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  1. I agree about Man City being backed by huge money from the oil state. My point was about the way they approach the game, they really play with intent, pace and a clear game plan. We are at least 4-5 players away from that. As for their money, i doubt UEFA will do something they are all corrupt.
  2. Man City just scored. Tbey are already 4 points ahead of us. Showing Chelsea how we should have played against United
  3. Kante has been ( surprisingly) very poor today to be fair. I think he will never excel in the position he was given
  4. I fear the Spurs game, our performances have been poor lately in all competitions, the opponents read our game and now they all nulify us. We have absolutely zero pace, the game is played like a slow training sesssion. Best we can hope is top 4 this year
  5. This game showed us we are not at the same level with City and Liverpool. A top team would have got a result today. Piss poor by Chelsea. Ruined my Sunday
  6. Morata has been offside all game
  7. There must be 7 min of extra time, unbelievable tactics by Everton
  8. It's so frustrating this game
  9. Very poor game by Chelsea i have to say. Everton deserve a point. Kante has been so poor today
  10. Looks like we will never score
  11. We are losing points today. There ia no one single player who actually played well
  12. The yellow cards given this half are ridiculous
  13. Two unnecessary yellow cards from us, the players are really mentally into this game
  14. Very very poor half so far. Created nothing