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  1. I'd start Tammy to see if he can hit the ground running. Maybe we'll be given a comfortable opening few fixtures. --------Tammy Cho--------------Pulisic ------------------------ -RLC(when fit)-Kova--- -------Kante Emerson-Christensen-Rudi-Azpi ------------Kepa Bench: Willy, Luiz, James, Barkley, Mount, Pedro/Willian, Giroud/Batshuayi I don't expect a title challenge from this team but I hope we can challenge for the top 4, qualify for the knockout stages of the CL and go for a domestic cup.
  2. Shocking that these teams are Champions League finalists. Shocking game. Terrible advert for the Premier League.
  3. AFTV was a bit of a let down. Being in Baku, there was no Claude, Lee, Ty, Moh or Bully videos to laugh at. Just Troops, DT and a bunch of unknowns. DT's interview didn't disappoint though. That was tasty. Regarding the CL Final. It's a horrible situation to witness as a Chelsea fan. However, we need to focus on the positives that whatever result will produce. Liverpool win- Spurs go trophyless, Spurs fan cams to watch, basically anything Spurs related Man Utd fans will be gutted. Spurs win- Liverpool lose, Jurgen Flopp loses another final, and scouse reaction videos. Liverpool will have had their best PL season yet would have won absolutely nothing. There will be no love in for Liverpool on Sky/BT. Arsenal fans will be devastated. It's no so bad for us, as we have recently won it. We will always be the first London club to win the CL. Spurs winning the CL will practically overshadow anything Arsenal have done. The invincible season/winning the league will be the only leg Arsenal will have to stand on. As of now, I am completely on the fence. I know Liverpool are the lesser of two evils but I really want to see them lose another CL Final. I just hate that, that would result in Spurs winning it.
  4. Your first contribution was to help us lift the Europa League, and your last contribution has been to replicate that. You've been with us for 7 seasons and it's difficult to put into words how much we appreciate everything you've done. You've been a joy to watch. Even during your poorest campaign, you gave us an incredible gift of ending Spurs' title hopes. 2 Premier Leagues 2 Europa Leagues 1 Fa Cup 1 League Cup Thank you, Eden. For everything. I wish you all the best.
  5. f**k I forgot we had Rob Green. I bet he never thought he'd be apart of night like this.
  6. Yessssss!!! I cant wait to watch AFTV tomorrow. They all said they were gonna bang us. Get in you blues!!!
  7. There's a man sitting in front of me who keeps saying "f**k off Frank" every time the camera pans to him. I really want to see his face if Derby can turn this around.
  8. Shevchenko Scored some absolute beauties.

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