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  1. Well, we all know that Tottenham fans don't measure success in terms of winning trophies. If they did, Tottenham wouldn't have a fanbase!
  2. If we bring back Mou, or even recruit Allegri, then it shows that our apparent aspiration to play possession-oriented football was just a shallow conceit, to be discarded at the first sign of difficulty. Anyway, if the board aren't moving heaven and earth to keep Sarri on board, then they deserve all the criticism they've received. I mean, what evidence is there that Frank/Gracia are remotely equipped to manage a Top 4 PL club? If Sarri was to leave of his own accord, I'd take a punt on Blanc. He's spent more time managing top sides than Frank/Gracia and his style is IMO more possession-oriented than Allegri's, so closer to our putative vision.
  3. I reckon Liverpool might have too many games to best City in the PL next time around.
  4. RE Reyes, very saddening to hear. He was a talented winger. Need to remind everyone to appreciate life while they can, because you may not have it for as long as you think.
  5. Well, it does provide a useful source of toilet paper. Not to mention kindling!
  6. Eden Hazard and Gianfranco Zola have now both played for Chelsea for 7 years, so I think that it's now fair to group them together as being Chelsea legends. Hazard's final act: Winning the EL. Zola's final act: Getting us into Top 4, persuading Roman to buy us and thus changing the club forever, plus making an ass out of half of Liverpool's side. Hazard highlights: - Incredible goals versus Sparta Prague/Bayern Munich/Tottenham/Everton/Arsenal/West Ham - the last two in particular would have made Maradona stand and applaud - Hat-tricks versus Newcastle/Cardiff - Double-figures in goal tally in every season bar 2015/16 (when almost the entire squad was sub-par or worse) - Getting us into the 2018/19 CL places with limited support, plus carrying the side during the second half of 2014/15 Truly deserves to be a Chelsea institution, and quite possibly we will never be able to replace him. Far thee well, oh great one.
  7. See, I told you guys that Sarri's bare trophy cupboard was a question of opportunity, not ability. 😛 I'm glad that he's stuck it up the haters.
  8. A thoroughly dominant display, particularly in the second half. That display would have to be one of Hazard's most dominant in a final, while Giroud impressed me as well. His deftly taken header reflected his natural strengths. If Hazard is leaving, it is perhaps fitting that he goes out as a winner, like he always has been. We'll miss you Eden. 😥 Happy for Sarri that he's gotten the 'never won a trophy' stigma off his back. With him I always knew that it was a question of opportunity in that regard, not ability. As for Arsenal, I'm surprised that they didn't bring their A-game for this. Emery knows how to win the EL, plus they had far more riding on this game than we did - yet their defence in the second half was porous and their attack was mostly MIA. Certainly a mentality problem at that club, not helped by players like No-Zil typically going AWOL when the pressure's on. TBH, although they've been a bit better in the PL this season, I'm not sure that Emery is the man to fix those issues in light of his inconsistent league record. Anyway:
  9. Villanova (RIP) relied a great deal on Messi and benefited from Mou suffering third-season syndrome. Pep we've already discussed. True enough, though Serie A is not the PL. Although Serie A is a tactician's wet dream, the standards of the PL are more exacting. Additionally, Serie A was not so top-heavy when Conte took over Juventus (AC Milan/Inter back then would be fighting for Top 4 in today's PL), so it would have been much easier to win the Scudetto outright, never mind make the CL places. Also, 1 season in the top-flight is more than Frank has enjoyed. True, though IMO it probably shouldn't be. Unless we have no better options, I think we are setting Frank up for a fall.
  10. You're not the first person to compare Pep with Frank, but Pep inherited a more talented (albeit underperforming) side than Frank will and unlike Frank, he was already working within the club when he took Barcelona's managerial position, so he would have had a greater knowledge of the side he was inheriting. Beyond that though, is there anyone who went straight from being a successful Championship manager to being a successful Top 4 PL manager? I can't think of anyone, at least not in recent history. RDM is an example of someone who struggled to make the transition, for example, and his West Brom side were quite attractive to watch as far as promoted PL sides went.
  11. I can't fathom why you'd risk an injury-prone player on a poor pitch with no stakes? I assume (well, hope anyway) that Sarri did it under duress.
  12. Sacking Hughton was IMO a 50/50 proposition. On the one hand, I don't rate Brighton's side all that highly. On paper IMO they were good for around 16th place. On the other hand, he finished with a dismal 3 wins in 23 and had no idea how to actually get anything out of his attackers (except Glenn Murray). For example, Jahanbakhsh was an inside forward at AZ but Hughton used him as a winger, which nullified much of his goal threat. Also, he contributed to buying players that apparently didn't really suit his style of play (Locadia). It seemed that Brighton were slowly declining and he might well have relegated them had he stayed for the next season.

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