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  1. Of course ! Easier route to UCL footy + I feel Europe football this year has been better for us imo.
  2. I had a good weekend. No need to watch more of that sihte. Nor watching PL at this point. I thought I would never say this, but thursday's night football is a blessing at this point !
  3. I have always felt since late jan that Europa would be our biggest chance to play UCL footy. Tonight's game and all of the previous sh*te games confirm this.
  4. Europa is more entertaining anyway. Who would remember those sh*t games if we win the europa? exactly. However if we dont ??...
  5. true but also you have to acknoweldge that the side playing europa is quite different from the PL as well as the style of play ... Much more direct in europe than pl.
  6. Funnily enough, we dont do as much passing around the box in Europa... Maybe it has something to do with RLC and CHO playing ?
  7. fcuk, poor stade rennais ???! Uefa did them though : the change of order in the matches, the lacazette situation ... 2 goals were offside. Really an ugly display and poor officiating from uefa in general.
  8. aw siht, I hope not But I reckon they win 2 1 or 1 0 ... which would see rennes going through !
  9. Glad we show up and play UEL like the UCL atm. Great football from us ! Plus, Kiev finished above rennes in the group stages ! They aint no joke since rennes are the team that will knock arsenal out of the UEL tonight !
  10. Is the appeal not suspensive though ?
  11. this game is the epitome of modern football : teams would rather defend 11 at the back than trying taking risks in creating something. That's why a team like Ajax atm is so great to watch in a sense. As far as we're concerned we need to take risks in trying one on one and trying to break the lines or we need to have less the ball in order to be more direct football oriented ... Or need to be more direct ijn trying to break the lines I guess or with one on one take ons etc ...

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