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  1. If it wasn't for him they would've conceded at least two more.
  2. Just in case anyone thought we could have done better against Bayern, presumably things are clear after this game. They could've easily scored 10.
  3. True story. And it's been pretty much like that since Neymar had left. Suarez sometimes occurs with a flash of brilliance but Messi is literally carrying them game after game. Their chances in this game depend on him only.
  4. Tonight it should be an entertaining one. Bayern certainly the favorites but no one ever should rule Barcelona out. If Messi has his night they will go through IMO. But I would prefer Bayern to win it.
  5. He's been by far the best player out on the pitch tonight, closing down Atletico's attackers every single time (especially Diego). Can't really see Leipzig selling him this summer, in this particular system he's too important for them.
  6. 1. Wayne Rooney, back in 2013 when we were desperate for a striker. 2. Morata. Got extremely hyped and expected so much from him, in the end he didn't live up to my expectations, not even close. Cuadrado also comes to mind. 3. Hulk, Balotelli. Always thought they were overrated by many, even at their peaks. 4. Alonso. Didn't know much about him and therefore didn't know what to expect from him. Couple of games later, things were already clear. A fantastic signing.
  7. Couldn't agree more. I'd rather use that money to buy a new CB and that should be a priority. But as you said, Frank certainly knows best...
  8. He is talented without a doubt, and with the price of 20m£ could really be a bargain buy. Definitely a potential. But what makes me sceptical is how would he adapt to the EPL, especially the physical level. I'm afraid that could take some time. Honestly I would prefer Tagliafico over anyone we're linked with, although Reguilon is also a good option.
  9. Can we sign this Copenhagen goalkeeper to replace Kepa? What a performance...
  10. Wow what a goal that was. Pure strength and attacking instict.
  11. I think White is Brighton's player. Apparently they've rejected two bids from Leeds.
  12. That chance was gone with Barkley's penalty vs Valencia.
  13. What do you mean by 'offers so much more', they are two different types of midfielders? IMO Barkley simply isn't good enough for Chelsea and he never was, not even in his prime.

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