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  1. We should really adapt the stevie g song with what Adrian did haha. As for liverpool not walking with their GK, that just shows how hypocritical and BS the YNWA Anfield solidarity is !
  2. in other words, klopp only likes teams that lose against his side.
  3. They're probably sobbing YNWA in the studio 😂😅😂😅
  4. What a night haha !!! Aidan Aidan !!! He f up his fckuing pass ! He crashed liverpool out of the champions league !! que viva Aidan !!
  5. I sense that the transfer window has been a bit underwhelming ... I reckon if chelsea could snatch a mertens or even better a ziyech, that would be excellent !
  6. well well well ... Bayern is coming soon 😕
  7. I reckon that Kanté's form/position is becoming problematic. Either build around the whole team or try putting him for the big games.
  8. well at least the bozos from north london helped chelsea remain in top 4. Only wolves seem to be a threat. Oh, btw, manure might get a draw at anfield at best. So chelsea are pretty much lucky that the competition isn't too fierce. Otherwise it would have been way worse.
  9. 2009 ... 2009... 2009 and 2009. Apart from that, RVP red, the sunderland game in 2014, barça psg in 2017, real madrid 2018 UCL win ...
  10. tbh it was a pretty calm match. Well under control and never really anxious about bumley coming back. Not exceptionnal but good and enough to do the job. Good performance overall.
  11. Le arse drew against the pigeons (my lovely nickname for palace).
  12. how was AFTV ? did they start already the #artetaout haha
  13. thanks. ah finally ! he talked some sense there ! a send off for that would have been ridiculous indeed. fair play to souness then !

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