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  1. Do they hold a minutes silence for Heysel at Anfield each year?
  2. Please Chelsea fans stay quiet.. Edit: well done, no reason for any negative press Now stuff them
  3. That bloody song, what a dirge... and those scouse accents No where else does Sky treat it as event. hope we stuff the dippers
  4. And I bet if the windows get put in the press will say it was from the inside of the coach...
  5. “If the spuds were ever to win it..” PMSL .. they look good and then bottle it every year
  6. Pikey is not racist, it’s a derogatory term, about a group of people from different races, sharing a common ideology.
  7. In the spirit of the above Liverpool FC statement I’ve rewritten the lyrics of a couple of well known songs below. No prizes for singing at Anfield on Sunday.. My gender neutral parents’ a refuse disposal operativehe / she or however they decide to gender identify as wears a refuse disposal operatives’ safety cap with hi-vis markingshe / she or however they decide to gender identify as wears cor-blimey trousers or a skirt or leggings depending on how they have identified that dayand he / she or however they decide to gender identify used to live in local authority subsidised rental accommodation, but that’s been reassigned to an asylum seeker. One gender neutral person went to mow, went to mow a meadow, hoping not to upset any ecology snowflakes one gender neutral person and his / her or however they decided to identify as without their dog as captivity is wrong went to mow a meadow, hoping not to upset any ecology snowflakes
  8. Agree that a few pissed-up lads singing about Salah in a bar is not nice, but it’s not racist. Islam, like all religions (or cults) is an ideology not a race.... Looking forward to the Liverpool stewards chucking everyone out of the kop on Sunday when they start the rent boy chant.
  9. Just reduces the wages bill, as can’t sign any replacements due to ban Agree, too many gutless individuals out there today
  10. Well, it was That Season.... just finsihed reading ‘Chelsea Here Chelsea There’ by Mark Worrall, about the next season, starting with THAT game at Arse. Good read (on kindle)
  11. Shug

    Random Rumours

    So are we sending Pulisic out on loan to Vitesse, Kingstonian or somewhere next season?
  12. I was at QPHa that day, left at 4-0 and was in my local in Fulham before the game ended.
  13. Two thoughts. 1. We really don’t want the dippers winning the league, so helped Citeh with their goal difference. 2. When asked where were you when you were sh1t, I used to reply ‘on the benches’ but this game screwed that response, watching on Sky doesn’t have the same ring

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