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  1. Thank goodness this thread is still going amongst the gloom of a national shut down. Well dressed fans in the early 80s Chelsea Arsenal Pompey Leeds Man Utd Despite what they and haven’t got a clue media types claim the scousers were just too scruffy, although I will admit they had an interesting new wave look around 1979.
  2. Villa confirm game is off https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2020/03/13/aston-villa-statement-coronavirus
  3. Stating the obvious but Billy really looks special. What a shame he can’t play for England. Been so enjoyable watching Chelsea today, no squeaky bum moments.
  4. Gave my ticket to the Mrs who has taken our youngest. Whilst such generosity is no doubt to be applauded Chelsea have looked so good I feel disappointed not be there. I hope we can keep up the intensity as well as skill.
  5. Looking at this list there must be some truth to the notion that when we want to buy selling clubs inflate their prices. Best investment strategy is to develop youth and accompany this with some purchasing of experienced players. Our current model brought about through the transfer fan could develop into something quite testy.
  6. Let’s enjoy this, absolutely brilliant. The scousers turned up and expected to win. They were outclassed and each Chelsea player worked so hard. Really proud of the lads and let’s hope we still have some energy when the other scousers turn up on Sunday. Up the f**king Chels.
  7. Pure class and not just Chelsea’s best kit but best kit ever.
  8. For me Kovacic has been our best player this season and has stepped up from last season. He doesn’t score but his passing and interventions are beginning to be something we rely. As others have stated his story is not over yet and if managed correctly he will only get better. Particularly in the first half he was our only player who looked at a higher level against Bayern. In many ways he remains an unsung hero.
  9. I think there would be a lot of uproar. But the type of new fan Chelsea are trying to attract maybe oblivious to the heritage of the traditional fan base. Think half and half scarves but in answer to your question people would moan a lot but as it is I’m pretty sure we get a watered down version already. At Wolves their song is played right up until the ball is kicked from the centre spot which is how it should be.
  10. Club statement The club have finally woken up and Tuesday night released a statement regarding the homophobic chants of some of the Man Utd chavs. Imagine we had retaliated and sung about Munich etc. the press (quite rightly) would have been all over us. As it is, the press say nothing about the Man Utd fans. Just checked on the Man Utd website and nothing about their fans behaviour. We all know that if Chelsea fans step out of line our club are the first to take punitive measures. It’s good to see them finally taking that approach to other fans. When I hear the chant I just think it’s stupid but thinking it about it more I can see how offensive it is. It is saying that being gay is the worse offence and implies that gay people are more likely to be prostitutes. Years ago fans used to sing I would rather be a P*** than a scouse, implying that being a P*** is almost the worse thing imaginable. Everyone is fighting against the ugly face of racism but as a society we appear to be light years behind on tackling homophobia.
  11. Sometimes it’s the hope that hurts but my grumpy mood has now passed and beautiful optimistic now abounds. We will win this. Sing your hearts out for the lads. UTC.

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