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  1. Used to shop in there too. They also sold off all the used tennis balls form Wimbledon after the tennis every year I had the Bonetti kit and those silly little green cotton gloves
  2. WTF? Just went to view this thread and saw this. An ad for Utd shirts on this forum. Someone’s ad agency needs shooting
  3. That’s pretty near where my old man is. In same plot as his mum and dad, but in the north west corner. He can hear the cheers as the goals go in.
  4. If you wore a shirt in the early 80s you increased the probability of getting a good kicking Also made it a bit harder getting in the away end Remember a game against the pikeys at their ground in early 80s. Queuing up outside and everyone dressed the same, kept kicking off as no-one knew who was Chels and who was a pikey. At least at Leeds in was obvious who was who, They dressed really weird
  5. No Chinese tourists wearing half and half scarfs either
  6. Yep, Pretty sure he was brought up in the prefabs. My old man always reckoned that his elder brother was a great player too. Believe he ended up owning a commercial window cleaning company and married to an Italian ballerina or something similar
  7. My dad knew Harry from when he was a kid in the worlds end. Used to get tickets for big games off him. Always remember cheering Norman as he sprinted across the pitch, and he always waved at the benches
  8. Saw him a few times in the Lord Palmerston 20 minutes after the game, sitting at the bar with a pint and a ciggie... A few of the players used to get in through the garden door, like we did before the pub reopened for non regulars
  9. Yep. Now that was a great day out. Always liked that white kit. Still got the shirt somewhere but doubt it still fits. Two of us drove up there and got in a pub near to the ground just after opening time. Bouncer on door checking for Chelsea fans. By about 1pm half the pub was lads we knew, all drifting in in ones and twos. Stood outside the ground waiting for turnstiles to open, and cops were saying game would be off, and then the special arrived. Snowball fight with Speedie was fun long drive back as well those were the days.
  10. On the benches On the benches On the benches Stamford Bridge...
  11. Guess they all had to jump in the transit for the trip over to training at Mitcham in those days can just imagine today's multi millionaires going to training in a Ford transit minibus
  12. Remember going to a couple of blues v yellows matches in the early 80s. Stopping off at the little shop near Fulham broadway station or maybe the club shop on Fulham rd next to the shed entrance for the new Le Coq shirts (pre megastore) All the players with sun tans after their summer hols.and seeing them running round the lake at Virginia water the week before. Lots of them struggling as too many beers over the break.
  13. Eel Brook Common. Used to play football on the gravel pitch there as a kid.
  14. Still got that shirt, seems to have shrunk a bit over last 30 years though... doesn't fit any more
  15. Was at that game too. Had tickets but still a nightmare getting in as so many had travelled there. we were in a pub near the ground soon after it opened. Absolutely jammed with Chels. Recall seeing a certain gent from Tunbridge Wells and his mates enjoying themselves inside the ground too
  16. Pretty sure that mock Tudor bit used to house the players lounge. We used to lodge Chelsea trialists and juniors in our house and went in the players lounge a few times in the early 70s. Saw Charlie Cook doing keepie-upies in there once with a snooker ball. Amazing
  17. Dead right. I was in the benches for that game. The Millwall lads were burning their coats and anything else on the terraces. mental night
  18. Pretty sure he lived down there, or at least his mum & dad did, as they were friends of my dad...
  19. Pretty sure he lived down there, or at least his mum & dad did, as they were friends of my dad...
  20. Brighton was a great day out. Got down there early and had a few drinks in the pub, remember some undercover plod walking around in the pub and people whistling "the Sweeney" and laurel & hardy tunes. We had tickets but when we got there thousands of Chels and a massive scrum to get in. Ground was packed, ended up near Hickey and his mates at one point, then they went off somewhere to have some fun. Great day out, would never happen today...
  21. Looks as mad as a box of frogs. He was running up and down the touch line and kicking every ball yesterday (even the one he really did kick) Wonder if he'll get up Arsen's nose at all... Can't wait for next season now
  22. I went to East Ham college for three years (78-81)as part of my apprenticeship. Mixed with loads of West Ham lads, good as gold there, even though they all knew I was Chelsea. Problem came at Upton Park games, they were all looking for me, and it was a nightmare. Fun at the time though

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