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  1. Did you actually see how many duels did he lose? And it's not only about today, he played like this every single game. Clearly needs some work at the gym. No one is questioning his passing ability.
  2. Almost every single game between top 6 teams this season was boring as hell.
  3. Ziyech looks unfit for this league. Maybe it's time for Havertz to step in and show what he can do.
  4. When exactly did Christensen turn into prime JT?
  5. Not bad at all. We certainly look like the better side. Just go on and the goal will come.
  6. They literally look like a team without a game plan. Just pass it to Zaha and hope he can do something. It has been like that for years and somehow it still works for them.
  7. Whatever happens tonight these are the games you live for. Mendy Azpi Christensen Rudiger CHO Kovacic Kante Chilwell Mount Pulisic Giroud Come on!
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