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  1. Absolutely. Tbf with ronaldo, he showed up on several big occasions too. Same for Messi of course. But totally agree on henry : he rarely showed up when there was adversity. Whereas drogba did marvellously well in those occasions. Suarez too. He was carried by messi (and still is) as far as big games are concerned.
  2. Cant agree more with you. Stats have ruined all the objectivity in football. Drogba was a big game player. 10 goals in 10 finals and 10 titles won at top flight level. Very few could boast about a better record.
  3. Every game is a fight. Every point is a grind. Dominant throughout the whole game. All over them in the 2nd half and should have scored 2 more had dubravka not made those ridiculous saves. Very good offensive display by chelsea. Hopefully, there could be more than just top 4 this season. UTC.
  4. International breaks are useless anyway. Club football's far better
  5. Pulisic with the assist, batman with the goal. Get in ! 4 1. Some great football today 😁 !!
  6. The game vs Amsterdam will be fun I guess given they also have a rather loose defense ...
  7. We cant quite win comfortably and get a clean sheet can we ?

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