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  1. Sky sports reporting Chelsea looking to offload at least a third of our squad
  2. Why is it that year in, year out we cannot break down these god awful teams and struggle against the lesser sides?
  3. The only positive out of this shambles is that the Jorginho fan boys have now absolutely no valid excuse to call for Jorginho to be at Chelsea going forward
  4. Who else is there to play at the back? He's stuck with these 'jokers' until the new season, that's if we even sign anyone new. Every defensive group he puts out is a calamity, what else can he do?
  5. Please don't tell me I'm the only one who thinks Gilmour should start in the Premier league?
  6. Of course he's not the answer, no one is saying that he's the answer to our striking problems. But it is clear and obvious he offers a lot more than Bats and people are annoyed that he didn't start for this reason
  7. Barkley can be a good player when he wants to be. If he keeps his form up he could be the creative link in midfield that we've been crying out for
  8. Their defenders and midfielders have made little boys out of our attackers, completely outmuscled
  9. Same every home game sadly, it's become quite a chore to watch. Constant possession that offers nothing, full backs crossing piss poor, and absolutely no correlation between the striker and our attacking midfielders. Sick to death of hearing the away end go mad at our ground, it's every single game
  10. That statement though... I'm not crying you are

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