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  1. Most understated run by any team to reach a Champions League final. No hype, no great expectation or unnecessary pressure. Feels like I am dreaming, absolutely amazing achievement. Imagine being at the Bridge last night. So proud of the team and Tuchel. Tuchel has the Midas touch, he has really impressed. No matter what happens in Istanbul reaching the final is a considerable achievement. KTBFFH, love Chelsea.
  2. We looked like such an accomplished team against Athletico and such muppets against Sheffield United. Same score line but so different. Either way we are winning or drawing and look hard to score against. City can’t win everything. Can they? Still fancy us to surprise people regarding the Champions League, not saying we will win it, but you never know about reaching the final. With regards to the FA cup, it will depend how seriously Thomas takes it.
  3. Absolutely His performance was so impressive, he was every where. Man is a legend, he carries his humility well. It’s amazing that he is so annoying and disruptive to opposition players yet they never appear to get annoyed with him. Probably says much about how he is respected.
  4. This feels so good, absolutely delighted. Up the f**king Chelsea!
  5. Peter Houseman Micky Droy Joey Jones Graham Le Saux Mark Hughes
  6. Our messages crossed ...not feeling quiet pessimistic but certainly not feeling cocky
  7. Well onto tonight's entertainment and am I the only one not feeling too cocky? That said, I predict a second good evening following on from the Spids heart breaking defeat at Everton. Love cup games especially at lower league clubs. UTC
  8. Great story mate. Children being told to sit away from windows - disgusting! I remember the area being a dump when I went there all those years ago. I remember a night game away at Wigan when I was a young teenager (cup game, can't remember what exactly) and I got home about 5am. Had some cereal and toast, a cup of tea, did my paper round and then went to school. No armchair options on the agenda. By lunch time I wanted to go home and sleep for England. I was a football zombie!
  9. Missed that one thank goodness but when up there in the 80s. Open away stand, no roof, the good old days, wind, rain and sh*t football.
  10. Over the years we’ve had managers at the club who’ve had little connection with the club. Yes, we have won trophies, but it felt like we were engaging with a company in the leisure industry rather than supporting a football club. When Super Frank came it was such a breath of fresh air. We knew he was a rookie manager and we knew mistakes would abound. But he bleeds blue and the sense of engagement he has with everything CFC was motivating for the fans. The romantic side in many of us really wanted Frank to work out. I still think he should have been given more time. That sa
  11. I agree and out of the bottom clubs they are on better form. No easy games in the PL. 2.0 Chelsea - honeymoon period still intact but expect a physical encounter and without Silva let’s see when Rudiger is at.
  12. I was somewhat tense going into this game. Would have settled for a poor performance and a good result but delighted with a decent performance and a good result. Spids looked poor and Jose has managed to zap the confidence out of them like we know he can do. Everyone scared to make a mistake that they end up making nothing. I have friends who are Spids fans and I thought of them as I laughed with joy that normal service had been resumed and we had beaten them yet once again. Losing to this lot was never something any of us wanted to feel just now. What a waste of a sta
  13. Don’t disrespect but you sound mental, good luck with the fishing
  14. He’s on the wind up mate, there’s loads on here whipping things up. You’d think they’d have better things to do such as going on Twitter spreading their horse sh*t.
  15. Yes, this rumour is gaining momentum. If there is truth in some senior players going to the board to complain about Frank then this is nothing short of disgusting. Rudiger in particular is rumoured to have stuck the knife in on Frank but it could just be a rumour.
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