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  1. He's a cracking player, he really is. I've thought for a long time he's our most dynamic midfielder. He big, strong and fast, and importantly, a very adept finisher. In a midfield three, he has to be in there. He's the closest we've got to Frank Lampard nowadays (they're not the same style of player, and he will never reach the goalscoring heights of Frank, but he offers something very different to all our other midfielders)
  2. Sure am glad I got to be at Goodison for that one haha Good times. In fairness, we dominated the first half, but didn't finish our chances. We paid for it.
  3. Wonder who's considered heavyweights. Obviously Hazard, who will likely leave anyway. Maybe Luiz (out of contract), Alonso (so what), Willian (sell him anyway), Kante (doesn't strike me as the type), Dave (wouldn't have thought so). I don't think we have much in the way of 'heavyweight' players I'd like the club to bow to. I'd rather we put a stop to the player power bullsh*t we have at our club once and for all. I don't even know if Sarri is the right horse to back...but the players definitely aren't.
  4. Nah, he can stay and learn his trade at Derby. The Chelsea job will be there again, and again, and again and again and again.
  5. We have to aim to win the Europa League now. We are unlikely to finish top 4.
  6. Just end me. Sheesh what a gross f**king game.
  7. I want him to stay...but we've had some thoroughly unacceptable losses. He seems bereft of ideas and lays the blame solely on the players failing to meet his system, rather than altering his own tactics to suit the players. I loathe changing managers regularly...but seriously...6-0. That's not Chelsea.
  8. One of the most inept displays I've ever seen. Gross.
  9. Sheesh...this is ridiculous hahahahaha CHO can cross.
  10. Thank CHO. He's performed a miracle. Helped Morata score a goal.
  11. Can't believe we're not ahead. We'll probably go on to lose...because reasons.
  12. I'll be gutted if he goes. I think he's the most talented young player I've ever seen at the club. I was sure he'd make it. But if he doesn't sign the contract, what can be done? That's enormous money for someone with so little professional football under his belt.

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