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  1. You do indeed mate. Last season I took my youngest to the Sheffield United game and went in the family section. About 30 Sheffield fans were just ahead of us singing and enjoying their day out in the smoke. Stewards completely bottled it, no checking of tickets etc. I rock up with my 12-year-old son and we are stopped, asked to present our tickets. I get it, a dad with his son is obviously high risk. Once we get through this layer we are then asked if we have soft drinks on us by another layer of security. I get it we look high risk, a dad and his son. Meanwhile, next to me I can see our stewa
  2. KTBFFH Come on Chels! It's the first game of the season and much to be excited about even though fans are still yet to be allowed in the stadium. No doubt it will take this new emerging team time to gel but if the result and performance are not to a world class standard expect to see a meltdown on social media and this forum. Some of this is driven by internet trolls (do you really have nothing better to do?) or people who support Chelsea but have such low self esteem they go to pieces if Chelsea's performance and result are not perfect. If we do put in a world class shift I'll be k
  3. Some things which are confusing about this thread. The governing body of football stipulates how many overseas and 'home grown' players a club can have. The Chelsea team is a good advert for multi-culturalism and rightly so. Twitter is full of extreme viewpoints. One final thought, is this thread a wind up to start with? (No offence intended if original post is genuine).
  4. Just love on the ongoing history of this thread. Often learn new things and see new things even though they took place in the past.
  5. Interesting story, not sure mate. Back in the day when the Cockney Reds were a force Chelsea had a big following of Midland and Northern supporters. Have to say though there was a period when other teams sang one man went to ... I believe Motherwell sing it now. The obvious question to ask is what accents did those lads who got kicked out have?
  6. Greetings I too am based in the Midlands there’s a few Chelsea round here. Been up here for over 10 years and only twigged in the last few years that there was an active and long standing West Midlands Supporters Club. Promptly joined and my only regret is that I did not join before. Where about in the Midlands are you mate?
  7. West Ham 1981 was my first away game with Chelsea. You have a better memory than me mate. I do recall the corner flag and I remember West Ham being in all ends of the ground. Afterwards was pure chaos, totally mental. A copper took pity on me and my mate, we were aged 13/14. I remember some big Chelsea lumps standing their ground but no question West Ham were going nuts. Blokes in their 40s doing cut throat signs to kids - dickheads. It was character building. I agree with the comments on this thread, as the casual scene developed Chelsea became the top firm in London. To their credit West Ham
  8. I remember that league table, seems funny now looking back, even the tabloids had a go at replicating it.
  9. I remember when the Bulldog used to be sold outside the Bridge. Often the vendors would be respectable looking types which was at odds with how the far right was often depicted. I am sure there are better qualified people than me to comment but during the 80s I remember a few black lads involved in the scene and when it kicked off some who had sung racist songs would then be fighting side by side with game black Chelsea lads. One particular event stands out for me mid 80s when Cardiff were escorted back to Paddington and Chelsea steamed into them with a few black lads leading the charge. Card
  10. Me too, looking forward to watching this game today. Starting to feel more excited about the forthcoming season. Difficult to know how long it will take these new players to gel within the team.
  11. That my friend is an important part of history and well done for sharing.
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