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  1. Hopefully now that we've qualified for the next stage of the Europe League it'll give the manager more incentive to rest players because we're going into a period where we really can't afford to have tired players
  2. BenCFC19

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    I want him to do well so badly but for me he just doesn't cut it consistently for us
  3. I was referencing the fact that he said all of our signings apart from Kepa were bench warmers when Jorginho was most definitely not a bench warmer, was poorly worded on my part
  4. Well not attempting ridiculous shots from 35 yards and giving the ball away every time you receive it is the minimum tbh
  5. Honestly don't know whether the abuse got to Ross Barkley's head, but his performance was an absolute disgrace. Didn't do one thing right and that 'shot' was embarrassing, how selfish can you get
  6. Yeah Jorginho's a bench warmer, ballbag
  7. I absolutely agree that he still does his defensive duties well but we just do not have enough creative threat from the midfield and for me he is one of the main reasons why
  8. Hate to say it but Kante is the weak link in this team. In previous years we've all been astounded by how good he's been in his natural position but playing further forward just does not suit him, he's such a technically limited footballer and he's being shoehorned into this side because of his name. You can even see when he moves into space on the right hand side the players are rarely giving the ball to him because they know it'll either bounce off him, be given away or be passed straight back to them. Wouldn't surprise me if he was off in the summer and replacing him with a creative midfielder would make us a top side imo
  9. Geoff Shreeves sounded like he had to take a pause to wipe away a tear as he told Sarri about the record for an unbeaten start
  10. I just don't understand the narrative they're trying to push that Palace were hard done by.
  11. I know his team lost but f**k me Joel Ward looks like he's just been told his entire family is terminal, he definitely won't be back
  12. Sky compiling a pretty interesting list of reasons as to why we didn't deserve to win, horrible organisation. Thank god for streaming
  13. I don't think I've ever seen a side miss as many one on one's as us, we somehow seem to f**k up the most simple of chances but I'm not bothered, another win and up to second.
  14. BenCFC19

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    I honestly don't know what to think of this Super League idea. If it's solely to replace the Champions League then I'd be all for it. I really have come to notice just how much complete dross make it into a competition that is supposed to be the pinnacle of club football, and I know the Europa League is far lesser quality anyway but f**k me the team we played last Thursday were borderline semi-pro standard. The champions league is declining in interest amongst the common football fan imo; I think this shows in the fact Sky were fine to lose their converge of it and quite often teams rest players in favour of keeping players fresh for the upcoming league game. Having a smaller group of the best of the best in one competition would give English teams more incentive to try and progress imo and would for me lead to more potential success than any of our current English teams currently provide. However, if it's to replace our domestic league then f**k that. I'm not honestly sure how it's going to work but the absence of the standard league we all know and love would lead to my full-time interest declining substantially.
  15. Sean Dyche post match interview drinking game: take a shot every time he criticises the referee or mentions the oppositions bigger transfer budget, you'll be getting your stomach pumped in no time