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  1. Competition is never a bad thing. As a young player it motivates you to work harder and push towards your limits. I'm sure that they will get enough football. The season is 4 weeks shorter than usual and we need good squad depth and rotation.
  2. So far so good. If we manage to sell those who are surplus to requirements it would be excellent. Although I think it's too early to give any ratings, I'm very satisfied because of the fact we are again competitive in the market and we seem to attract top players after a few years of stagnation.
  3. This is a discussion for another topic but certainly people in general aren't taking this too seriously. The 'I'm not gonna catch it' mentality is pretty common and that is the heart of the matter. That is why I think some players should show a bit more responsibility in this situation, at the end of the day they represent role-models for millions of kids around the world. It is also proven that this virus can damage one's vital organs, and sportsmen aren't an exception to this. As @bluedave explained it above, the travelling itself is not a problem, as long as you respect social dis
  4. Could this be one of the best transfer windows ever?
  5. What is the point then if he doesn't get minutes? I mean he is only 21 and has great potential, the most important thing for such a young player is to actually play regular first team football. If he doesn't than he stagnates, it's as simple as that. Lots of us here say we lack quality at CB but right now we need leadership and experience, someone who can make Zouma/Rudiger/Christensen more confident and a better player overall. That is why I think Silva would be the perfect fit, even if he stays for one season only.
  6. Great business. Easily one of the best passers among CBs even at this age.
  7. Consistency is the most important factor in a title race. If we want to get involved we'll have to deliver week in week out. We are clearly not at that level, but we can close the gap between us and Liverpool / Man City this season. These things take time. Just look at how Klopp rebuilt Liverpool, he needed some time. And their core group of players are playing together for a long time. That is the key of consistency. Although maybe there is a chance for us to challenge for the title because I don't expect anyone having a 100 points season, another top 4 battle seems far more realist
  8. The new players will need some time to settle in and adjust to the system. Anyone who is expecting a significant impact from the new signings straight away should be aware that the season starts in less then 20 days and this is real life, not Football Manager. Yes we had for example Diego Costa with 7 goals in his first 3 games but how often does that happen? I just don't expect a very strong start to the season, also we have some tricky fixtures in the first few gameweeks. Would love to be wrong but good things can take some time. Patience is all we need with this squad.
  9. A great signing. Frank certainly knows his qualities and I'm sure he will prove the doubters wrong. It feels like this summer we are on our way back to where we belong, the elite of European football. The board is doing a really good job with these transfers. Exciting times ahead 😁
  10. I genuinely don't believe he could leave, not this season.
  11. This is 100% true from the first word to last. Alonso is not Ashley Cole but he definitely is good enough. Proved it many times.
  12. Well deserved. Can't think of a reason why Icardi was left on the bench while 1-0 down... Bayern were maybe not at their best tonight but PSG couldn't make use of it. They seemed too nervous and they lacked concentration throughout the whole match. Inexperience can often be a drawback in games like this which is one of the major reasons they couldn't play their usual game. And what a fantastic decision did Flick make by starting with Coman instead of Perisic. Not many expected that but it paid off entirely.
  13. Didn't Leicester win the league a couple of years ago? Imagine something like that happening in Spain.
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