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  1. In more positive news, seems to like the quality of Mount/Gilmour from his press conference and has been seen in conversation with Anjorin/James. I also think if we keep Barry and Edwards then we can still help Tuchel access the academy but deliver on more direct and progressive football.
  2. Personal opinion Pulisic shouldn't start, let's play CHO on his actual wing for once. Pulisic atm seems to over complicate everything. Kept trying to beat the Luton right back and was tackled far too many times.
  3. I assume this means Morris and Edwards both go to? who stays as temp manager? Literally couldn't think who will take on Wolves and most likely Burnley game.
  4. I mean if we decided to wait until end of season to see if Lamps could turn it around and if not went after Nagelsmann then i get that. But to bring in Tuchel or Benitez.... why....
  5. God i hope that's not true. This would prove our board's incompetence. Knee Jerk reactions to situations. Arteta was given time and is below us, Ole was given 2 years nearly and has gotten them to a decent place but yet we go on a bad run and that's that. We were top of the league at one point and are only 5 points off 4th.
  6. Kante, Andreas and James returning to training. Also Lamps making it clear that Tomori will only go on loan and has a plan for long term future for him at club.
  7. I think the differential has been that we are controlling possession but we look about 6 weeks behind the top teams in terms of understanding systems. Remember it was only 3 months ago that Ole at Utd looked like he didn't have a clue what was going on. There is a sense of time is needed and all good managers take time to bed in their squads, i mean Klopp took Liverpool to 10th first season. I am glad that we are looking to give Lampard some more time as we throw managers out far too quickly and then have to start again far too often. The problems i see are as follows. The tweak in t
  8. Yes, Lamps said no youngsters will be going on loan over January unless a very good deal. This means Bate, Lawrence, Liveremento, Mukyuemba, Gilmour, Webster, Fiabema, Soonsup-Bell, Brown, Sterling, Nunn, Anjorin, McEachran will all be around the squad or will be introduced into bubble.
  9. It's always good to see the young lads desperate to play for Chelsea.
  10. Maybe some time away for some of the first team lads to clear their heads and figure out what they need to do to get out of this hole we are in. Kepa Livramento Rudiger Christensen Emerson/Alonso Gilmour Havertz Bate Anjorin Giroud, CHO
  11. the only issue is... which top class managers are out there currently? Tuchel? Allegri?
  12. recommendation to chelsea.... buy some longer studs or stop watering the dam pitch
  13. Looks a strong prospect, links play well and seems to be creative in finishing. Very much moulded in Tammy but hopefully at 6ft 3 and fairly big for 19 will have strength and hold up play of Giroud.
  14. Anyone kept an eye on Broja in Vitesse. Currently starting no.9 and helping Vitesse to 2nd in the league (2pts behind Ajax). 5 goals in 10 starts and looks real deal. Decent compilation of some of his play here : https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=armando+broja&&view=detail&mid=13289C9880E5698A83A913289C9880E5698A83A9&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Darmando%2Bbroja%26FORM%3DHDRSC4 Seems to be falling on the Mason Mount side of Vitesse Loanees rather than the Lucas Piazon side.
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