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  1. european cup = champions league. I know le arse and spuds love to pretend they won european trophies as if it was the european cup. But let's be honest : we all know what it's meant by european cup ? ! plus, doesnt change the fact that chelsea have more or the number of euro trophies than/as the rest of london. i.e, chelsea have more european trophies than le arse and spuds for instance. and if you add uefa supercups, chelsea have even more trophies than the rest of london combined I believe. I discard the intertoto since it's irrelevant. european trophies encompass only the C1, C2, C3 and the supercup.
  2. and they still say "YoU hAvE nO hIsToRy" ????????????????
  3. when I realized chelsea are the only team in london with a european cup despite spuds and le arse featuring in european finals. Also, when I realized chelsea won a trophy while both arsenal and tottenham and also man utd have won fcuk all
  4. ps : to further prove my point, here is a list of some of cfc trophies since 2012. 2012: the UCL and FA cup double 2013 : won the UEL and became first english club to win all euro trophies (finished 3rd). 2014 : nothing but were in the title race until that draw at home against norwich and a UCL semifinal (finished 3rd). 2015 : the PL and LC double 2016 : well, we prevented spurs from winning the league 2017: won the PL (and prevented spurs from winning the league) and a FA cup final 2018: won the FA cup 2019: won the UEL (first team to win it undefeated) and a LC final (finished 3rd).
  5. truly this season has been beyond logic sometimes ... in march 10th, cfc were 6th and battered six nil vs city. 3 months later, cfc claim a 6th european trophy and secured 3rd place and a UCL spot for next season. that's chelsea for you : showing up to the occassion, and playing counter attack football to win big things. overall, a league cup final, UCL footy and the 2nd most successful english team in european football history. Not so bad for a club with no history ? ! Also, cfc have 5 to 6 times more (depends if you count the supercup) european trophies than le arse. and twice as much euro trophies than tottenham. Whether those mugs win or not, cfc will remain the first london club and english club to have won all european trophies and the first in london to have won the UCL. Say whatever you want, but despite not having as much history as others, cfc have a tendency to accumulate trophies lately (3 european trophies in the 2010's). I guess it ain't that bad for a club, according to sky sports and co, which has supposedly gone through crisis week in week out. Probably the only club in the world to have so much sihte thrown at it and still managing to clinch silverware eventually. A good thing imo as this club seems eager to win through adversity.
  6. Of course ! Easier route to UCL footy + I feel Europe football this year has been better for us imo.
  7. I had a good weekend. No need to watch more of that sihte. Nor watching PL at this point. I thought I would never say this, but thursday's night football is a blessing at this point !
  8. I have always felt since late jan that Europa would be our biggest chance to play UCL footy. Tonight's game and all of the previous sh*te games confirm this.
  9. Europa is more entertaining anyway. Who would remember those sh*t games if we win the europa? exactly. However if we dont ??...
  10. true but also you have to acknoweldge that the side playing europa is quite different from the PL as well as the style of play ... Much more direct in europe than pl.
  11. Funnily enough, we dont do as much passing around the box in Europa... Maybe it has something to do with RLC and CHO playing ?

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