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  1. SFL just has to put this quote from Jose’s presser on joining them, on the dressing room wall instead of his Pre-match talk "I really like this squad and looking to the young players there is not one manager in the world that doesn't like to play young players and to help young players develop. "There is not one. The problem is that sometimes you get into clubs where the work that is below you is not good enough to produce these players so I look to our history and you see that the Academy is always giving the talents that the first team need.” Pretty sure our youngsters will respond
  2. And the ref looks like Roy Chubby Brown (without the flying helmet)
  3. THAT kit 😎 Still got my home and away shirts from that season. They seem to have shrunk two sizes though...
  4. Beat the pikeys today. Early goal then the gates will open. 4-0 COYB
  5. The day of the snowball fight with Speedie
  6. Got all home programmes and a lot of the away ones from THAT Season in a box in the attic
  7. You paid to get into Saturday morning pictures? At Fulham Broadway, thought one kid paid then hit the emergency exit at the back and everyone piled in before the commissionaire could work out where they had gone. Wagon wheels were defo larger then as well.
  8. Players just wore old kit and random stuff in those days, none of this designer prematch kit, sponsored by another company no one knows based in Asia or somewhere.
  9. Great day out. Still remember big Doug’s tackle that crunched one of theirs (can’t recall who though) and of course, that goal.. Chelsea here, Chelsea there...
  10. £8m is too low. If he goes will we all be calling him Agent Luiz when he has a ‘mare against us and plays like only sideshow can on a bad day?
  11. I’m in that end somewhere! Great day out
  12. Likes: a night out at my local pub.... With most of the rest of the squad
  13. “Norman, Norman give us a wave” And he always did...
  14. Mud on his legs and socks. You never see premier league players with mud on them.. Most would throw a hissy fit
  15. Yeah it was bad. Even at home games walking to the ground, if you even half stepped into the road plod would start pushing you. They loved a fight as much as the fans. Away matches were where plod really took the p1ss, especially Yorkshire. They were animals.
  16. Yep, mk1, 3 door. Wish I still had mine, they are selling for big money now just to fit out as Mexico replicas
  17. And why do the VAR team, sitting in a studio, dress up as full kit w@nkers? Only positive with VAR is it gets rid of the pointless extra officials on the goal line, who never see or indicate anything - and they are on the same side of the goal as the lino (left back side) - would be more effective on the other side, further away from the lino
  18. Yep, you’re right... Everyone associated with Chelsea is a racist, plastic flag waving, classless rent boy, with no history. Jog on son
  19. Was about to ask what you were nicked for, then saw the comment about ladders and balconies and realised HMP doesn’t have those ?

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