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  1. Quote one troll post. When you realise you can't, I hope you retract your statement. You won't though, 'cause you're dumb dumb.
  2. Don't what, Kev56? It's not a secret that I want Lampard gone, but it's certainly not something I wish had to happen. I also hope he can really turn it around.
  3. Not at all. What part of the performance have you enjoyed most today? The awful performances, missed penalty or lucky goal?
  4. Completely agree. With almost any other manager I think we'll look a whole lot better. Nothing is working. It hasn't worked for months bar the odd game where the opposition have had a nightmare. We look crap even against a bunch of part-time Russian farmers. I hate calling for a manager's head but I really think we'll push on once Lampard has gone.
  5. It's not. It'll only paper over the cracks that he's sh*t. I'd be happy for him to never feature for Chelsea again.
  6. Ziyech is the best player on the pitch by far. I'm hoping we don't see Abraham for the rest of the season so Ziyech can keep popping balls onto Giroud's head.
  7. No, no. That opinion is dumb and not allowed. Jorginho is a great penalty taker, look at the stats etc.... His penalty taking style is absolutely awful. Get someone who can smash the ball a la Lampard. It's really not hard. I hated Hazard's for the same reason.
  8. Population wise, Russia is most definitely within Europe and shares most of it's history with our European brethren. Admittedly, the huge chunk of Russia geographically lies within the Asian contingent, but a huge chunk of the people living there have far more in common with us in Europe than those in the Far East like China.
  9. Ziyech feeding balls in to Giroud is a dream and more than enough to see off the Krasnodarians.
  10. Kante has been terrible today. We are really missing Barkley.
  11. I do Chelsbear, and I couldn't care less whether you like it or not.
  12. My 1-0 prediction with Fernandes and a late penalty is still on.
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