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  1. DaRick

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Be careful what you wish for. I'm not sure what the answer is to be honest (hence why I declined to give a serious vote) but the next Brendan Rodgers IMO isn't it.
  2. DaRick

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I have had difficulty defending Sarri after the past few weeks and IMO we have finally reached the point of no return. This feels like AVB at Tottenham - potentially getting sacked after repeated humiliations by Top 4 opponents. The problem is that I get the feeling any interim manager would just stabilise the side (so maybe coming 6th) before we wind up back to square one in the off-season, with a squad that with the exception of two players (one of which may be gone shortly) lacks world-class talent.
  3. By rights this should just be cancelled for this fixture, unless we want to be ironic.
  4. AVB at Tottenham, more specifically. I've tried to defend Sarri, but I'm not sure there's any coming back from this sort of result.
  5. Sarri shares at least some of the blame for our recent displays, but the 2016-17 win was in large part down to Conte catching the opposition out with a 3-man formation. At any rate, one of the key architects of that win (Costa) has since departed.
  6. The thing that is most bothersome for me is how we've capitulated during the second half of the past two seasons - it's almost like the players lack the mentality/fitness to play competently for more than half a season. Fixture pileup has had a large part to do with this too. With hindsight, I wouldn't have minded getting eliminated from the LC early if nothing else.
  7. This is shaping up to be worse than Bournemouth. The worst thing is that if Sarri does get sacked after this game and someone like (say) Guus comes in, I think that he would at best merely stabilise the ship and we'd be back to square one in the summer, with a squad that really looks like a mishmash of styles (Mou, Conte, Sarri) and which is not exactly chock full of world-class personnel.
  8. DaRick

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    The mental issues IMO are down to one (or maybe more than one) of three things: 1) Sarri isn't a particularly strong motivator. 2) The squad as a whole isn't very determined. 3) Azpi doesn't have the ability to motivate/inspire/marshal his charges when the team is against the wall in the way that JT once could.
  9. An utter disaster. This is the worst PL result I can actually recall in recent memory (whether it's the worst performance is debatable). Worse than the hideous 0-3 and 1-4 last season. I do think that fixture pile-up was a factor because our performance against Tottenham was much better, plus I've been doubtful about this squad's ability to handle playing 3 games a week, but every poor performance like this one lends fuel to Sarri's detractors and brings him closer to AVB/Scolari territory - playing poor football with no real sign of progression.
  10. DaRick

    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    I was pleasantly surprised with his game against Tottenham. I'm still unsure about his defensive ability, but he provided genuine width and dynamism on the left, rather than just languidly cutting in like Alonso did.
  11. DaRick

    Gonzalo Higuain

    Piatek's a great finisher, but his technique/passing isn't very good - I'm doubtful that he would have suited Sarri's vision. Plus Genoa would probably have made us pay through the nose.
  12. DaRick

    Krzysztof Piatek (Genoa)

    Yeah, he's a really good finisher. My main concern with him relates to his technique. Unlike Higuain he doesn't seem to be a very good passer and his ball control seems rudimentary so I'm not sure that he would fit Sarri-ball anyway.
  13. As disappointing as Morata was, Torres still 'wins' this little contest. His CL/EL heroics IMO don't overshadow his abject failure in the PL. Plus heaven knows how much 50 million pounds in 2011 was worth by 2017.
  14. DaRick

    Alvaro Morata

    Yes, he was mostly a deep-lying playmaker who covered for Kante's forward forays. However, Kante would return the favour whenever Drinkwater advanced.