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  1. Martial looks unwanted at Utd.
  2. Willian is pretty good and a Brazilian international.
  3. Just done a search of KonakaiBlue's posts. Not surprisingly about 95% of all his posts are on the Mourinho thread. Get the impression he posts elsewhere now and again to look like he's a real supporter. Mez
  4. When I read some of the posts on here, I think some posters want Jose to be a humble monk living in a cave and indulging in some good Roman Catholic mortification of the flesh, like a Trappist monk living a life of total silence. Also, he is now manager of ManU, so professionally, he has to talk that team up, that's what he's supposed to do isn't it? Would it be acceptable if Conte didn't talk Chelsea up, of course not ! The guy is a Premiership Manager, do you genuinely expect humility? (Please don't answer that, KonaKai Blue, your seething hatred is so plain to see that your answer is fairly predictable). The one question I'm left asking, and again I don't want an answer from you, is where did all this seething hatred come from. There is definitely a hidden agenda here, and there's definitely more to it than Chelsea's last season under JM. Mez
  5. Artist's impression looks grand. Mez
  6. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/12/09/article-2521051-132F1390000005DC-855_634x383.jpg
  7. How about we swap grounds with Fulham and develop Craven Cottage. Mez
  8. Never ever go on the Red Cafe board, they are gloating. I feel sick. Mez
  9. On the nail. But when you're ex goes on to win the lottery and celebrates winning with his new partner IN FRONT OF YOU, year after year ! , that's going to be hard. Mez
  10. Just don't know how to react when he will be sitting in the opposition dug out, as Man U manager. It will be weird. Mez
  11. Which begs the statement, how on earth did he manage to win the Premiership last year with this bunch of players ? The man must be a genius!
  12. JM won the premiership last year with this team. Won't add any more. Mez
  13. Everyone theorising about who what where when why everything went wrong. I'm not sure if the thread contributors have inside knowledge or not. I do think that JM had problems motivating this group of players. I'm also not sure that this group of players could ever win the EPL again. I'm not sure if anyone else could have done any better than JM but I seriously doubt it. Mez
  14. Chelsea legend Pat Nevin alleges Cesc Fabregas would rather have lost than played for Jose Mourinho http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3365671/Chelsea-legend-Pat-Nevin-alleges-Cesc-Fabregas-rat-lost-play-Jose-Mourinho.html
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