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    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    it has been confirmed by FIFA, 2 consecutive transfer windows ban. if we don't contest it, we won't be able to transfer anything in the summer, which in the current situation is an absolute disaster. Someone at the top level in Chelsea FC must be held accountable for this whole situatopn
  2. We have been unbelieveably poor again today. We are only lucky the opposition : 1. Is Even poorer 2.didn't have a competitive game in momths, coming from the beach to.play this game. This is our level under sarri and this group of players
  3. Apart from the good result, no other positives. We are very poor against a championship level team at best. Nothing has changed, if anything we are getting worse and very hard to watch. I fear for our next fixtures and can't see Sarri lasting beyond the end of the season.
  4. Don't know what to say anymore about Sarri, formation, the players... It's sad that i arrived to have very low expectations in a game vs Malmo but this group is really the worst i have seen at Chelsea for the last 20 years in terms of attitude, capability, desire, fight for the club, professionalism. But i love Chelsea and i will be cheering for my club tonight although from manager down none deserve our support at the moment. These players will come and go, managers will come and go my beloved Chelsea will always be here. Come on Chelsea !!
  5. I love your optimism and I would also want us to win the cup. Reality is we will lose the cup as well at a considerable difference with this group of players and this manager.
  6. my personal opinion he is, football is a team game, and playing with 6 donkeys in the team tends to expose the better ones. I think Azpi is Chelsea quality, 6 of our today starters are not for Chelsea ( or not for Chelsea anymore ). Nor is the manager. Again this just my personal opinion
  7. true, but we need to start somewhere. I would clear out a lot of our players on loan. I would sell all three players above, trying to recover the initial fees if possible. Bring some of our youngsters in, It is clear for all to see if we continue on this road, we are driving into mediocrity for years to come, we need drastic actions, patching up won't help
  8. Do any of you think that this group of players ( with a few exceptions ) care ? Who would you keep from this team if board decided to rebuild ? I would keep Rudi, Azpi Kepa and Kante. The rest can all be sold / contracts not renewed. Cash big on Hazard and use the money to rebuild.
  9. In one interview Hazard said " I don't care what manager says". Here is our problem with this group.- Mourinho, Conte and now Sarri. Same core of players..
  10. I really don't know what to say after this. Players - all spineless cowards who don;t deserve the support they had today from our away fans, When are we going to take a stand as a club against these players getting paid and downing tools? not putting any effort? Manager's faults on the side, this was a gutless, embarrassing and unprofessional job from these overpaid prima donnas. A lot of them don't belong to Chelsea. massive clearance was needed years ago, and now we are paying the price. Sarri? If he has any professional pride, he would resign. not that i expect that... Sack him? It all depends if the board believe in him and his football. For me, I lost all the trust in him and his system. In the end it is him who is managing these players and dictacting the tactics and the system.
  11. I am really curious what the reaction of these spineless mugs playing today in Chelsea shirt will be. Sarri is out for me, players don't give a f**k about him or the club
  12. If Sarri survives this, for me it means Roman lost all interest.
  13. I switched off the game, First time in the last 20 years I am turning off a Chelsea game when I am watching on telly. This is beyond embarrassing from players and manager. They should all donate their wages for the away support which has been brilliant. In any other type of job, everyone either gets fired or heavily penalized not in football though
  14. For those who are saying Sarri has nothing to do with it, it's only the players, well, Conte made same players bar Diego champions.
  15. There is no place to hide for Sarri and the players. All absolutely pathetic and don't deserve to represent Chelsea. This is a group that needs to be replaced. We are slipping into mediocrity with this bunch. They have absolutely no pride