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  1. Could not agree more, he played so well yesterday and really stifled Vardy. Surprised he is not getting more praise.
  2. A lot people who have already posted on here appear to have got the measure of yesterday’s game. I was sat in the family stand with my youngest and I have to say it was one of the best atmospheres at the Bridge for several years. At times I could even hear the Shed Upper singing. Okay, we became more apprehensive as a crowd in the second half but for a while there the noise volume reminded me of more expressive times. In terms of play we were great in the first half, particularly the first 30 minutes. We must not forget that Leicester are a good team. I was there last season when they beat us 1.0 Leicester got their tactics better in the second half and that could be a sign of their manager’s experience. As the game progressed their use of space was much better, and we lacked passing options. I thought the two central defenders had a good game and Christensen stifled Vardy well. We are a work in progress and Frank still has a lot to learn but no one can say we are boring. The internet makes communication easy for everyone and this is why we have to tolerate those who are doom and gloom. It might not work with Frank but let’s give it a go.
  3. I agree and that's why I made the point. There is a certain irony in someone pleading guilty to something they did not do and being treated more kindly as a result. Although, on closer examination our legal system encourages such things because those who plead guilty get lighter sanctions.
  4. Engaging with this subject has the potential to lead too all types of misunderstandings. If people put forward a sympathetic case for the fan who has received a life ban, they risk being accused of racist apologists or deniers. Likewise, those supporting CFC’s decision lend themselves to accusations of hypocrisy due to previous behaviour by the club most notably in the case of JT when the club stood by him with no ambiguity. This led to comments in the wider football world that Chelsea were so hell bent on success that they would tolerate unethical behaviour by one of its stars. It is timely that in some of today’s newspapers an article has appeared about the Sheffield Wednesday player named Fernando Forestieri who is apparently devasted at being given a 6-match ban for using racist language towards the Mansfield player Krystian Pearce. This resulted in an intense pitch brawl. Fernando was acquitted in a court of law, but the FA imposed the sanction. Such a decision would appear to be in keeping with CFC’s decision. The perpetrator has not been convicted legally of committing a racist crime but taken as a whole has been judged to bring the game into disrepute. It would be interesting to read the statements from the other fans involved in the incident. Clearly there is no place for racism in football. That said, there does appear to be some inconsistency here. A life ban? The CPS also used lip readers who I understand, were unable to conclude that the fan in question had used the word black as opposed to Manc. The lip readers used by CFC have had no such difficulty and it is claimed that they definitely read racist language. I guess we have to respect that it is what they saw because they are the professionals. However, all things considered, something does not feel right about this case. I think the other fans owned up to being abusive and were allowed to be rehabilitated. The fan who has received the life ban denied the charges and by not acknowledging his transgressions the club felt he could not be re-educated. Perhaps he would have been better off had he owned up to this even if in reality he did not use racist language. Like I say I would be interesting to read the transcripts from other fans and stakeholders who gave statements. Perhaps in a few years some clever soul will unveil these due to the freedom of information act? Taken as a whole this feels more like a PR exercise and compensatory behaviour for the club’s tarnished image during the JT racism affair.
  5. Certainly, under JM as much importance was attached to non-possession formations as to formations when we did have the ball. I think at times we will be play exciting football this season but despite Frank wanting his team to work hard off the ball I have a feeling we will leak goals. I worry in that in our enthusiasm to get forward we leave ourselves open to attack and that’s why your observation about non-possession formations is so important. Just hope that Frank can get the balance between flair and discipline.
  6. Sadly we now have quite a few adults who wear replica tops. I have always thought it looks embarrassing to see a grown adult wearing such an item at a game but there you go. At last year’s league cup final there were loads of Chelsea replica tops at Wembley.
  7. I think we will end third and don’t share the pessimism many on here have. That said, I remain an optimist and always do when it comes to Chelsea. City first, ‘always the victims’ second and chants of ‘it’s happening again’ ring out across the Bridge as Spuds once again run out of steam.
  8. The respect the players show to Rob Green says it all. Sometimes it’s what happens behind the scenes that counts, and he is clearly a great club man. I watched him in the warm up away to Leicester, last league game of the season, and he worked so hard. He is obviously a true professional and appreciates being a part of Chelsea FC and all that is brilliant about our club. I hope the guy stays with us and undertakes a coaching roll of some sort, to be honest he appears to be doing this already.
  9. What an impressive second half. Well done Chelsea. Bring on next season.
  10. I should know better at my age, but I can’t help but be excited about tonight’s final. We came close to winning the league cup and I really hope we can pull this off tonight. Another trophy, another triumph over a London club. A win will certainly go some way to easing the gloom that is descending due to Saturday’s forthcoming UCL final.
  11. The most inaccessible European final in history. The only way to do this in a day (well perhaps a day and a bit) was with Thomas Cook. You know the score treated like cattle, next to no leisure time. I did one of these deals with England in a World Cup tournament years and said never again. Treated like we were non-human. Independent flight options I looked at involved waiting for a change in Istanbul for 10 hours! The most civilised option regarding flight times etc. was leaving on Saturday 25 May and coming back on Saturday 1 June. WTF! The logistics of this final make it virtually impossible to attend and guess what the final is mid-week. Mid f***ing week! And just to top it all off I remind myself that we have already qualified for the CL and this is non-essential but nice to win final. Arsenal really need this and the fact their fans have responded in a similar manner speaks volumes about how rubbish the whole set up is. To afford the costs you need to work but to get to the final you need time. In addition, the compliance regarding visas and form filling meant that we had to make quick decisions before knowing whether we would be able to go. Your point about the new stadium. We do need a new stadium. It’s doubtful we would always fill a 60,000 stadium but we would on occasions. The amount of Chelsea fans attending the UEL final has absolutely no bearing on whether we would fill the new stadium. In terms of people being offended by the number of Chelsea fans going – I just don’t buy this. The only embarrassment here is UEFA
  12. Hello Chelsea supporter from Holland.
  13. I can really relate to your post and like you have a fear that it will all come crashing down. Newer fans are definitely more spoilt but they might ague they simply have higher expectations. I remember a time when I worried Chelsea might go out of existence. Now some fans biggest worry is they won’t win the Premier League.

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