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  1. I know about what's gone on here before i joined because i've seen it mentioned on here. As for being an angry person? Well, the kind of people who do make me angry are the kind of people who i discribed in my previous post. Bullies are and always have been detestable! Sadly, going back decadess, the club has always had its share of them ( yeah, i was there in the bad old days at grounds like West Brom, where 90% of our fans were standing up giving salutes while singing about Princess Michael) just that most of them stay under their rock these days.
  2. While the Mods sit back and let the arrogant, intolerant, bullying c**tS on here (you know who you are) carry on with their ridiculing, insults and abuse until the members either leave or eventually snap and say something that gets them banned. I gather that's something that's happened to numerous other members in the past. These bullies patrol the forum like a bunch of facistt Thought Police jumping on and harrassing anyone who doesn't fit their extreme view of what a Chelsea can be, think and say. Constantly going round waving the ignore flag and go round telling others to use it as well. As i said at the start, the mods are the ones to blame for people leaving or being bannned. They've sided with bullying c**ts who dont know the meaning of free thinking.
  3. I've been "following you around like a stalker" Wtf are you on? I pick out random comments to reply to and do not make a note of who's posted them. What I have noted tho is there's a few really intolerant, unpleasant people on here who go in for abuse, looking to pick fights and even try and turn some fm's against others and I gather fm's have been driven away by them. Its easy to spot who these fm's are. Sadly, with the recent negative news about some of our fans this should come as no surprise. Congrats on driving another sway. Oh, and a final word. The fact that you highlighted Jorghino actually making a worthwhile pass proved my points about him doing F all with the ball game after game. One good pass in half a season - Amazing! He was hardly great tho. Nearly cost us a goal and gave the ball away numerous times.
  4. Just looking to bait, which is childish and pathetic ! Why dont you have a go at those who were actually slamming Sarri on subbing Hudson?
  5. A win is a win, but we've been bang average with the usual desperate shortage of any real creativity. Deserved the win tho.
  6. He's injured. Looked like a frightened Rabbit while he was on tho.
  7. Well, he did nearly set up a goal FOR Watford.
  8. But we simply don't have enough players with real pace do do that.
  9. We've scored and missed one other chance. They've scored and had a couple of half chances so score about right for me. Nearly fell off my chair seeing Kova actually make an assist. More of that please! Kante sadly rubbish again. Willian doing F all. Rudi poor. Hope Hudson shines in second half. Think we'll win.
  10. Selective memory then. I was posting a lot while we were unbeaten and saying exactly the same things about Kova and Jorghino when we were unbeaten and second in the league. All I get in defence of those two is this new gobbledgook about "press resistance" and them linking up well. I'm especially disappointed by Jorghino. Not having any interest in Italian football I'd never seen or hear of him before. However, I was excited by his arrival because after reading and hearing various comments I thought we were getting something like a Glen Hoddle or Platini playmaker. Instead, all I've seen is a player with the athletic ability of an OAP who offera zero defensive protection, nothing in offence to go with a five yard passing range. IMHO, they two technically gifted but staggeringly limited as footballers and need to be replaced.
  11. So, you're one of those who think if you win it means you've played well and if you lose it means you played poor. Winning or losing makes zero difference to my opinion of this player, who does nothing game after game win lose or draw. Anyway, you, the hardcore minority who still think this manager is right no matter what, along with Sarri can continue to bury your heads in the sand until he's sacked. You should bookmark this post and come back and apologise when the inevitable happens. Unless Sarri changes course that is. Oh, and for the record for the upteenth time - I like Sarri and want him to turn this team around as much as anyone else on here! I'm just saying what I'm seeing with my own eyes, that is all.
  12. A chocolate teapot of a footballer and down there with the likes of Bakayoko as my all time lesst fav Chelsea player. Starts game after game after game, does absolutely nothing of any significance every friggin match and ends up being subbed every game. Never mind tho, Sarri appears to have a complete blank spot with this non player and picks him for the next match all the same. Meanwhile, RLC, scores goals but finds himself playing second fiddle to this nonentity. Who could blame Loftus putting in a transfer request when he's being treated this way. Oh I forgot, he can pass a ball brilliantly over five yards in non threatening areas like his equally inept partner in crime who is killing this team, so that's all right then. However, this midfield nonsense cannot and will not be tolerated for too much longer. 95% of anyone who watches football can see what a disaster zone Sarri has created there. He has to rip it up and start again or he'll be sacked. Sadly,, I think he's to stubborn to admit he's got it very badly wrong and the outcome is almost inevitable.
  13. I support the club and team 100% through thick and thin! That is very different from supporting players i think are simply not good enough and a managed I think is making an incredibly big and vwry basic mistake that might well cost him job in the not too distant future. It seems its OK on here to slaughter the likes of Morata, William, Luiz, but anyone who dares have a go at the likes of Jorginho and Kova are classed as f**king idiots who have no idea about football. You do not have to be a tactical genus to see this midfield Sarri has gone for is not giving protection to the defence or creating and scoring at the other end. Sarri will be reinventing football if he builds a successful team on a midfield like that.

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