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  1. Worst team we've had in a long time
  2. Are we singing f**k sarri ball?
  3. Why did that clown not shake Guardiola's hand? Very petty
  4. What's happened to Azpilicueta?
  5. Barely even a reaction from Alonso after he caused that goal. Absolutely disgraceful player, he sickens me
  6. Thought this game last year would never be beaten as the most gutless away performance at a rival. Sadly, this team of cowards will never fail to surprise me. The way Fernandinho pushed Barkley off the ball so effortlessly there sums up the difference between the sides, we are weak
  7. Some really, really poor players in this group. Our chances of winning anything over the next few years are gone with the way this club has been managed by certain individuals. Disgraceful
  8. Chris Sutton: "if Chelsea want to win big things they have to hang on to the likes of Willian..." Pundits know nothing
  9. If this manager is trying to make a point to the board by playing Hazard up front then someone needs to send a rocket up his arse, we are completely nullifying one of the most potent attacking players in world football and it is for this reason he will probably leave in the summer. We are playing relegation fodder at home- put a f**king centre forward on the pitch and utilise him in the way you should when a team turns up to sit deep and play on the counter. And while you're at it Sarri, take off Willian who seems to know his time at the club is up while for some reason you can't see it. The fans may forgive you if we lose Hazard for 200 million, but I can't see it happening if we lose Hudson Odoi
  10. Willian... At least he can defend right?
  11. We are completely limiting the ability and effect of Hazard in this system, and we pay the price for it by losing him
  12. You don't learn if you don't play, and I'd be much more confident in him unlocking the door than Willian who offers very, very little. And in regards to 'defensive fortitude', we have to have enough belief in our young players to be able to handle Christian Atsu on the counter. Didn't do anything wrong against far better players at Wembley
  13. The false 9 nonsense is another thing but not playing Callum after his last two performances is just unforgivable imo
  14. No Hudson Odoi and Hazard in false 9 again... Did we not watch the Leicester game and anticipate that Newcastle would sit even deeper than what they did? I just don't understand the logic