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  1. I suppose it's difficult to balance. We are blessed to have such a talented academy that unfortunately we can't play all of them. That's why if we can't loan then we sell with buy back or sell on. @Munkworth is right, of the 4 leaving, realistically Livramento & Bate are the only real loses. Simeu - realistically never making first team. If Guehi/Tomori couldn't get a look in then Simeu was never going to. Plus he's competing with Silva, Christensen, Zouma, Rudiger, Sarr and the other academy guys of Mbuyamba, Chalobah and Colwill. Peart-Harris - Havertz, Werner, CHO, Pulisic, Mount plus Anjorin, RLC and maybe even Musonda/Barkley competing. Sadly again not much chance. Bate - Bit of a bad loss but if we got £5-8m for him which we might as still some time on contract and we get sell on/buy back/matched offer then we can't be unhappy with someone whose never played a first team game. He's got stiff competition in Jorginho, Kova, Mount, Kante, Gallagher, RLC, Barkley, Chalobah, Gilmour so can't really blame him and would do well in Bielsa system. Livramento - This would suck but nothing we can do especially if Milan etc came calling. I'd rather see him go overseas than be UK based. James will be a real issue as bedded in and Azpi is there too. I think Tuchel quite likes Sterling as well as looked at him at Dortmund. Then you have to consider the success that Tomori, Lamptey, Sancho,Madueke etc have had away from UK football. European teams and smaller teams will put these lads straight in and you can't blame them. We benefitted for years from the loan system but sadly we are suffering from our own success. However, you have to remember there is Broja, Cumming, Maatsen, Colwill, Gilmour, Anjorin, Mbuyamba, Haigh, Fiabema, Soonsup-Bell, Rakine, Vale, Webster, Olise, Castledine etc who can come in as exciting prospects... i think we will be ok 🙂
  2. Leeds Live have reported that Bate has started following lots of Leeds players this week. Just checked and he now follows a lot of players not just the likes of Bamford, Phillips etc but also people like Beradi, Kllichz, Llorente etc. Have a feeling he will be announced this week. Worrying times that Bate, Livramento, Peart-Harris and Simeu don't see their futures here. Simeu, Peart-Harris don't feel like the biggest lose. But Guehi, Tomori, Bate and Livramento feel like big losses and worrying that players don't see their futures here. I question why we are trying to sign people like Traore and Coman
  3. I'll be interested to see what Tuchel does with RLC, Barkley and Baka. Tuchel has previously stated he like RLC and compares him to Ballack and i think wanted to sign Baka at PSG, so maybe he will check them out preseason and decide upon them. So realistically i think we will see the following leave Miazga Kenedy Musonda Jr (Maybe used a backup but likely to leave) Alonso Emerson Barkley Lewis Baker Baba Rahman Zappacosta Drinkwater Batshuayi Lots of quick cash there to flush the budget if needed.
  4. Surely if we want an English striker, either we just keep Tammy or sign DCL. Ings had a good season but nothing special.
  5. Fruity66

    New CB?

    Pau Torres is an interesting one. Played really well for Villareal last year but watched the Croatia game and Kramaric/Pektovic bullied him upfront. Didn't look like he wanted to head the ball or compete in physical situations. Playing week in week out against Ashley Barnes would make him suffer.
  6. Scotland really missed him last night in CM/CDM role. McGinn, Armstrong and McGregor are great midfielders but Billy keeps them ticking. Scotland are really crying out for a striker who can put their chances away. Wykes and Adams have missed so many big opportunities for Scotland this Euros, it's insane. You would have thought they had been watching Timo.
  7. I really like him and think he would fit in well. Maybe the big choice is to decide if we use Azpi as squad player and use CHO further forward. I'd almost be tempted to say to Dortmund.. listen sell us Haaland and when Sancho leaves you, we will loan you CHO for a season/2 seasons. However, i wouldn't sell CHO. OR we sell them Abraham?
  8. Problem will always be we are producing quality players from the youth academy who can be brought into the first team. Guehi/Colwill/Mbuyamba are coming through and therefore the likes of Tomori will struggle to hold down a spot in terms of longevity coming back as well as our current players and future signings. We have the same issue at CF/ST with Abraham/Giroud/Broja etc and CM/CAM with Barkley/RLC and Anjorin/Future signings. Ake was similar to Tomori but in the longer term view the board/manager decided to take the decision. I reckon Tomori will have a chat with Tuchel and then a decision will be made.
  9. Don't see this happening. As far as Levy is concerned, selling Kane to Chelsea would be as bad as him burning down their stadium to Spurs Fans. Save the cash and go for Haaland.
  10. So depends on what Tuchel does, Silva hasn't got 2 years left in him, maybe one. However, I think Tuchel wants Christensen for his replacement as he is a technically good footballer on the ball. So really it depends on who Tuchel sees as those two outside CB's, whether he sticks with Rudiger/Azpi or whether he rotates Zouma in or whether Guehi/Sarr/Tomori can come in and take a spot. OR does he sign a new CB. I'd think he keeps his defence as is... Striker may be our key position and he will target that. Personally i reckon we will see Guehi/Sarr loaned in Prem if possible, Tomori back and maybe Zouma leave dependent on what happens.
  11. Some Liverpool Fans/City Fans were crying about Utd playing a weaker team... Why? City made 9 changes and lost to us. Just because they have a few more front line players than Utd they should also be allowed to make changes? Utd had to make changes as they have 2 games in 48 hours and the other club they have to play Liverpool (one of their biggest rivals). Don't get me wrong it annoys me that Leicester get a leg up, but lets be honest Utd have Europa League final and Liverpool to think about.
  12. Tomori I hope returns and plays but he does suit Italian football. not sure Milan can afford him at the moment. Guehi/Gallagher have been good but ready? maybe not. Gallagher could take Gilmour spot and loan Gilmour for game time. Amapadu shouldn't have gone to Sheff Utd, should have stayed with squad and been used. RLC seems to be on way out. Quality operator but injuries have ruined chances especially with Havertz very much in his mould. He's also 25 now so maybe struggling. Broja? scoring goals out in Holland and Vitesse fans seem to think he's quality (same bracket as Mount for them).
  13. Next thing is we will scrap relegation and just play with 20 teams in league. We all love the big games but week in week out is a bit much Plus, who doesn't love it when a smaller team pulls off a blinder and beats the larger team. Money grab and really hope we duck out of it or at least, it opens up to not being a purely set 15 clubs plus 5. Why do Arsenal/Tottenham deserve to be in it if they aren't in the top 6 of UK. How can you ignore Germany, France, Holland and Portugal (to name a few from this). Stupid concept
  14. Ironic that Chelsea women could lend us two of England, Kerr, Harder and Kirby and still have a fantastic starting duo.
  15. He looks a lot more comfortable behind the striker in CAM role than he did as RWB. Maybe when playing more defensive teams using him as RWB works but wants and needs to get forward. Need to remember he's 20 so got a long time to develop still.
  16. In more positive news, seems to like the quality of Mount/Gilmour from his press conference and has been seen in conversation with Anjorin/James. I also think if we keep Barry and Edwards then we can still help Tuchel access the academy but deliver on more direct and progressive football.
  17. Personal opinion Pulisic shouldn't start, let's play CHO on his actual wing for once. Pulisic atm seems to over complicate everything. Kept trying to beat the Luton right back and was tackled far too many times.
  18. Can you imagine, Lampard vs Gerrard once again...
  19. I assume this means Morris and Edwards both go to? who stays as temp manager? Literally couldn't think who will take on Wolves and most likely Burnley game.
  20. I mean if we decided to wait until end of season to see if Lamps could turn it around and if not went after Nagelsmann then i get that. But to bring in Tuchel or Benitez.... why....
  21. God i hope that's not true. This would prove our board's incompetence. Knee Jerk reactions to situations. Arteta was given time and is below us, Ole was given 2 years nearly and has gotten them to a decent place but yet we go on a bad run and that's that. We were top of the league at one point and are only 5 points off 4th.
  22. Kante, Andreas and James returning to training. Also Lamps making it clear that Tomori will only go on loan and has a plan for long term future for him at club.
  23. I think the differential has been that we are controlling possession but we look about 6 weeks behind the top teams in terms of understanding systems. Remember it was only 3 months ago that Ole at Utd looked like he didn't have a clue what was going on. There is a sense of time is needed and all good managers take time to bed in their squads, i mean Klopp took Liverpool to 10th first season. I am glad that we are looking to give Lampard some more time as we throw managers out far too quickly and then have to start again far too often. The problems i see are as follows. The tweak in tactic has not worked - the 4-3-3 approach with flying wingers and wing backs has caused us to struggle. The thing about Pedro and Willian to give them credit was that they often tracked back and supported their full backs. now Ziyech hasn't done that yet and with James there, he's strong and quick enough to mop up and cover Ziyech but Foden tore Dave apart (who i think should start being looked at as CB option more than RB/RWB). No CAM - The lack of a CAM or at least a forward looking CM/Box to Box has hurt us. Mount filled that position a lot last season and did well and RLC was also an option. However, with Havertz out of form and not playing there and Mount used further back we have no link to our Attackers. Kova and Kante as good as they are, struggle to always play that required pass or have the vision but could sit deeper and clean up, protecting James and Chilwell coming forward. Unhappy players - The squad is too bloated. We have a fair few players on loan/in the squad who aren't pulling their weight/ aren't good enough. It's clear the likes of Drinkwater, Alonso, Van Ginkel (sadly), Musonda, Kepa, and maybe Rudiger (unhappy over playing time), Jorginho (doesn't fit system) need to be moved on. Frank needs to reassess where he has players that could free up transfer budget/wage bill and then let them go, even if a loss on original transfer fee. Use the young guns - let's be honest, we are going to struggle to win the league this season and need to focus on top 4. So as said, let the older players who aren't pulling their weight move on and start utilising the youngsters/put pressure on them. We seemed to flourish last season doing that. Use CHO and fix Tomori - No idea what has happened to Tomori but i miss him. Seems to love the club and want to be here but doesn't get used. USE HIM! he can't be any worse than what Christensen and Rudiger have done this season. Also CHO is playing well at the moment, play him on the left or right and use him. Ziyech isn't fit yet and Pulisic doesn't seem to be on same wave length as squad atm and Abraham/CHO/Werner/Mount seem to have a decent link up.
  24. Yes, Lamps said no youngsters will be going on loan over January unless a very good deal. This means Bate, Lawrence, Liveremento, Mukyuemba, Gilmour, Webster, Fiabema, Soonsup-Bell, Brown, Sterling, Nunn, Anjorin, McEachran will all be around the squad or will be introduced into bubble.
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