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  1. That goal will lift us... Hopefully now we can go back out and play with some balls and courage. They may beat us, but we simply cannot show them the same respect we have done for the last 2 and a half games
  2. "one of the best left backs in Europe..."
  3. This false nine will only work if we play our game, trying to keep the ball as opposed to what we did last year when we hoofed it 60 yards to Hazard and hoped for the best. Having Kovacic and Kante in the midfield gives us better protection and today's front three probably has more goals in it than if one of our strikers started so hopefully things won't be too bad...
  4. I'd love to know what Alonso says to Sarri and what he used to say to Conte to get them to keep him in the team every week. Baffles me how Emerson can't get a game
  5. BenCFC19

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    That's a good point but we shouldn't kid ourselves, it's poor every home game
  6. BenCFC19

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    Sadly the next generation are taking cameras to the matches and vlogging. You're absolutely correct in what you say and sadly my interest is slowly declining week by week
  7. BenCFC19

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    When I go I sing loud and proud and do not care how stupid I look to those around me. It shouldn't be controversial to criticise the absolutely appalling atmosphere at Stamford Bridge, it's bothered me for a long time now but twice this season it's really gotten on my nerves: United at home and today. It just baffles me how our supporters can't seem to be vocal in matches against one of our bigggest rivals and one of our neighbours. It's embarrassing to hear fans sing Jose's right your fans are sh*te and if we had any self respect we'd try to actually create an atmosphere. The players' awful performance today is of course down to them but it certainly doesn't make things easier when the only noise they can hear is the away end.
  8. BenCFC19

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    Now there's a proper footballer
  9. BenCFC19

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    Anyone remember that pundit on Espn at the start of the season who said Jorginho was overrated and nothing but a sideways passer? Thought he was talking nonsense then but he was absolutely correct
  10. BenCFC19

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    Sad to say but we have some of the worst match going fans in football
  11. BenCFC19

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    Alonso is a joke but he'll never be taken out of the team, so frustrating
  12. BenCFC19

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    Our home support would depress you
  13. BenCFC19

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Ironically, on the day we've just been humbled by our biggest rivals and lost our first game of the season, I admire him more than ever. He is doing a very decent job with a squad that has some talent, but absolute dross in some of the most important areas of the pitch. We have a pathetic excuse of a centre-forward who was never taught the offside rule, a right winger with zero end product and a worrying lack of consistency, a centre back who is either 10/10 or 2/10 and a painfully, painfully slow left back. There is promise in this team though and our decent start has given us good foundations for a possible top four finish, which will give us a much better chance of competing for the title next season (which I think we'll be in with a very good chance of winning). Should have taken Kovacic off though after he attempted a rabona cross whilst 2-0 down, bad day at the office for everyone
  14. Hopefully now that we've qualified for the next stage of the Europe League it'll give the manager more incentive to rest players because we're going into a period where we really can't afford to have tired players