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  1. Always had a laugh at Upton Park. Used to go to East Ham college (doing my BTEC as part of my apprenticeship) and knew a lot of their lads who went to the same college. Even met up with them for a beer on match days a couple of times, but sometimes got a bit moody when their local filled up with lads I didn’t know, so knocked it on the head after a couple of close escapes All a bit of a laugh back in the day, but when you’re in your late teens / early twenties you’re invincible. 😀
  2. Found this in a box in my attic whilst clearing out today A few nights reading ahead
  3. Shug


    You’re wearing flares?
  4. Love the “Chelsea fans must fight back” Hardly anything else back in the day.... Remember the NF boys selling copies of Bulldog between FB station and the ground. Never quite got that as a couple of the lads who hung around with us worked in North End rd market and were Jewish, but always got well “involved” at WHL Chelsea here, Chelsea there...
  5. End of the day, if we sign him it will either be a great success, a question mark or a Winston Bogarde. We can all have opinions but only time will tell
  6. This. Even the relegation zone teams can beat the top 6 on any given week. In Spain the smaller teams play Barca or Real and they often rest players as know they are going to lose and want to make sure they win against similar teams the following week. Liverpool ran away last season. Same as others have done other years, but it’s their first win for 30 years. Spain is normally one of two teams, Germany BM or one other, France PSG, but like Scotland where it’s nearly always Celtic or Rangers with the odd random winner very occasionally.
  7. Really not sure about this one. SFLs trying to build some team spirit and playing the youngsters, Silva will take a massive salary, find it hard in the premiership, where every game is a big one, unlike France where he coasts every week as PSG are so far ahead of everyone else. Go with Ampadu / Timori and get a good defensive coach to get Zouma switched on again
  8. Not vintage, but was in Kenya a while back and passed this bus on the way to the hotel.
  9. Shug


    Will we play a full strength team and bother with defence and a keeper, or just go the same as last season?
  10. Shug


    We’re the white wall, we’re the white wall etc...
  11. Shug


    Might go to all of them. Problem being no idea where they are...
  12. Looks like we played that match without a keeper 😀
  13. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiy6Lfo3vrqAhXTSBUIHfwXDDQQxfQBMAx6BAgEEAg&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.caughtoffside.com%2F2020%2F08%2F01%2Fvideo-arsenals-emiliano-martinez-unpunished-after-appearing-to-handle-ball-outside-the-box-vs-chelsea%2F&usg=AOvVaw0iq30GfYvgOmED0dQH4leF
  14. Why didn’t they show the replay of the keeper catching the ball?
  15. Taylor’s looking forward to his winners medal and lifting the cup
  16. Who gives a sh1t on the dippers’ opinion. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one, but some are bigger than others
  17. The 83 away game was a laugh too. Drove up to Leeds and after a few beers just outside Leeds we parked in the car park near the ground. Cop tried to take my car keys as was worried I would throw them at someone. Had a new XR2 at the time and which probably cost more than he earnEd in a year so after a bit of debate, he gave up. Recall the chants of ‘one Yorkshire ripper, there’s only one Yorkshire ripper’ didn’t go down well with locals or cops. Ended up scrapping all the way back to the car after the game, and Bates flying past us in his Rolls or Bentley on way back down the M1. He slowed down and tooted us then disappeared - we had scarfs on the back shelf... Had a little incident at one of the services on way home, can’t remember where but think it was Liverpool on their way back north, and they crossed over the bridge. Plenty of vans and cars of our lads though and no major damage. Was always a laugh in those days, but we were in our twenties, not late 50s then
  18. That ‘84 game was great. Was in the Palmerston before the match and whole place emptied as their coaches drove past. In Gate 13 for the match,and all on the pitch after. Those were the days 😀
  19. Maybe play Dave on the left and James at right back?
  20. Home support has been pretty sh1te the last few games...

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