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  1. Not expecting us to get a result here and I don't think it would be an issue if we lost this. I don't personally feel the team will fully get going until the end of October once all the new players have bedded in properly and our injured players have made their way back. My only wish for this match is to not see Loftus-Cheek start.
  2. Hello. I don't think we've had any engagement on the forum previously, but if anything it's you who is coming across this way on the forum at the moment. The name calling coming from the other direction is pretty petty, but the outright swearing and lunacy coming from yourself is even worse. Take it to PMs both. At least Ashwin is responding in a decent manner despite his misgivings regarding driller's posts.
  3. RLC has been abysmal. It is only the first half of the first game of the season so far too early to jump to any conclusions. He is still (kind of) working his way back from injury, so let's be patient. Saying that, I really would like to see Lampard take him off at half time.
  4. He's obviously not suited for the lightning quick counter attacks we're likely to see with Werner and the like, but I would hate to see Giroud leave. He is absolutely class for us still and really offers us a big threat at set pieces. His link up play is great too and he holds the ball up really well. The typical number 9. He's totally unique in what he offers compared to any other of our players at Chelsea. Do not let this man leave. Also my other half quite likes him.
  5. It's evidently going to be Hazard for an overwhelming majority, but I'll go for Joe Cole just to spice things up. Messi for non-Chelsea.
  6. Not wishing to turn this into a Mata thread, but he was outstanding for Chelsea. I was beyond gutted when he left us as he had so much more to offer. He was consistently great for us over a number of seasons and I'm really glad he won the CL with us (his penalty aside!).
  7. Selling Kante a year ago was a completely unthinkable proposition. He was, and remains, an absolutely world class player and potentially still world leading in his position. This does bring up the conundrum of selling him for a relatively high price and reinvesting that money into a new GK. I would give my left kidney before we let him go, though. Bakayoko/Drinkwater/Jorginho/Barkley are all dispensable before he is.
  8. I think this is the best thread I have ever seen after lurking for god knows how many years. Absolutely brilliant. In a world that that these days is just as much finance as it is football, this is put together really well. Many thanks. TL;DR - hopefully we can offload some of the deadwood and have a strong run in the cups to generate some extra revenue. Of course this may all be offset again if we decide to go off and purchase Rice and a few others. Interesting times and I'd be interested to see the updated tables if/when players are sold/bought.
  9. Players that still need binning: Drinkwater Bakajoko Emerson Batshuayi Kenedy Christensen Rudiger Zouma Kepa Players we need to bring in: New GK Rice Havertz Messi
  10. Very happy with the players who have come in. Very disappointed with some of the players who are still at the club/on the books. I would like for Christensen, Zouma and Rudiger all to be shipped out. Bakajoko needs to go as far as he can away from the club. Hudson-Odoi could use a season loan somewhere. I'd like to keep him though, as not only is he English, but offers big selling potential in future. Do we have any need for Abraham anymore? With Werner (who is miles ahead of Abraham) and Giroud here (who is also a lot better), he's become a distant 3rd choice for me. Sell him, or at least loan him. He's going to be worth quite a bit of money now.

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