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  1. Werner having some horrendous finishing today. Two very poor mistakes now. Still, 1 Werner is better than 30 Abrahams, so keep him on. At least he's hungry and hasn't stopped trying.
  2. Why? There's been at least 10 other posters complaining about Abraham on this thread and you've singled me out because? At least be respectful. I haven't called you a name for your viewpoint.
  3. That's what I hate about Abraham. It's part and parcel of making a mistake in football etc, but then when you moan about it every single time and not put in the effort to rectify it, you don't belong in that shirt. If you watch Abraham's body language even when he isn't on the ball, he is constantly complaining and moaning rather than doing something to improve the situation. He urgently needs to go out on loan. He's an awful football player who got a lucky break due to the transfer ban. Granted, he scored a few goals, but anyone else up front and we'd have had far more.
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