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  1. That first goal from Eden Hazard was Maradona-esque, insofar as he glided through half the West Ham side like they weren't even there. We're gonna miss him when he's gone, that's for certain.
  2. Our most fortunate win since the game against Wigan in 2011/12, probably. I doubt this win impressed anyone.
  3. Who should they appoint? Someone like Blanc? Maybe a manager that is good at integrating youth into the side would be a good start. @ForeverCarefree, I've been critical of appointing the man for a CL/PL winning club because his defences leak goals like a sieve, but if we're going to not be playing European football next season and need someone to integrate youth players while playing attacking possession-based football, someone like Howe would not be the worst idea. Sarri's sojourn has shown that knowing the league does still matter somewhat. However, I wouldn't back Howe to handle European competition.
  4. This is like watching Liverpool's decline at the turn of the decade.
  5. 100% predictable. Same god-damn Groundhog Day.
  6. For the first time in a millennia, I've enjoyed watching the Brisbane Lions (who were winning AFL Premierships during the late Bates/early Roman years) more than Chelsea ATM.
  7. If we don't win this game, you'd have to ask yourself if, despite the promise of his style, whether Sarri's squad management and overly predictable tactics make him the right man to manage us going forward. Mind, I had reservations about him after the 0-6 game against Man City. You don't normally come back from defeats like that in my experience.
  8. Even at the start of the season, there wasn't a lot whole of flair to his play. His job has always been to dictate the tempo, so he doesn't wow fans with long-range Hollywood passes very often (which TBF I would like him to execute a little more often for variety and because I do think he is capable of it) or long-range strikes, nor does he have Kante's energy or defensive abilities.
  9. The one weakness that Liverpool have is IMO with regards to midfield creativity. I'm not sure that they have enough to consistently break down sturdy defences and it's beginning to show with the number of draws that they're picking up.
  10. Good show of character after recent debacles.
  11. Be careful what you wish for. I'm not sure what the answer is to be honest (hence why I declined to give a serious vote) but the next Brendan Rodgers IMO isn't it.
  12. I have had difficulty defending Sarri after the past few weeks and IMO we have finally reached the point of no return. This feels like AVB at Tottenham - potentially getting sacked after repeated humiliations by Top 4 opponents. The problem is that I get the feeling any interim manager would just stabilise the side (so maybe coming 6th) before we wind up back to square one in the off-season, with a squad that with the exception of two players (one of which may be gone shortly) lacks world-class talent.
  13. By rights this should just be cancelled for this fixture, unless we want to be ironic.
  14. AVB at Tottenham, more specifically. I've tried to defend Sarri, but I'm not sure there's any coming back from this sort of result.
  15. Sarri shares at least some of the blame for our recent displays, but the 2016-17 win was in large part down to Conte catching the opposition out with a 3-man formation. At any rate, one of the key architects of that win (Costa) has since departed.

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