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  1. Are you a troll? Or are you watching a recorded game from the past. They are miles better than us. They look like that they have a plan. We don't
  2. Or Abraham is a bang average player, who constantly doesn't read a game, or a pass. Would any club above us buy Abraham from us, no chance. He constantly looks busy doing nothing.
  3. Question is, who are our competitors? What standard are at?
  4. Anyone know what Abraham has done tonight, or any game recently? I thought we had turned a corner. Been impressed with Lampard after huge doubts. Doubts creeping back in. Unfortunately.
  5. It's sh*te. Boring. If Frank was called Sarri...............
  6. I just feel it's a little like, you have your good mate over on a regular basis, to do some jobs around your gaff. The odd time, you come back home, and he has done a pretty good job, your faith in him is unquestionable. But more often than not, you get home, and he has f**ked up yet again. You both blame the tools, because he is your mate and you have seen that he can do a half decent job, maybe 25% of the time. There is that nagging feeling at the back of your head, that he is actually in charge of the tools, because he's your mate, you try to keep it at the back of your head. And even thoug
  7. I'd love to know, using the head, not the heart, how many honestly believe that Frank is the man to turn this around?
  8. Someone really has to convince me that Tammy is the man. Would any of our rivals want him, I think not. Mount needs a break. We need a performance that looks like Frank knows what he is doing. We need a win win win. My expectations have been curtailed, and will take a draw. Btw, wtf has Rudiger done to get banished?
  9. Just my observation, Frank doesn't seem to have a clue so often. Subs are baffling at times. Last season, this season, same mistakes defensively. Can't keep blaming "individual mistakes". Same problem at Derby. Great player. Not great manager.
  10. Personally think Tammy is so overrated. He is bang average nearly every game.
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