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  1. Conor Gallagher and George McEachran both set to travel it seems, George especially as he was spotted getting onto the plane. I'd go with the following and leave as many behind as needed.... -----------------------------Bulka Zappacosta--------Cahill-------Christensen-------Emerson -----------------------------Fabregas --------------------Amapdu----------Loftus-Cheek ----------Moses------------------------------Hudson-Odoi ------------------------------Morata Subs: Cabellero, Castillo, Gallagher, Drinkwater, Mcecharan, Piazon, Redwan Play as few senior players as needed, unlikely squad but referred, If Chalobah (T), R James, Sterling, Ugbo, Abraham, Baker, Brown were here would have been perfect haha
  2. I have a feeling for some reason we wont see Kovacic start this game.. not after 90mins midweek. I'll take a punt at this team reckoning that the substitution made mid week will affect the team. ------------- Kepa --------------- Azpilicueta - Rudiger - Luiz - Alonso ----------- Jorginho ------------- ----- Kante ---------- Barkley/RLC ----- Willian ------ Giroud ------ Hazard
  3. Its sounds Like Loftus Cheek is going but whether he starts will be interesting.. Can't see Hazard, Kovacic, David Luiz or Alonso going but 100% doubt they will play
  4. Fruity66

    Thibaut Courtois

    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11391021/chelsea-likely-to-sell-thibaut-courtois-and-could-enter-race-for-romas-alisson If he goes, he goes.. just worried that if Bats and Tibaut go... is that Hazard off to?
  5. Fruity66


    To be honest would be good to use what we have got, get RLC, Tammy, Hudsen-Odoi, Van Ginkel etc in and let them loose in Europa League... good opportunity to see what they can do... Let first team focus on the Prem. With Signings ... god looking at Chelsea's transfer record for last few years and depending on the new manager (probably) it could be literally anyone...... John Terry?
  6. do feel slightly bad for Huddersfield... fought all season and have been saddled with us fighting for champions league spot and Arsenal trying to send Wenger out on a high, vs Swansea who are 3pts behind and -2 goal difference but have Stoke at home. Brutal. Anyway, on us... same team but maybe switch in Willian for Fabregas... keep it strong and if it goes tits up .. use Newcastle game to play Drinkwater, Barkley, Emerson, Hudson Odoi, Sterling, Chalobah and Reece James.
  7. Fruity66

    Our Youth on Loan

    Excellent news, mad to think that Twente won the league 7-8years ago with Steve 'the Umbrella' McClaren. Really must have gone down hill
  8. If top 4 was dead in the water, I could see the youngsters playing more.... however, as its still possible ... I reckon we will see the strongest side possible out every week
  9. Fruity66

    Ethan Ampadu

    Its pretty appalling and you gotta feel for Exeter. You can't blame either side for trying to get the best deal but the Panel have robbed Exeter of a decent Fee. Hopefully we get them in the FA Cup some time and can repay with tv revenue fees etc.
  10. It will be interesting to see which Conte pushes for .. an attempt at top 4 or a definite final position and a chance for a trophy.. it wouldn't surprise me if we saw Kante, Azpi, Hazard (Willian) rested for the FA Cup...
  11. No chance Alonso is getting away with that... If ref says he didn't see it and with the media attention it got... the Review Panel would have to be all ex-Chelsea and have a free holiday on one of Roman's yachts not to ban him for that. Bit of rotation required I reckon, maybe rest one of Willian & Hazard who look a little Jaded (although both made BBC TOTW) Giroud deservedly starts and maybe being either Barkley or Drinkwater in for Fab. Think Rudiger maybe on naughty step little longer. TC Azpi Christensen Cahill Moses Emerson Kante Drinkwater Pedro Hazard Giroud Bench: WC, Baka, Barkley, Morata, Willian, Chalobah or Hudson Odoi, Zappa
  12. Fruity66

    Playing youth players for remaining matches

    Unfortunately your probably right... suppose it depends who comes in? I mean I went on a hunt to see the regularity of youth brought through by the managers It seems we are after. (Enrique, tuchel, Jardim, Allegri and Sarri) Enrique, --> gave 16 youngsters debuts whilst coaching Barcelona. Seems to have preference for youngsters in cup competitions. Tuchel --> brought through the likes of Weigl, Passlack, Dembele and Pulisic. the later two have been very positive about his impact on their careers. Allegri --> has developed a few players such as Rugani and Pjaca but not as many. Jardim --> bringing youngsters through left right and centre. Sarri --> not as many as others but still promotes. Not sure who i'd rather have to be honest.
  13. Fruity66

    Playing youth players for remaining matches

    Suppose the one giant benefit of not making the Champions League this season (and to be honest it looks a challenge) is that we can look to use the Europa League as a breeding ground for the young guns. Bring back Abraham, Loftus Cheek, Baker, Jay Da Silva, Zouma, Tomori, Aina etc. and combine with CHO, Sterling, Ampadu and T Chalobah and use it to breed the next gen in a tested environment. Let the main squad focus on the Prem and champions league qualification and then we can start taking it more seriously if we need to.
  14. Fruity66

    Leon Bailey

    so lets say we lost Hazard for the £100 -£150 + Bale that's reported, Swapped Bats for Pulisic & took Bailey too (especially as he may qualify/play for England).... I wouldn't be screaming at that. Admittedly losing HAzard would be awful but if he decided he wanted to leave and we had to replace that's not a bad group to bring in.
  15. Fruity66

    Andreas Christensen

    The biggest appealing factor for me is like Terry he reads the game fantastically and spots the issue before it arises... works well with Rudiger/Azpi and often keeps Cahill out of trouble