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  1. My point is that if the video showed Chelsea fans other people would not be calling it banter.
  2. No one can defend the ‘singers’ in the video but why the need to lump all Chelsea fans together. Support Chelsea and you will be labelled one of the following: racist, rent boy or glory hunter. After about one-minute West Ham start singing about Spurs and the racism is there for all to hear…now if that was Chelsea fans!!! After about one-minute West Ham start singing about Spurs and the racism is there for all to hear…now if that was Chelsea fans!!!
  3. I would say I hope you are right but that would mean accepting going 2.0 down. Sometimes in football it's the hope that hurts but come on Chelsea!
  4. We have had a few false dawns this season. Yes, recently things have been looking more positive and the manager appears to be becoming more flexible in his starting line ups and tactics. That said, Liverpool have only lost once this season. Unlike a good cup run a high league position cannot be based on luck alone. Because things are feeling more positive at Chelsea I go into this game with some trepidation. They could whack us, and our heads could drop like they did at Wolves, Spurs, Bournemouth, Man City and Everton. But who knows …this is football, and this is Chelsea and we might just pull off something special to piss on their parade.
  5. Always a pleasure to beat West Ham. Despicable fans – no class. Can just keep watching Eden’s goal. I agree that RLC had an excellent game and was surprised he was taken off.
  6. Whatever happens to Eden it has been an absolute pleasure to watch him play. His first goal last night was worth the admission price alone. Absolute beautiful player and someone who fits in with our superb heritage. Hope he stays but respect whatever he decides to do.
  7. Welcome. Check out vintage Chelsea on this site and go to the picture gallery section and you will find a lot about our history and culture (or sub-culture as sociologists might put it). in terms of tickets, first become a member of Chelsea FC. You can do this online through the main Chelsea FC website and obviously wait until next season to do this. Then move to England. Okay, just kidding. Instead, join a USA supporters club and this will be your best way to get tickets. Congratulations on becoming a Chelsea supporter. Tomorrow morning in the shower belt out two renditions of Carefree ... at the top of your voice and you will get such an adrenaline rush. Good luck mate.
  8. This will be a tough game for us. Recently we have looked better in some games when we don’t have the ball. Everyone working hard off the ball to stifle the opposition. If we work as hard as we did against Spurs in the home league game then we will win. Come on Chelsea.
  9. I am personally not bothered when people film the game. I don’t care and to be honest there are more things to get annoyed about - like our second half performance at Wolves. what is sad about your post is you saying you won’t go again and having a dig at angry cockneys. makes me think your post is a wind up.
  10. Despite the result I was pleased with how we performed. We played deeper and kept things tight stopping the City supply. We looked far from naïve and I feel that tactically we were spot on. I will ignore the penalties. In terms of atmosphere Chelsea fans were superb and the longer the game went on the more defiant we became. As a fan base we have always had a defiant streak in us and it was great to hear us in full voice. I still think we can grab a top 4 place. Hopefully the atmosphere on Wednesday will be passionate and our season will get back on track. In football it is often the hope that hurts but I feel optimistic today.
  11. I am taking my youngest to his first ever Chelsea final. I am really hoping that Chelsea fans will sing consistently and show the world we are not plastic supporters. When we were sh*t we were some of the most passionate fans in the land. The weight of expectation is killing our fans who are unable to relax and say f**k it we are Chelsea and we are best regardless of how things are going on the pitch. Look smart, sing loud and make sure the world knows what it means to be Chelsea.
  12. I think we might just need to accept that our management screwed up and shouldn’t have done what they did. The judgement although not helpful is not the end of the world. I have read the club’s statement and if genuine it just makes management look incompetent. Some other clubs have slipped up on this issue but the extent to which Chelsea have.?

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