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  1. Cam

    Tammy Abraham

    Can't judge him on this game. Nothing he could do when he came on. We weren't on the front foot, and he was too often isolated. He hasn't shown he has the ability to make the difference yet either though. He'll get more chances...and we'll know at the end of the season whether he has a future at Chelsea or not.
  2. Can only assume the exertions from midweek was the reason behind the frankly alarming shift from the first 20 minutes to the rest of the game. I was begging for a draw throughout the second half.
  3. Cam


    I don't normally question Willian's workrate. Performance, yes, workrate, no. That was genuinely shocking.
  4. He's our one undoubtedly world class player. I love him.
  5. 4-0 is harsh, but in the end, people will look back on this and see that United smashed us. Oh well. Need to do better.
  6. Cam

    Tammy Abraham

    Shame his early fizzer of a shot didn't go in. Could have been the confidence boost he needed. It wasn't to be.
  7. Yep, much easier going to the game without an actual camera. Yeah, it was awesome. Made the most of it, because I have no idea whether I'll ever make it back to the UK.
  8. Hello....I was fortunate enough to take a trip to the UK over March and April. Naturally I hit up as many Chelsea games as I possibly could in that time. Fortunately, that went well. The only game I was unable to attend during my time over there was the Liverpool away game. I've made an album with a couple of pictures from each game I attended from the vantage point I had. Managed to sit in Western and Eastern Upper stands, Matthew Harding Lower, and Shed End Upper and Lower, as well as a couple of away trips. It was tons of fun (especially in hindsight seeing how the season ended). I can look back at it and know I watched live part of a successful European campaign, and got to see one of the finest ever Chelsea players lace up (Hazard). So if anyone's interested, here's the link to the imgur album of pictures. https://imgur.com/a/Wd31Qhh
  9. I wanted Sarri to stay, and was very skeptical about the hiring of Frank this early in his managerial career...but I'd be lying if I said this didn't give me the warm fuzzies. He is here now, and it feels good, and needless to say through my natural pessimism, I am very excited and offer my full support to our returning hero.
  10. It is riveting television. Made for uncomfortable viewing some times, but wow, just really stellar writing and acting throughout. I guess it is easier to maintain those standards when it's only over the course of five episodes. Perfect length.
  11. Edit: Pressed submit once, it posted twice....why does it take so long to post and then do it twice anyway. Ergh

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