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  1. If we need a back up squad players due to high run in, surely utilise Livramento, Musonda, Izzy Brown or Charlie Webster. Save money and utilise youth again and send big money or LB, CB or GK
  2. Dunk wouldn't be the worst decision and if he wants to be here and we can get some good cash for him then maybe we go for it?. Did them a deal by getting Lamptey who has looked class since he moved so maybe we get him in as 3rd choice for few years.
  3. Fingers crossed he gets and accepts the Barcelona offer if he decides not to stay here. I would much prefer him over there, where i wouldn't mind him doing well in La Liga compared to Arsenal.
  4. I think we just have to remember that we are roughly playing every 3 days in run up to christmas so Tammy will get a chance. I think we have seen him tire through the end of the season but i'm sure he will be up and running again for next season.
  5. Mail has linked us to £6m deal for Mertens again. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7942795/Chelsea-make-approach-Dries-Mertens-Blues-look-bring-Napoli-forward-deadline.html
  6. haha did this made my work day a lot better
  7. Would love to see us mix the squad up but also get the win. Hull sitting bang in the middle of the league so not sure what they are playing for. Team i'd play would be Willy Lamptey Tomori Christensen Maatsen Gilmour Barkley
  8. Loan with option to buy wouldn't hurt?
  9. Seen a few comments about potentially selling him... maybe a little harsh, good player and clearly is talented at 23. No rush with him yet.
  10. Not sure this will be the exact starting line up but won't be far off.... i reckon it will be Caballero, James, Guehi, Zouma, Maadsen/Alonso, Gilmour, Barkley, McEcharan/Van Ginkel (If fit why not play him?), Pulisic, CHO, Bats Bench: Cumming, Lamptey, Tomori, Anjorin, Pedro, Giroud, Uwakwe/Brown. If Van Ginkel is fit, i'd play him... there isn't much too lose... he's a creative midfielder with International Experience and takes the pressure off us needing to play Jorginho/Mount/Kovacic.. Contract is up at the end of the season and realistically should be too good for Gr
  11. Doubt we will see CHO or James as neither played last night in the PL2 game although Bats and Rudiger did... Bats got a double but missed a hat full of chances. On another point, Guehi, Castillo, Maatesen and especially Anjorin played very well.
  12. Jovic? sounds like Zidane has already written him off (god that bloke is a bad manager - from man management perspective). Could try and pick him up on the cheap? Tammy and him would be a decent forward grouping. Plus hopefully would leave cash to go after other targets such as Chilwell, Sancho, Rugani/Koulabily etc.
  13. Little bit harsh on Chalobah surely? I mean it's one game and the lad has trained with the England senior team. There must be some talent there if he's getting called up with Mount etc. I have the feeling that he and Sterling have gone back to go on loan for their own good rather than not being good enough. Brown is at a weird cross roads where you can see there is a talented player there but needs 30+ games starting rather than being a in and out player for teams such as Brighton/huddersfield/Leeds etc. Sell him with a buy back clause maybe.
  14. The potential that James & CHO will be back for early season/pre season really do feel like new signings in some ways. With them included as well as Abraham, Mount, Da Silva and Tomori is fantastic. Zouma & Bats too gotta love it.
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