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  1. It is riveting television. Made for uncomfortable viewing some times, but wow, just really stellar writing and acting throughout. I guess it is easier to maintain those standards when it's only over the course of five episodes. Perfect length.
  2. Edit: Pressed submit once, it posted twice....why does it take so long to post and then do it twice anyway. Ergh
  3. I'm glad I got to see Eden play live. Having only ever seen him on tv, coming over in March and April let me see him play. That's something to remember.
  4. When I woke up at 5am to watch this game...I was not overly optimistic. But I was also weirdly calm about it. I think because we didn't have CL qualification on the line. That said, I would have been a bitter mess if we'd gone on to lose. But we didn't...we won, and in doing so, doomed Arsenal some more...so it's all the sweeter. Well done to the boys, and Sarri.
  5. I'm not saying it's impossibly Lampard would work out...just that if we want to minimise the risks of it not working out, we should give him the opportunity to forge forward in his career before placing that burden on him. Not to mention, the sheer volume of talent on offer at Barca at the time is completely different to at Chelsea, not to mention the threat of five genuinely good competitive teams. The competition at the top of the Premier League is the toughest it's ever been, and while we have the most talented youth system in the country, we likely don't have the makings of a squad strong enough to achieve what Pep did at Barcelona. If the club decides to take the enormous gamble and throw Frank in at the deepest of deep ends, I will of course support him, and daydream giddily about what it would mean to have a club legend manage us to glory...but I wouldn't be convinced of success, nor would I be able to with a straight face, say, 'yes, that was a correct, rational decision.'
  6. There is no scenario where Sarri should be sacked now. It would be ridiculous. He's done as good as he possibly could in the circumstances. We were never matching Liverpool or City. I was in the UK, I heard the Sarri out chants....but guess what, at the end, he helped pull the team through. Sure it wasn't pretty, and it required a lot of luck, but it got done. He's already here. If we get a new manager, with no ability to change the squad, we're not going to be any better off than with someone who could at least have the full off-season to continue working with a group of players he knows fairly well. And the talk of Lampard...sheesh...give me a break. He's about as green as a manager can be, and people want him thrown in the deep end at Chelsea!? Chelsea is the most unforgiving management job in world football. Not to mention, he wasn't at the club that long ago. There are still players at the club who were there when he was, and the youth players that possibly grew up idolizing him. Sure, they may give him respect for what he accomplished as a footballer, but I can't imagine it's easy to control a team where you are friends with a number of the players. Sarri in.
  7. I'd rather see if we can get Dybala from Juventus if we can buy players. But I wouldn't turn Coutinho down for a decent price.
  8. Who cares if it's Morata or Higuain. Both are supremely gifted at missing.
  9. Can't believe I have to hope Liverpool win the Champion's League. What a sh*t situation to be in.
  10. Genuinely thought we had no chance to make top four. Turns out, we can fail as much as we want...as long as every other competing team fails a little bit more.
  11. That second half was actually enjoyable. We played some good football. Haven't said that too often this season. Higuain's goal was a beauty. If I recall correctly he did that a couple of games ago, but it was cleared off the line.
  12. Well...this is better. Maybe we do actually want top 4?
  13. Ergh....for f**ks sake. Higuain offside all game then has a chance for glory...but no. And then to top it off, we waste our final chance with a short corner.

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