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  1. That was difficult viewing. Obviously the decision to keep Mount on the left and completely limit Pulisic is an atrocity, but Jorginho and Kante are such a frustrating pair to watch. Any time we bring the ball out from the back Jorginho has the tendency to drop between the full back/centre back or the two centre backs. Now this would be fine if he was launching Xabi Alonso-esque through balls into Werner and the other attackers, but he isn't. Because of this there is simply no link between the midfield and attackers, as Kante is just so painfully limited technically and cannot bring the
  2. In my opinion, there is just no link between the midfield two and our attacking players. Any time either Jorginho or Kante receive the ball in midfield they're so deep, and they don't have the quality to bring the ball forward into them, leading to the ball being lumped forward to players who simply cannot hold it up, allowing Sevilla to build again. Kovacic may be an option because of Jorginho yellow and he has the quality to actually move forward with the ball
  3. Loftus cheek just doesn't really offer anything sadly, moves and turns like a bus and cannot get a pass away. You just know when it goes to him he'll be stretching for it and miss it or give it away
  4. Haven't been this excited for a game in a while...
  5. Sky sports reporting Chelsea looking to offload at least a third of our squad
  6. Why is it that year in, year out we cannot break down these god awful teams and struggle against the lesser sides?
  7. The only positive out of this shambles is that the Jorginho fan boys have now absolutely no valid excuse to call for Jorginho to be at Chelsea going forward
  8. Who else is there to play at the back? He's stuck with these 'jokers' until the new season, that's if we even sign anyone new. Every defensive group he puts out is a calamity, what else can he do?
  9. Please don't tell me I'm the only one who thinks Gilmour should start in the Premier league?
  10. Of course he's not the answer, no one is saying that he's the answer to our striking problems. But it is clear and obvious he offers a lot more than Bats and people are annoyed that he didn't start for this reason
  11. Barkley can be a good player when he wants to be. If he keeps his form up he could be the creative link in midfield that we've been crying out for
  12. Their defenders and midfielders have made little boys out of our attackers, completely outmuscled
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