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  1. The Swan

    That Sterling Incident

    No one in any posts contained within this thread has defended racism. If the fan in question has made racist comments, then not only should the club take action, but he should also be liable for legal action against him too. At this stage we don’t know if he has been racist. Racism is disgusting, and the narrative being presented in recent years that racism has become more insidious is accurate. Just because it has become less avert does not mean that it does not exist. However, we don’t know if the bloke was being racist. Due process needs to be undertaken. Watch any football match on TV and you will see fans making wan*er signs to players and shouting abuse. I just don’t get how this bloke’s behaviour is any worse than what goes on. Why has he in particular been made such a scapegoat? I would also like to know who instigated this witch hunt. Someone on social media declared that a football player had been racially abused. This person was not at the match. This person did not hear what was said. Now that it looks like the fan may not have actually been racist the morally outraged from Tunbridge Wells want blood anyway. I was at the Many City game. I heard chants from the Matthew Harding Stand calling the player in question a c**t. Most people in the family stand where I was sat laughed. At the Everton game I sat near the Everton fans and watch dozens of Chelsea fans make provocative gestures to Everton fans supported with ‘blue’ language. Everton fans sang in unison calling Ross Berkley a rent boy. Deriding his sexuality and life style choices in an abusive manner. If it is shown that the fan at the centre of this storm was not actually racist what considering all that occurs at every game up and down the country has he done wrong? The hypocrisy evident here is frustrating. From the media and football supporters alike.
  2. The Swan

    That Sterling Incident

    Too clever by half mate!
  3. The Swan

    That Sterling Incident

    But many people at one stage sang together and called him a c**t. What should we do about them?
  4. The Swan

    That Sterling Incident

    What is worse a 50 year old bloke calling him a Manc c*** or a group of Chelsea fans in the MH stand singing in unison and clearly mentioning his name that he is a c*** several times?
  5. The Swan

    That Sterling Incident

    Obviously racist behaviour at any level in society should not be tolerated. At the risk of sounding naive I would be surprised if fans at the Bridge expressed rascits sentiments. I remember a time when rascit comments at the Bridge were common place, things have changed a great deal for the better. The thing is even if it is discovered that no rasict comments took place the damage has been done. I’ve already had mates of other clubs texting me saying Chelsea are rascit. If proven guilty then pursue the strictest punishement. But if innocent I bet the fans in question will receive no apology. Making a stand against rascisim is crucial but let’s actually find out what was said here.
  6. The Swan

    Just signed up from Norway.

    Welcome mate
  7. After the lack of fight we saw against Wolves this performance was great to see. City had the best of the first half but the attitude of the Chelsea players was excellent. City helped us by missing chances and not kicking lumps out of us like some other teams do. I was worried the goal we scored just before half time would galvanise them but it only served to make us stronger in the second half. A brilliant atmosphere and I am still buzzing this morning.
  8. We might surprise City but it s not a given we will be in the top 5
  9. The second half was painful. We were out fought and at times Wolves bullied us. we don’t have a natural leader and lack a physical presence. The same when we played Spuds. people are highlighting individual players deficiencies but if a team wants to beat Chelsea they just have to out muscle us This evening we were too pedestrian and communication between the players was poor. people have said Cheek played well but he was absent in the second half, although he was not the only one the fans who made the effort tonight deserved better
  10. The Swan

    Midlands Chelsea

    Are you pleased with the cup draw?
  11. Going by train. Limited pubs for away fans with a bar near to the station and part of Premier Inn being the obvious choice. If anyone has other suggestions for pubs that would be great. Was going to drive but have heard traffic for night games at Wolves can be a nightmare.
  12. Spot on. As others have already stated we lack a leadership figure. It’s possible having a home grown player would address this. Certainly more passion from the Spuds yesterday and that hurt. I do think though the subs needed to come on earlier. It appears to be a trend now that managers don’t make changes at half time which we clearly needed yesterday.
  13. We came 5th last season and realistically ending in the 4 has to be our goal this season. We have started better than I anticipated. We got the tactics wrong today. Spuds appeared bigger, faster and more intense. At one stage we had Haz playing up front as an isolated striker. Smallest player on the pitch against a physical and motivated defense. WTF. Today was bad but we will get over it. Subs made a difference but too late and our manager underestimated the physicality of the game.
  14. The Swan

    Another In The West Midlands

    Cheers mate, train it is. I would ask where the best place to grab a pint is but know the options are limited.
  15. The Swan

    Another In The West Midlands

    Luckily I got a ticket. I work in central Brum. Would you recommend I drive or take the train to the match? Cheers