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  1. I was at QPHa that day, left at 4-0 and was in my local in Fulham before the game ended.
  2. Two thoughts. 1. We really don’t want the dippers winning the league, so helped Citeh with their goal difference. 2. When asked where were you when you were sh1t, I used to reply ‘on the benches’ but this game screwed that response, watching on Sky doesn’t have the same ring
  3. Shug

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yep, that’s it , your memory is better than mine
  4. Shug

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    @Peckham Blue I must be getting old. Mind going. It was actually Robin Nedwell in the pub most weeks, lived just down the road as you say, he had the fit actress bird, only saw OSullivan in there a couple of times. Derek Deadman almost lived in there. Right old fashioned little snug pub Popped in the brewers pre match fairly often as used to play football with the lads whose dad was the landlord. Even had my 18th birthday drinks in there, the landlord wished me happy birthday and then asked how old I was. Bear in mind i’d been drinking there for a couple of years and knew his sons....
  5. Shug

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Richard O’Sullivan used to live in Fulham when he was with an actress (can’t remember her name, fit with dark hair). He used to drink in the Jolly Brewers in St Dionis road Fulham prematch and most other nights. We were often buying him drinks when he was between filming and broke, but he’d buy drinks for us when he was working, Derek Deadman another actor used to drink in there as well. Look him up, you will recognise him immediately.
  6. Shug

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Sat next to Phil Daniels once, Spurs away, can’t remember the year, was a late morning kick off, we lost and pretty sure Graham Roberts scored for them. Could be wrong as memory fading, so many great away games in the 80s
  7. Shug

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Did the benches for a couple of seasons, then moved to Gate 13 for That Season, had a mate who got the tickets every week. Then had a season ticket east stand front middle upper tier, then moved to west stand.
  8. Shug

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    “On the benches, on the benches, on the benches Stamford Bridge”
  9. But at least Stevie G has left, so I still have the same number of premier league winners medals as him...
  10. Dave’s was pretty dynamic too
  11. Spuds bottle it again Really nice to see Dier sky that pen. Poch will be off soon, he’ll never win anything at Rottenham, serial bottlers again at the Bridge
  12. Shug

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    That was a really entertaining day. We started in the Lord Palmerston at 11. It was jammed, all regulars. Place emptied when the Leeds coaches arrived and went to park up near the gasworks. Left the pub around 2 and was in gate 13 for the match. Scoreboard took one hell of a beating from the Leeds fans.
  13. Shug

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Great day out. We got there early and in a pub soon after it opened. Landlord had a guy on the door and he was saying how only locals in. Loads of Chels slipping in in ones and twos. Got to ground just before gates opened and cops were saying might be called off when the special pulled in. Too late so game went ahead. Seem to remember Speedie was main player exchanging snowballs with fans. and that bloke with the coracle walking across pitch before kick off to get balls out of the river..