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  1. Took my Villa supporting mate and he was impressed with the atmosphere. This is the best it has been for many years. Absolutely brilliant to be part of it. The second half in particular saw Chelsea dominant to an almost embarrassing extent. Some good comments on here. Pulisic is no doubt great with the ball but needs to work harder off it. Mount had a much stronger second half. Tammy looked off to me but still scored and set up Mount’s goal – the sign of a class player. We should have scored more. Villa to their credit did not park the bus and did their best to make a game of it despite being out classed. I agree that Grealish goes to ground too much but we kept him out of the game. We got the tactics right in denying him space. The fact we gave him so much stick shows that we know he is a threat. Entertaining game we should have won 4.0. Their goal was a joke, great cross but what was Keppa doing just stood there like a statue. He is at his best stopping long range efforts and at his worse around the six-yard box. Kante made some great defensive tackles. UTC.
  2. Regardless of what we think about the league cup beating them tonight will be pleasant feeling. Our squad is better than theirs and Frank can rotate the squad tonight without necessarily weakening the team too much. I hope we stuff them. I remember them in the FA cup last year and how cocky they were. Call me bitter. Come on Chelsea let’s smash em.
  3. Let’s hope not too many our end. As you say though it should be an entertaining game.
  4. Spot on mate, really loving the buzz around Chelsea at the moment. I know a lot of people who have drifted away from the club in recent years even though Chelsea is deep in their hearts and these old friends showing an interest in returning to the Bridge (poor fools, have they no idea how hard it is to get a ticket). Great result and decent performance. Of course it was not perfect but some people need a reality check.
  5. I used to play football with him at school boy level. He was a decent bloke back then, now on the telly he talks utter b*****ks. In order for their contracts to be renewed TV pundits often seek to be opinionated and non-bland. I am sure he is a decent guy deep down but he is a prize *nob when speaking about football on the TV.
  6. Exciting and almost audacious starting 11 by Frank. This young team has such attacking instincts I just hope we don’t get caught on the counter. Come rain or sun this is a fantastic time to be a Chelsea fan.
  7. We might surprise a few people today. Come on the Chels!
  8. Listened to commentary of the game, pity we did not keep a clean sheet. It just not appear in the team’s DNA to play defensive. 4.2 up with 6 minutes to go and Chelsea defenders still pushing forward. Chelsea without doubt most exciting team in the PL (okay I maybe be bias). Playing such open football might punish us against better opposition. Wish I had been there, went there last season. Fantastic result UTC.
  9. I started going in the early 80s went in the East Stand adjacent to the away fans. Occasionally I went in the Shed but at the time (I know some may disagree) the main faces went in the East Stand and of course there were those on the opposite side of the ground who were also looking smart and making a noise. When I stated going to the Bridge the trend was to go into the seats and not stand. This was a phenomenon taking hold in many other parts of the country. It was about buying expensive clothes and siting in more expensive areas of the ground as well as confusing law enforcement by adopting middle class traits and then kicking off.
  10. Joey Jones, Joey Jones when he gets the ball he scores a goal, Joey, Joey, Joey Jones. He always played with such passion and always gave 100%. Met him and Micky Droy once whilst they were still playing and shared a few pints in a pub. Top blokes and so in touch with the fans. Both as hard as nails and both really respectful about the commitment fans showed in supporting the club.
  11. Went to this one last season and after a good first half going 1.0 up through RLC we lacked spirit in the second half and ended up losing 2.1 We could well lose again but there is more determination in this team, contrary to what people are saying after the Sheffield game, and I think we will win or draw. Wolves are good but only to a certain extent. We still have some quality players who can win games. The biggest question is how long it will be before we keep a clean sheet? Hopefully the management team have put in place an attractive incentive scheme that will reward Kepa and his defenders every time they get a clean sheet. Wolves 1 Chelsea 2.
  12. I should know better, but I took the time to look at a Sheffield United fans forum after Saturday’s game. I can’t begrudge their delight at securing a point in the smoke. Good luck to them, not a pretty team to watch but they are effective. On the tube leaving Fulham Broadway there were some almost hysterically disappointed Chelsea fans, one even stating we will get relegated this season. Blimey, talk about not being to put things into perceptive. Yes, it was disappointing to lose a 2.0 goal lead but there were still positives to take from the game and had Tammy taken his hattrick then the outcome would have been so different. Anyway, I should not digress. I thought the atmosphere at the Bridge was excellent. At one point the West Stand lower started a rendition of Carefree and this prompted the MHL, the Shed lower and Upper to join in. According to Sheffield fans we don’t sing, and we are all tourists. I have been at Man Utd away, been in with noisy Chelsea fans, not heard Man Utd sing only to watch Match of the Day to arrive at a more balanced perspective. Perhaps, this is what Sheffield fans need to do. For what it is worth I thought the Sheffield fans were quite loud at times but sang less than Leicester in the previous home game. Considering it has been double figure years since Sheffield were last in the PL I would have expected more. They went through large spells of the game without singing. Leicester to their credit sang a lot and so did we. However, when I went to Leicester last season in our last away game, I could not believe how quiet they were. It just goes to show the difference between how fans respond at home and away and all things considered the atmosphere at the Bridge was excellent on Saturday from the Chelsea fans. One final thing. Sheffield fans do not appear to understand that a lot of them are sat next to the family section. I was sat next to the family section at Leicester last season and guess what they acted like families. I am not implying that Sheffield fans are thick but if you sit next to a family section how do you expect it to act? I for one am really enjoying the vibe at the Bridge at the moment and although on the footballing side of things Frank and the boys have a bit to learn I feel excited about home games now.

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