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  1. there is no fun in watching Lampard's Chelsea. No tactical idea, no shape, no vision, what are we playing?? The players walking on the pitch, defence looks totally disconnected every game and concedes an average of 2-3 goals per game, our " stellar " midfield is over played and over powered every single game, a lot of players in positions where they are wasted. I supported Frank and wanted him to succeed, but this hat is too big for him, not a Chelsea level manager at the moment. Purely emotional appointment that will set-us back.
  2. we deservedly losing this. We didn't look like a PL team. more like a mid table Championship team with a rookie manager. Lamps will be gone soon, RA won't put up with this for long/
  3. Frank with a brilliant tactical move that is winning the game for West Brom so far. I don't know if i can bear this sh*t show for the entire season.
  4. we are so sh*t in defence !! We are allowing them so much space, no one is closing down.
  5. we are constantly passing sideways and backwards. WTF???
  6. we are championship level the way we play. Truly embarrassing performance. Where is the urgency ?? we play like it's a training session !
  7. despite the goal, we are still playing like a pub team put together 5 min before the kick off
  8. We are getting totally outplayed by West Brom ( tactically ). By West Brom !! We went backwards with Lampard and we can buy all the top available players on the market, he is not at PL level tactically, he makes atrocious selection and tactical decisions over and over again. I have no idea what are we playing as a team at the moment and i don't think the players know either. We look pathetic in all positions and a very very weak team. Sorry but i lost my patience with Lampard, I was watching the earlier games and you could see the impact Carlo is having at Everton. Can you hone
  9. We deserve this, we have been playing with the same sh*t attitude, slow as f**k and players look like don't give a sh*t. Lampard clearly tactically inept, we cannot play this badly with this group of players
  10. We look awful, no shape, slow, predictable, zero pemetration. Cannot defend and now cannot score easy chances - Tammy and Werner. We are not a team but a bunch of overpaid expensive players that don't kmow how to play together.
  11. We have zero chance against Liverpool with this kind of lazy attitude and poor performance. Great win and 3 points away feom home but for me was an extremely dissapointing performance.
  12. Lampard did not change anything. His stubbornness and incapacity to adapt tactically is starting to annoy me
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