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  1. getting trashed here by a team that has no stars, but play as a unit under a better manager tactically than Frank. Honeymoon over, no excuse, I have been saying this since the beggining,, with all the love for Frank, he is no way Chelsea level manager at the moment.
  2. i shut down the stream, can't watch this anymore. Let's be honest, we don't deserve CL football. Not with this manager. and not with half of these players.
  3. WTF? Is Frank on drugs? Questions need be asked of his tactics after today, been totally outclassed tactically by quite a few managers in PL this season
  4. Sorry to say but this one is on Frank as much as it is on the players.... Shambolic from all, including the manager
  5. Chelsea showing us that they can have worse performances than West Ham and Leicester. Until today i thought that was not possible.
  6. Abraham still on the pitch??? Frank really deserves this score. Selection and tactics zero.
  7. Shameful half by Chelsea. Bad selection by Frank as well, he's shown his tactical naivity and inexperience. Lots of players noy worthy of wearing the Chelsewla shirt
  8. We are pathetic... They all stood at the goal like cones in training. Truly unprofessional. And Tammy against a solid compact team? Well done Frank...
  9. Our game ao far: moving the ball sideways and constantly losing it in damgerous positions
  10. We are atrocious in defemce. Poor start in a must-win game Mount brain fart
  11. These passes at the back make me very nervous.
  12. If Benteke would play weekly against our defence he would be Golden Boot. Really poor defending

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