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  1. We have an extremely soft and lazy team, for all the talk about promoting youth, they all seem to be in their 30's rather than 19-21. We need to splash the cash, there is a serious lack of quality in the team. We need to get rid of Pedro, Bats, Berkeley, Alonso, Emerson and bring half decent replacements. We will only get top 4 by luck thiis year, this group is not top 4 quality
  2. typical fairly average / poor performance by Chelsea. We can't seem to know how to finish games, we score then we are pedestrian. Is Pedro still a footballer by the way? abysmal control of the ball today.
  3. Kovacic really good, I am not sure why is not playing regularly. We are not creating enough for the space we are given and we can't score. Hull still in this
  4. With United losing yesterday we still have a 6 points advantage over them and Spurs. But next 3 games can see us droppimg from top 4.
  5. Frank doesn't seem to learn at all, making lots of managerial mistakes, showing his inexperience, costing us points. Awful game management and inability to motivate a young team that should know what a game against Arsenal means. He is walking down a dangerous road that always ends with sacking at Chelsea. Hope we can have a little patience with him and back him in the transfer market. The issue is we are slowly becoming an unattractive proposition for a lot of top players. Kepa should be benched and we should look for a replacement mid-long term, he is not Chelsea quality. Emerson shouldn't have been at Chelsea in the first place. Kante and Mount need a rest and they must up their performances to deserve to play. We miss Pulisic big time. And please sign a striker and a LB.
  6. no way we are getting top 4 this year, we don't deserve it.
  7. We are disgraceful, pathetic at home ! Absolutely pathetic. I am so furious right now, a league one team will defend better. Everyone from Frank down should hang their head in shame..
  8. We look like playing 10 men not Arsenal. Arsenal wanta this more. It is f**king disgraceful
  9. Frank has f**ked up today plain and simple, he got it wrong again with Kante-Jorginho and all of us voiced that concern before the game. I feel some of our young players became complacent because Frank. continues to played them despite of bad form ( CHO, Mount, etc) New faces are needed to revitalize the squad, we must spend in January. As much as i am very disappointed in Frank and the players today, it's a learning curve and a building process. For those interested in putting things into perspective, Klopp finished 8th/ 4th / 4th/ 2nd in the previous 4 ( four !! ) seasons while building his current team. Maybe we can grace Frankie with some time and patience.
  10. Dissapointed by the performance of the team today and a lot of the individual players. Frank has not covered himself in glory with Kante jorginho. And now Newcasle scored. Frank and the players deserve this, too many sh*t performances like today this season
  11. Feel like another missed opportunity today.

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