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  1. Most of those shots would have come during that initial 20 min period.
  2. Well, looking at the match highlights, it seemed that Chelsea were not creating chances like they did initially - instead, they mostly seemed content enough to sit back and try to preserve the 1-0 lead. I figured that this was down to the energy expended in the previous game. I was asleep so unfortunately couldn't see the full match. Timezone's a bitch. EDIT: Plus, looking at the stats, it's obvious that we got enough shots on target to get more than 1 goal on another day. But Leicester capitalised better on their chances.
  3. My impression is that we got a whole bunch of chances, mostly didn't capitalise, sat back and concededone off a set piece. Not too surprised - the Super League exertions would have worn the players down and we would have been fodder for counters (just like the last fixture at SB). The aerial presence of Cahill/Terry could have been useful, but no point harking back to the past. At least we're off the mark, with players seemingly learning and improving all the time. Zouma was impressive. Azpi needs to be rotated, with a view for pensioning him off.
  4. Shows that much of the problem against Man U revolved around the depleted nature of the side, plus maybe the defence not having gelled properly. Early nerves could also have played a factor. A very impressive performance against an objectively stronger side.
  5. This is like the Bournemouth game earlier this year. We created enough chances, but couldn't finish and eventually the opposition simply picked us off on the counter-attack. I would say that Frank was naive in being so open and attacking at OT, but our side was so depleted that there probably wasn't that much he could have done bar park the bus and try and score a fluke goal. I won't judge just yet, not with some of our best players out, but if after 5-10 games our form line resembles that of 2015/16, I will start getting worried.
  6. We've played better than I feared we would, but we need some incision.
  7. Utter incompetence by the FA then.
  8. I have real reservations about his return, but at the end of the day he is, and always will be, a Chelsea legend, so naturally I wish him the very best.
  9. This is Chelsea Football Club. Even when we seem to be mired in dysfunction, we usually somehow jag a trophy.
  10. Well, we all know that Tottenham fans don't measure success in terms of winning trophies. If they did, Tottenham wouldn't have a fanbase!
  11. If we bring back Mou, or even recruit Allegri, then it shows that our apparent aspiration to play possession-oriented football was just a shallow conceit, to be discarded at the first sign of difficulty. Anyway, if the board aren't moving heaven and earth to keep Sarri on board, then they deserve all the criticism they've received. I mean, what evidence is there that Frank/Gracia are remotely equipped to manage a Top 4 PL club? If Sarri was to leave of his own accord, I'd take a punt on Blanc. He's spent more time managing top sides than Frank/Gracia and his style is IMO more possession-oriented than Allegri's, so closer to our putative vision.
  12. I reckon Liverpool might have too many games to best City in the PL next time around.

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