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  1. That result mirrors the game against Arsenal in 2017/18, we go 2-1 up in the last few minutes only for Bellerin to equalise moments later. Gutted.
  2. Think Liverpool will win but it will be another jammy result.
  3. Im not fussed about Liverpool being unbeaten. All it does it shut up Arsenal fans because Liverpool's season would have been FAR more impressive.
  4. I agree to an extent. I wouldn't say Tammy is good enough to lead our line for a title challenge but the amount of game time he is currently getting may grow him into one.
  5. Despite them being good. I won't credit them winning the league because of the amount of VAR decisions they've had in their favour. It's ridiculous. I guess I'm being we just as bitter as when people accused us of "buying the league" in 2005.
  6. Well a point gained over Spurs and Wolves. Just need Arsenal to pick up some points later. [emoji120] Still, it's gutting that we lost all those games at home. We should be at least 9 points better off.
  7. Don't know why I'm watching BUR-MU, you just know Burnley are gonna bend over and present themselves.
  8. Its the 2nd time Spurs have benefitted from this kind of offside. They'll score now.

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