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  1. Good performance and a positive result. Shame we couldn't score another one as we've certainly deserved it, but as many of you already said I would have also happily taken 1-1 before the game. Kante or Toni MOTM, both of them were outstanding.
  2. Jorginho today = Bakayoko vs Watford in 17/18
  3. Kante without a doubt. Surely one of his top 3 performances.
  4. I've been trying to write something but couldn't. What a night.
  5. Just look at that through ball. Beautiful. 😍
  6. This was only a glimpse of what he can do. He just needs to play and I'm pretty sure he earned his place in the starting 11 next weekend.
  7. Fantastic performance, one of the best this season. Everyone was primed and ready tonight. Havertz MOTM. Now let's hope Leeds can do something.
  8. Christensen just went from prime JT to prime Cesc in the space of two minutes.
  9. CHO should play more 1v1 on that left flank. Iwobi looks so shaky.
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