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  1. Unfortunately for Sarri, football is played 90 min. He seems unable to manage / motivate the team for one whole game. If you think it is acceptable to be dominated by a Czech team at Stamford Bridge, then we really started to accept mediocrity
  2. we got totally dominated by SLAVIA PRAGUE in the second half. And some of you still think Sarri is the man for the future?
  3. if we do qualify, we have no chance to win Europa League, all other 3 teams are much better than us. We are in really bad shape, from manager down
  4. we are really a pathetic team under Sarri, it's Slavia Prague for Christ sake !!!
  5. If Sarri is in charge next season, i am not watching. This is painful viewing
  6. We are doomed with Sarri in charge and this set of players. We totally collapsed as usual. Will not be surprised if we lose this 4-0.
  7. Woow Emerson. As usual Luiz a liability there
  8. Why i am getting nervous in a game we totally controlled???
  9. Hope we score soon, we are creating chances but finishing has been poor ( bar Hazard goal )
  10. Game day ! Come on Chelsea !! Hope for the same team like in the last game and a positive result, it will put as 3 points clear of Arsenal, 5 points clear of Man U and 2 points above Spurs ( of course until they play their games, nevertheless pressure would be on them ).
  11. Goal ! Finally ! Someone finally moved and dragged the players with him ( Azpi ) to create the space for CHO, who put a beautiful ball in and quality finish by Giroud

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