then they would have just done what the Belgian Pro League did - cancel the season early and award the runaway leaders (Club Brugge) the title. It's pretty obvious that the real reason why the season was completed was because of non-football related factors (i.e. broadcasting/sponsorship).
  5. For mine Zappacosta embodies the Chelsea squad player: he puts in an honest shift and doesn't disgrace himself when he plays, but his overall output falls short of the expectations that we place on our first-teamers. But in the midst of all that mediocrity are bound to exist one or two glorious moments that sear into your conscious. I'll never forget that goal against Qarabag - it might have been a happy accident, much as Zappacosta probably regards his time at Chelsea as being a happy accident, but wow, what a strike! I hope he does well at Genoa. They would want him to, given how
  6. I thought his debut was average, but not really awful. He showed some good movement at times, but the 4-2-2-2 requires more defensive ability from the 2 AM's than he actually has. His work rate and defensive acumen are the weakest parts of his game, and it showed. He almost conceded a goal because he was watching the ball rather than Lewis Dunk.
  7. Unfortunately I couldn't watch this game live, but the highlights gave me the following impressions: - Our performance wasn't great. Frank's decision to use a 4-2-2-2 was clearly influenced by Leipzig and thus designed to help Werner acclimatise. Werner himself did looks good, as others have said. He's obviously rapid, but he also showed good movement to stretch Brighton's defence throughout the game and good anticipation to latch on to that pass from Jorginho and win the penalty. However, there were other issues with the formation. Mount did well because the attacking midfielders i
  8. Arsenal has improved defensively, but I don't think they create nearly enough, and over the long run Willian will not be the creator that they need.
  9. Apparently he might have gone and changed his mind. Part of me thinks, "What a soft cock! All that drama for nothing!" Another part of me sympathises with the man who faced the prospect of leaving his childhood club. Another part is relieved that he won't power up Man City. Another part is mildly peeved because I don't like Barcelona.
  10. Obviously his father is his agent. I don't see any evidence that Messi is willing to drop this matter, and while the Barcelona board are drooling nitwits, it would IMO take a special kind of drooling nitwit to potentially let Lionel Messi go on a free.
  11. Even Fernandinho isn't that germane to this discussion because in his Shakhtar/early Man City days he was less of a box-to-box midfielder in the Essien/Kante mould and more of an all-round midfielder - to be sure, there were aspects of a ball-winning/box-to-box midfielder there, but he also functioned as a bit of a regista, in that his passing was (and remains) very good and he had just enough vision to bring the ball out from the back and properly distribute it. That was never true of Essien or Kante.
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