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  1. Yep, I remember the embassy thing, not too sure they actually got there. Just fancied a punch up with the leftist groups supporting the terrorists Also the day an IRA bomb went off (Harrods?) whole ground was chanting smash the IRA stuff Bit like when the Falklands was invaded, some chaos in the Palmerston were talking about hiring a boat and popping down there, then someone told them how far it was. Idea dropped and another round at the bar 😂
  2. And we had most of the riverside stand that day too
  3. Clearing my attic and found a box of old programmes, some notable ones below
  4. Always had a laugh at Upton Park. Used to go to East Ham college (doing my BTEC as part of my apprenticeship) and knew a lot of their lads who went to the same college. Even met up with them for a beer on match days a couple of times, but sometimes got a bit moody when their local filled up with lads I didn’t know, so knocked it on the head after a couple of close escapes All a bit of a laugh back in the day, but when you’re in your late teens / early twenties you’re invincible. 😀
  5. Found this in a box in my attic whilst clearing out today A few nights reading ahead
  6. You’re wearing flares?
  7. Love the “Chelsea fans must fight back” Hardly anything else back in the day.... Remember the NF boys selling copies of Bulldog between FB station and the ground. Never quite got that as a couple of the lads who hung around with us worked in North End rd market and were Jewish, but always got well “involved” at WHL Chelsea here, Chelsea there...
  8. End of the day, if we sign him it will either be a great success, a question mark or a Winston Bogarde. We can all have opinions but only time will tell
  9. This. Even the relegation zone teams can beat the top 6 on any given week. In Spain the smaller teams play Barca or Real and they often rest players as know they are going to lose and want to make sure they win against similar teams the following week. Liverpool ran away last season. Same as others have done other years, but it’s their first win for 30 years. Spain is normally one of two teams, Germany BM or one other, France PSG, but like Scotland where it’s nearly always Celtic or Rangers with the odd random winner very occasionally.
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