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  1. Reece James just got home and emptied his pockets Winners Medal Car Keys Raheem Sterling 🤪
  2. Nearly. just got up and a blinding hangover...
  3. We weren’t good enough Just hurts that their goal was handball in the buildup and then a millimetre offside call - not clear and obvious no serious appeals from the And Leicester players
  4. Just had my table confirmed in a pub beer garden with a big screen for that evening cant wait
  5. At home 😜 No muppets standing in the way of the screen No wait for beer at the bar - Mrs brings fresh ones when nearly empty No queues for a pee at half time Can shout as much as you like
  6. So us and Citeh out, both Champions League Semi finalists this year. Not looking good when Spuds and Le Arse are the ESL attraction, with their great record in Europe
  7. Agree 100%. Part of the fun was turning up at away ground and meeting up with your old mates or just tagging along with another group you were on nodding terms with. Same at home games as pre-all seating you’d hang around where you usually stood (or in the benches later on / ended up in Gate 13 for a while - great fun but a bit mental at times) and meet up with mates. At Wembley for the Everton FA cup final (2009) four of us, all aged around 50 and been there / done that with Chels when we were younger, being asked to stop jumping up and shouting by a group of Chinese tourists all in Chelsea shirts who clearly had no idea what was going on. Think they got the message after a while🤪. What happened in the late 70s / early 80s will never be repeated, as we’re past it now and it’s all too sterile
  8. They might, but can they sing ”I was here when we were sh1t”
  9. Travelled all over in early 80s, and whilst not a ‘face’ got involved from time to time. Not necessarily on purpose but stuff happened. A few really fun games, Man City away (the morning kick off), Cambridge away, Grimsby, Luton (when were we banned), Derby away, Cardiff and some naughty ones, West Ham away, Leeds away, and of course Pompey where all their chaps were wearing dear stalkers. Brighton was a laugh (Hickey). Fun at the time and on nodding terms with a lot of lads from the pubs in Fulham and North End Rd market as I lived in the area. Not ashamed at all, it was what happened back then.
  10. Yep, I remember the embassy thing, not too sure they actually got there. Just fancied a punch up with the leftist groups supporting the terrorists Also the day an IRA bomb went off (Harrods?) whole ground was chanting smash the IRA stuff Bit like when the Falklands was invaded, some chaos in the Palmerston were talking about hiring a boat and popping down there, then someone told them how far it was. Idea dropped and another round at the bar 😂
  11. And we had most of the riverside stand that day too
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