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  1. Any scenario where we replace Kepa with Oblak is a good one...and it won't happen.
  2. Supporting Chelsea this season is a real rollercoaster. Have to enjoy the games like this and Spurs, knowing another Southampton could be right around the corner. Strong fight in the team to get it done though.
  3. Watching us play at home is such a chore. We look so poor...all the time. It's telling that I have started to expect games to go this way. Huff and puff, do nothing, get hit on the counter. Lose. The amount of points we've dropped lately is alarming.
  4. Was a rare treat of a game. Very enjoyable, and pretty much entirely comfortable. Willian was spectacular. Well done Frank.
  5. I swear he always delivers nasty set pieces against us. I guess I don't watch enough non Chelsea games.
  6. He's better than Mount. He would be excellent for us. Not least for his set pieces. We won't get him though.
  7. We've dropped so many bad points recently. The team has ceased functioning in any positive manner, and look lethargic and lost of any ideas. We should be there with Leicester at the moment, but now we're right back into the scrap for 4th. Not bad considering the expectations at the start of the season, but very bad when you consider our recent performances and the sides we have thrown away our points buffer on. I don't know whether it's fatigue or inexperience, but hopefully Frank has some ideas up his sleeves.
  8. I was pretty frustrated when we shelled out 70million for him. I get we were in a bind with having sold Courtois...but that was always an exorbitant fee, especially for a keeper who wasn't linked to any other clubs at the time (I know Real had been there in the previous window). I wished at the time we'd have given Bulka a shot. It would have been risky, but I thought he had the talent to take that chance. I do understand the hesitation there....it was probably too big a risk...but to go and spend that fee on a goalkeeper of Kepa's size and build was baffling. If we didn't think we could get a
  9. Yet another trash game against Everton, what a surprise. Zouma has been atrocious. Kepa can't pass for sh*t.
  10. I wonder if the club has made an enquiry about Haaland. I doubt we're in the mix, but if we can be, we should. He's unbelievable.
  11. There's no denying his flaws as a player from previous seasons, but he really seems to have taken a proper leadership role at the club this season. It's like he sees getting this young side to perform as a mission for himself to take on. He's been brilliant so far.
  12. I'd be inclined to go with a midfield three, dropping Mount for Jorginho for this one. I'd also play James and Emerson, but would understand playing Azpi for his experience and leadership. Willian, Pulisic and Tammy pick themselves. As do Zouma, Tomori and Kepa.
  13. Honestly, I didn't think we should buy him. I thought he didn't offer enough to regularly command a place in our midfield. Obviously I didn't see the injuries being such an issue.... But I've got to say. He's brilliant. His dribbling was his best attribute last year, but he's really become so well rounded now. Yes, he still can't score to save his life...but the rest of his game is unbelievable. He works so hard, and his protection of the ball under pressure is ridiculous. Great player.
  14. America! f**k Yeah! Coming again to save the motherf**king day yeah!
  15. Can't judge him on this game. Nothing he could do when he came on. We weren't on the front foot, and he was too often isolated. He hasn't shown he has the ability to make the difference yet either though. He'll get more chances...and we'll know at the end of the season whether he has a future at Chelsea or not.
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