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  1. Heard a fair amount of United fans said they weren't bothered about the final before a ball was kicked, (but gutted at Ft) . Don't understand it at all, okay it's not as respected or prestigious as the CL but it's passage into Pot1 of the CL draw and they would have awaited one of Chelsea or City in the Super cup. I would have been buzzing for the final if It were us. Mind you, we don't bottle European cup finals so I guess that might have something to do with it.
  2. First American to appear in and win a Champions League Final. Records in football are broken all the time but the ones that are cemented in history are records like these. He will go down in Champions League and United States Football history and for that he should be extremely proud.
  3. Hahaha w**ker, ever since he said "give him what he wants, ole's at the wheel" he lost any credibility he had.
  4. Deserved winners as well. So f**king satisfying. Didn't ride our luck like 2012. Feels so good
  5. Pulisic first American to win the Champions League. History
  6. Kante motm, absolute machine. Christensen and rudiger were f**king class too. I love you Chelsea!
  7. I get the feeling Pep'll make a half time sub.
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