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  1. we are playing such a disorganized, sloppy,. ugly football.. every time the opposition has the ball we look in disarray, 3 or 4 players running for the the same ball / opposition player, and we look completely out of shape at every opposition attack. how can we play so chaotically ?
  2. we are an awful team,. what are we doing in training???
  3. Just to remind everyone. We are playing an obscure Russian team who was forced to play their reserves due to ilness of first team players. Yet we barely created anything. We are atrocious. I am tired of this piss poor football we are displaying every week.
  4. 90% of our game is back passing and side passing with no purpose. Awful awful to watch, we look so disorganised as a team
  5. Chaotic game by Chelsea so far. Need something different in the second half. We have not tested their goalkeeper. We are not looking good at the moment
  6. We pose no threat to the opposition. Every single one of our games looks like a friendly or a relaxed training session. We have no pace, no intensity. Awful awful to watch
  7. I see the same game from Chelsea as in the last 15 months. Passing sideways, zero penetration, zero pace and a fake sense of control with lots of futile posession of the ball. How are we going to break down defences?
  8. Serious question: what football are we playing under Frank Lampard? What is our unique style of play ? What are we trying to implement but we didn't quite get there? Can anyone here honestly say they have seen progress in the last 15 months? Because i see nothing but an atrocious, chaotic type of football, which hasn't changed since he took over. By comparison, if you look at Arsenal, Everton, Leicester, you can see what the managers want to implement there. I wish I could say the same for us
  9. I agree as well. Love Frank, he is legend for Chelsea, but his is not the right manager for us at the moment. RA won't put up with this sh*t for long either, we are clueless in defence, midfield and attack and most painfully, look like a very fragile team, such a contrast to what usually a Chelsea team look like.
  10. expected outcome, we have an extremely mentally weak team. Shameful performance and nothing to be hopeful in the future. Personally I think Lampard will be gone before the end of the year, he is not the answer to take Chelsea forward I am afraid. When you cannot address and correct problems as a manager, you have to pay the price. It's not on players it's the management team who is substandard at Chelsea at the moment.
  11. Whatever the result, we we played very badly ( again). This is on Frank and management team. No progress and no idea what we are playing. He will be gone by Dec
  12. Our defensive set up is shocking. Frank and his team clearly have no idea how to manage this team from a defensive perspecrive. Oh wait, neither from an offensive one, we look like a bunch of kids who just met in the park and decided to play a quick game. Atrocious
  13. We deserve this. We have been shocking (as usual).
  14. We are playing our usual selves at rhe moment. Awfully. I really don't understand what style of play or football philosophy we are trying to implement under Frank.
  15. One of the common themes with Frank's Chelsea is that we seem to lose shape easily amd players don't really know their places. So many times we see 3-4 Chelsea players goimg for the same ball or opposition player.
  16. Same performance like in the WBA game. Useless side passing and super slow in the build up.
  17. there is no fun in watching Lampard's Chelsea. No tactical idea, no shape, no vision, what are we playing?? The players walking on the pitch, defence looks totally disconnected every game and concedes an average of 2-3 goals per game, our " stellar " midfield is over played and over powered every single game, a lot of players in positions where they are wasted. I supported Frank and wanted him to succeed, but this hat is too big for him, not a Chelsea level manager at the moment. Purely emotional appointment that will set-us back.
  18. we deservedly losing this. We didn't look like a PL team. more like a mid table Championship team with a rookie manager. Lamps will be gone soon, RA won't put up with this for long/
  19. Frank with a brilliant tactical move that is winning the game for West Brom so far. I don't know if i can bear this sh*t show for the entire season.
  20. we are so sh*t in defence !! We are allowing them so much space, no one is closing down.
  21. we are constantly passing sideways and backwards. WTF???
  22. we are championship level the way we play. Truly embarrassing performance. Where is the urgency ?? we play like it's a training session !
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