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  1. DaRick

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    The weird thing about him at Chelsea is that he could play well against the top sides (maybe due to the formation, but still) and yet bomb against almost everyone else. Still, he's managed to piece together a few good performances so I hope for his sake that he enjoys a lasting run of form.
  2. DaRick

    Following our ex`s...

    Joe Cole has retired... https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2018/11/13/18090954/chelsea-legend-joe-cole-one-of-our-own-retires-after-20-year-playing-career For nostalgia's sake... The two I remember, even without watching this video, are that absurd backheel against Man U at Old Trafford and that goal he scored at Stamford Bridge where he received the ball with his back to goal, then turned around, beat two players with a mazy run and dispatched the ball past van der Sar. Those two moments signified what he brought to the table more than anything else - flair and technical ability.
  3. I disagree with most of this. My responses are in bold.
  4. I don't contest that Pep is a very fine manager and that his sides can play some incredible football. Upon reflection, I will also give Pep credit for learning to be a bit more pragmatic with the keeping of time. He did change his side's approach in response to Liverpool, for example. However, I maintain that his general style, high-pressing tiki-taka, requires such skill and stamina to pull off across a season that he can struggle to get the best out of his personnel where his side isn't clearly the strongest in the league. His travails during his first season in the PL (2016/17), with a squad that was flawed but nonetheless IMO weak favourites to win the league, is a case in point. Some will point to his 2008/09 Barcelona side, but while he deserves credit for bringing in Alves/Keita/Pique and removing Deco/Ronaldinho, he also benefited from a dysfunctional league challenger in Real Madrid, a fully fit Eto'o, plus Messi/Iniesta beginning to peak both physically and in terms of performance. He is not quite like Sarri elevating a fairly mediocre Napoli side to legitimate title challengers against an incredibly dominant Juventus side.
  5. I get the feeling that you quoted the wrong post. On the City situation, I don't have anything against City as a club, but I agree that their situation is different from ours in that we had the wealth of one man behind us whereas they, like PSG, have the wealth of an entire state behind them. I also agree that while Chelsea have benefited greatly from their wealth during their time, they weren't allowed to circumvent existing UEFA rules the way that City have. I will also note that while Chelsea actually broke into the Top 4 at the time of Roman's takeover, Man City when the Arabs bought them was more of a mid-table club.
  6. It's not a coincidence that we've not played particularly well in the Premier League after being forced to travel in midweek. Looking at the highlights, Pickford probably prevented at least one goal from being scored (his save off Alonso was great), but on the other hand Chelsea didn't really seem to be at the races and were perhaps lucky not to have Jorginho sent off. Everton's pressing seriously unnerved Chelsea in possession and probably led to a lot of fouling. Luckily they didn't create that much and were wasteful on the counter. We need a big improvement against Tottenham. They've not been at their best either and the game is at Wembley (where we have a good record), but that game could still go either way.
  7. Arsenal were probably even worse than we were today. At this point, they'll struggle to finish in the Top 4.
  8. I assume Sarri's starting Willian because Pedro played most of the BATE game. A game wherein Everton may be hard to break down would suit Pedro better at face value besides. Kovacic I'm comfortable with.
  9. Preliminary thoughts: 1) WAGNH has usefully provided an overview of this game which I broadly concur with. I won't repeat what that article says. 2) Even though he hasn't been playing particularly well, Walcott's sheer pace up against Alonso is an unnerving thought. Hopefully we can keep the ball so Walcott can't burn past Alonso and that Alonso himself doesn't give it away. Azpi is a better pure defender than Alonso, but he needs to be vigilant against Bernard's sharpness and trickery. 3) Kovacic will probably start given Barkley's exertions against BATE. I am a little torn about this - Marco Silva knows how to set up a defence so Barkley's extra goal threat could be useful, but Kovacic is more consistent and is better at retaining the ball. Given that Bernard is sharp and Walcott is effectively a sprinter playing football, retaining possession will reduce Everton's chances to counter, so upon reflection I'm comfortable playing Kovacic. 4) If Richarlison is unfit, that would be a big boost to our chances. He is the one player who IMO has a good chance of making our first XI. 5) RE Sigurdsson, he would compete for a place in our midfield. However, his most dangerous qualities include his passing, his free kicks and his long range striker. He needs to be closed down so he can't feed their front three with through balls. Our high line should also be able to keep him away from the goal. 6) Apparently Zouma has been Everton's best defender this season, inspiring Keane to some better form after a poor 2017/18. Even his passing (!) has apparently impressed. Hopefully his absence is telling, for while Mina is highly rated he hasn't fully integrated into his side. 7) Idrissa Gueye, or Kante-lite, is one to watch out for. He intercepts and tackles like almost nobody's business and he could get the ball off our midfield/attackers to trigger counter-attacks. Probably another reason by Kovacic should be starting - he doesn't give the ball away much. 8) Chelsea must be careful not to give away too many corners or free kicks. We should look to play as close to their box as possible so fouls turn into free kick opportunities and clearances turn into corners. Again, our high line should help in this regard. Anyway, I am a bit nervous about this game. We should win, but Everton may very well win a point, given our midweek exertions against BATE.
  10. DaRick

    German Bundesliga Thread

    Dortmund beat Bayern 3-2 last night and so are 7 points ahead in the table. Bayern is languishing in 3rd. From what I've read about Niko Kovac, he's not been able to adapt tactically to Bayern's aging squad and there may also be issues behind the scenes. Pretty much every Bayern fan expects him to have a sack placed over his head soon.
  11. You wonder if he's going to have a career boost? RE Tottenham, it's annoying to see them win but they aren't winning the league and if they usurp anyone for Top 4, it will more likely be Arsenal than us. Arsenal are improving, but I think we have the better side and they still rely too much on individual brilliance in the final third. Man U I think have too many issues to really be in contention, but Jose might yet pull off a masterclass against Man City.
  12. Probably the most uninspired win I've seen for a long while (and yes that includes the Derby match), but I'll take an uninspired win over any other result, especially in conditions we have had problems with in the past (e.g. - Shakhtar 2012).
  13. DaRick

    Random Rumours

    Not convinced about his movement or technique at this stage, plus he's not exactly known for his aerial prowess. As impressive as they have been, performing well for a club like Bournemouth is very different to performing for a club like Chelsea. Against Chelsea, defences drop deeper and organise themselves more effectively so close control in tight spaces, smart movement to drag defenders out of shape or the ability to fire in a header is important. Callum Wilson is more like the super-sub you'd bring on to poach a goal against exploit tired legs, but even then Morata has executed that role fairly well in the past.