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  1. What a result. Looking at our current form and that of our rival's. Top 4 is ours to lose.
  2. A long kick upfield almost resulted in a goal for them. Why don't they do that more? Baffling.
  3. It was a foul but im so happy they didnt get the decision. Twice as well. Its about damn time.
  4. If pulisic had shot and didnt score youd all be shouting that he should have passed it to Abraham. It was a brilliant block.
  5. Its a joke how Maguire, Keane, Kane and Rose all started. They're dogsh*t for their club at the moment. How does that warrant a start for the national team.
  6. Brings an inform Abraham on with minutes to go. When we fall behind. Southgate is clueless.
  7. Winning the Europa really helped with tolerating the Liverpool love-in. Obviously it pales in comparison to the but it helped majority.
  8. We could end up finishing 2nd. City are inconsistent. Spurs and Utd are in turmoil. Arsenal are Arsenal and we are on the ascendancy. Ktbffh
  9. Kante's goal just before half time was crucial. If Southampton went in only 2-1 down they would have been well up for it.
  10. Come on Christian. Lets what you're made of.

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