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  1. The weak wrists are as basic a flaw as a boxer being born with a glass chin.
  2. A thank you and all the very best for the future.
  3. Tbh, I don't think any player has had what I'd class as a great season, so I can't single out one player. However. I think the following were the best/ most important players. Consistency - Kova and Azpi. Importance - Tammy's goals in the first half of the season for getting us up there. Giroud's goals for getting us over the line when Tammy went off the boil. Mount, being young and doing well after stepping up a division. Pulisic for magic moments and easing the pain of losing Hazard. Razzie award can only go to one person and no need to say who that is.
  4. Those fleeting moments where Oliver says nothing and just looks straight at the camera.
  5. The main objective was achived today so a win next week would be an added bonus. All the pressure is off our lads now, so the question is, can they get themselves as fired up as an Arsenal team needing to win to qualify for Europe?
  6. I love Baseballl (Tigers fan) and must get round to watching the 8 Men Out movie.
  7. Yeah, pretty certain we wont see him again for us. Best for him and the club to part ways now. We might struggle to buy a world class keeper, but a good, solid one who isn't a liability would be a significant step forward.
  8. The club gets a lot of stick when things aren't going great and not competiting for the title, but even when we're not all that great we still finish top four, win cups or get to a final. That proves there's a real resiliance and hard nosed will to win at our club.
  9. When he gets going he's like a football version of Jonah Lomu.
  10. Well, that was certainly a lot more comfortable than expected! A solid, professional team performance with no playerr having a poor game.
  11. You here about the top batsmen in Cricket and the greats in Tennis seeing the ball early. Kepa appears to see it late.
  12. There was a time when Chelsea did have a significant number of very racist fans. I remember being at an away match at West Brom where almost the entire section of Chelsea fans (a good few thousand) were standing up giving Nazi salutes and chanting "there's only one Princess Michael" who's family had just been revealed to having links to the Nazis. There are no comparisons between the levels of racism between those days and today!
  13. I'm one of those who doesn't actually enjoy watching these kind of one off games where so much is at stake. I mean for me, watching thst CL final against Bayen was 2 hours of pure torture right up until Drogba put the penalty away.
  14. Could well be that. Some sportsmen/women just lose their ambition and drive once they've achieved something special. In this day and age they only have to slack off a bit to fall very quickly. Even the amazing Ronaldinhio's career fell away quickly once he lost that bit of drive.
  15. I can see both sides to this too. But we start from the posistion of not having to score, so playing it a bit safe is maybe the best option. But then we have to take into account our keeper and defence and trying to play safe with that sorry lot is asking for trouble. There's also the game at Leicester, which will surely have some influence on how we play as the games progress.
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