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  1. I didn’t say i’d be happy with mediocrity for a couple of seasons because it was GOOD in the 80s. It was really sh1t in the early 80s. Some of us were there and the team were crap, we as fans were treated as sh1t by most clubs, but we spent a lot travelling all over some really crap places, watching an awful team at times. I think some fans who weren’t around then don’t realise how bad it was. Especially the threat of violence, not just from opposition fans but also from plod. Remember how far we have come, from a relegation bouncing team to serial winners. I said a couple of seasons, rebuilding, due to transfer ban, and blooding the youngsters, all getting behind the team, like the lads in the bad times did, isn’t such a bad thing. The cost of a season ticket to me is not an issue at all, I don’t have one any more as work travel means I would miss half the games, so pointless.
  2. I was there when we were sh1t. I spent hundreds back then (thousands in today’s money) travelling to all away games when fans were treated by society and cops as nothing. Match going fans are irrelevant today with the millions from Sky. As long as we dont get FSW noth8bg else matters
  3. My two pennies worth, and it ain’t worth anything, but Go with Frank & Jody. Play the youngsters. Accept we won’t be in top four, but mid table, for a couple of seasons. Still pretty good compared to early 80s. Some of us remember when winning the ZDS was a massive day out, or an away trip to Grimsby
  4. Sky sports tweeting deal done with Juve 5 minutes ago
  5. Bit like the “who took the most corners for England?” Barry Sheen or the one with a real answer...”3 England captains that played for Sc**thorpe” No googling
  6. Could just imagine the players squeezing into an old minibus and heading to Mitcham for training these days
  7. Not sure it’s at the same level as when FSW was here
  8. Not sure, but odds on Drinkwater getting a few 😜 Apt name really, considering he clearly drank something a bit stronger
  9. Just looked at Arsenal fan TV Robbie says “we’re still here in Baku...” Other guy says “where the Fcuk are we going to go?” Magic!
  10. Andy Carroll is available on a free from the pikeys

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