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  1. I am of that generation and to be honest the man was a football genius. I am sure if Paul Gascoigne had done the same thing at Italia 90 and gotten away with it England football fans would have applauded his cunning and creativity. Yes he cheated but for f**ks sake what kind of sh*t referee was officiating that day, what inept linesman failed to see it. His second goal against England showed a real gulf in class. I’ve moved on and my only regret about him was I never saw him play in the flesh.
  2. Wonder what team Jose will put out on Thursday. He will want to win the Europa but then again losing against Chelsea will hurt him badly. I was nervous about the Spids game, but this is now passing into excitement. Should be a quite a game. Really wish I could be in the ground for this one, this current team of ours is starting to look like real quality. KTBFFH – Come on Chelsea!
  3. Tough game for Jorginho, this Rennes team has pace. If it carries on like this Kante might be brought on. Wish Hoddle would stop bigging us up ...kiss of death.
  4. I am nervous about this. Frank did the double over Jose last season and that must really hurt the bitter and twisted one. I worry that Spids will absorb what we throw at them and it will be interesting to see how far we have come and avoid falling for a Jose sucker punch. Expect mind games galore whilst Frank simply rises above it all. Personally I think Frank will be cautious, more so than some are anticipating. Not quite to the extent CFC were at Man Utd but not a million miles away. Of course he wants to win but he will do all he can to make sure he does not lose.
  5. Agree, anyone with a football brain can see just what a promising talent Mount is. I did read some moran on social media saying something that he does not dribble with the ball. WTF? De Bruyne is not renown for his dribbling skills, nor is Kante ...Mount has great passing ability, vision and perhaps most appropriate for the modern game presses when he or his team do not have the ball. Some players just come alive when they have the ball but Mount is always alive, rarely see him just standing still like some other offensive players when the ball is some distance from them.
  6. Like everyone else on here absolutely delighted with the result. We looked tired at times which is understandable given the travelling our international players have made. Frank was complaining with good reason about the early kick off time but one positive is our players will have a longer recovery time and at this level even the slightest of marginal gains can make a difference. We all know the big one is next weekend and seeing how good they look it will be a real test. UTC, Frank is class.
  7. Last year we got turned over up there, I am sure Frank will be on this one and feel we are well placed to be more resilient against the likes of Newcastle and similar teams. It's Jose I fear, we did the double over them and he will have been planning his game against us for weeks. Not saying I am complacent against the Magpies, just feel we are in with a good shout of getting a result and also know the Spids game is for another thread.
  8. When Chelsea go fishing prices tend to go up although our negotiation skills have improved lately. Both Marlon and Danny developed weight problems to continue our connection with On the Waterfront.
  9. To be fair he did look decent for a few years before he joined the mighty CFC. His performances during the season Leicester won the league were terrific and he made it into the England team. The reality is he is not settled as a person and just did not have the drive to train hard and make the life style sacrifices that top players need to make. He could have been a contender so to speak but he blew it! Football history is full of players who did not live up to their potential. Yes, we made a mistake, but given the performances and indicators at the time it was a mistake that could happen and
  10. Everyone in a blue shirt had a good game. Their goal was slick and if we had scored it we would have been boasting right and proper. I miss going to the Bridge and watching on the TV is just not the same. When you see Mount playing in the flesh you realise just how hard he works and what sacrifices he makes for the team. Whilst Willian could look good on the telly but be a frustrating player to see sometimes in the flesh. That said Thiago Silva looks such a class act in his reading of the game it doesn’t matter if you watch him on TV or in the flesh. Just wish we had signed him 4 years ago.
  11. Love him or loathe him you could not ignore him!
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