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  1. I understand what you mean but right now we are not one but two levels above them. They look so disorganised in every aspect of the game. And now without their two main strikers I can't see a way for them to score from open play. If we have the same approach like against City then yes it could be a 0-0. And no matter how bad Juve are at the moment we can't say a draw would be a bad result away from home. But we don't want to see that approach again. I think Thomas knows what mistakes were made and that's not going to repeat.
  2. Morata and Dybala apparently injured. Considering how poor Juve are at the moment I'm expecting nothing but a comfortable victory here. Pulisic is tied up and locked in Tuchel's basement.
  3. Next weekend we are on top of the table, Brighton 2nd.
  4. It is all about a minor tactical decision that can make or break a game like this. Today it just didn't work out. Almost everything was wrong, starting from the tactics, players selection, even the subs were strange. What was Ziyech doing on the bench when we were chasing a goal? What worries me is the second half. In the first half we didn't look so shaky at the back. Yes they had the possession but they looked nowhere near scoring. In the second half we allowed them 3 clear chances. When James got out they were easily creating space on that side of the pitch, literally the same thing they did on the other side where Alonso was exposed. They were tearing us apart from the flanks every single time. But it is okay to make mistakes. It happens to the best of coaches and to the best of teams to have a bad day when nothing goes right. I wouldn't call this a 'reality check' but rather an anomaly. Tuchel has already said he is well aware of what happened today and which mistakes were made. Hopefully we can bounce back on Wednesday and then we have a good run of fixtures. No panic. Still way too early in the season. Everyone is losing points. We've had by far the hardest fixtures so far. Keep your faith.
  5. Not our day unfortunately. We were all over the place in the second half. Poor defending, too predictable in attack. They managed to prevent our transition perfectly. As much as it's hard to say, Pep did outclass Thomas today. On a more positive note, it's still very early in the season and this is a good lesson for us to come down to earth. I'm certain we'll learn from our mistakes. No need to panic after one bad result.
  6. Doubt. Kova and Jorgi are doing great job in defense. I don't think we'll change shape unless we concede.
  7. It wasn't bad at all except for the last 10 minutes when it felt like we were losing control. Half time comes just at the right moment for us. I expect us to continue in the same way and score a goal from a counter.
  8. The Bridge has to be as loud as it can get today. Let's show them who are the Champions of Europe. COME ON! 🔵
  9. It will be a 50/50 call for Thomas but if you ask me it would be Ziyech. He was arguably our best player in pre-season and now after that injury he's surely eager to prove himself. If he starts I think that with his left foot we could cause havoc in their defence. Not to mention he already scored twice against City.
  10. Well the quality has certainly improved in the last 4-5 years.
  11. Kepa got into their heads, simple as that. May be too early to say but his confidence is growing.
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