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  1. Two games, no goals, barely a chance created. We've seen it all before, great season followed by a positive start and then a slip into the Autumn which inevitably leads to the manager being sacked. Hope I'm wrong...
  2. This is an awful Juve side, a far cry from the side who had Di Matteo sacked. I love Tuchel but he needs to show some balls here and go with a 4 at the back, get as many attacking options on as possible; we are the better team and should be winning this. We don't want to be going two games without scoring or god forbid losing to them on the counter, not at all good for morale
  3. Some of the reactions in here at half time were bizarre. Look at the depth we have in this squad, we have an amazing team, the best defense in Europe, a quality midfield, a clinical striker. We will go the distance this season. Special mention to Thiago Silva, 10/10 performance defensively and to score a goal away at spurs further cements his legacy. The best club in all the land
  4. How good is Thiago Silva? Chances will come in second half in front of our own fans, keep the faith
  5. What about... James-Kovacic-Kante-Jorginho-Chilwell and then Mount/Havertz playing off Lukaku? Could be an option in big games
  6. Rio Ferdinan: "I fancy city before I saw the team sheets and I still fancy them now!" haha hahahaha never write us off you fool
  7. I love every single one of you, I adore this great club. f**king fantastic, enjoy your night everyone
  8. I wouldn't be so downhearted about the UCL final. As we've shown this season we play better against the big teams where we can concede possession, sit back and counter effectively. When we're forced to try and break down a resolute team we are useless. Fair play to Leicester. The offside is sickening; I find it strange that they also didn't look at the handball considering the ball was knocked into Silva's hand earlier in the match and a free kick was given. Immensely frustrating, also frustrating the amount of noise the opposition fans made compared to ours. I get that this was a bigger moment in their history than it was for ours but we were massively outperformed in that area too.
  9. Anyone remember the arsenal fans singing 'boring boring chelsea' when we drew there 0-0 in 2015? Funny how things change
  10. What a player, £32 million a steal
  11. Enjoyed a good nearly seven years of posting on here semi-regularly, but mostly reading the thoughts of other like minded fans. Sadly if this goes ahead my association with the club is done and I won't attend another match; not that it will hit the club's pockets hard at all. Soon countries such as Saudi Arabia/UAE will be paying to host certain big matches and the special feeling that came with matches like a Derby will be long gone. It was good while it lasted
  12. You can see there's a player in there with Pulisic, just injury problems have complicated things. I can't see anything with Werner. Loses the ball constantly when running with it, brutal touch, barely gets into any goalscoring positions. Hopefully it's just confidence and he gets it back
  13. Not that I agree with how VAR handle these things, but how is that onside when people have been ruled out for their armpits being off when his arm is clearly further outstrectched?
  14. That was difficult viewing. Obviously the decision to keep Mount on the left and completely limit Pulisic is an atrocity, but Jorginho and Kante are such a frustrating pair to watch. Any time we bring the ball out from the back Jorginho has the tendency to drop between the full back/centre back or the two centre backs. Now this would be fine if he was launching Xabi Alonso-esque through balls into Werner and the other attackers, but he isn't. Because of this there is simply no link between the midfield and attackers, as Kante is just so painfully limited technically and cannot bring the ball into areas where the forwards can create chances. Our style of play really is to lump the ball forward and hope to win the second balls in order to create a half chance, which is inevitably cleared easily by the defence as we never have enough players in the box to threaten when our full backs get the ball and cross.
  15. In my opinion, there is just no link between the midfield two and our attacking players. Any time either Jorginho or Kante receive the ball in midfield they're so deep, and they don't have the quality to bring the ball forward into them, leading to the ball being lumped forward to players who simply cannot hold it up, allowing Sevilla to build again. Kovacic may be an option because of Jorginho yellow and he has the quality to actually move forward with the ball
  16. Loftus cheek just doesn't really offer anything sadly, moves and turns like a bus and cannot get a pass away. You just know when it goes to him he'll be stretching for it and miss it or give it away
  17. Sky sports reporting Chelsea looking to offload at least a third of our squad
  18. Why is it that year in, year out we cannot break down these god awful teams and struggle against the lesser sides?
  19. The only positive out of this shambles is that the Jorginho fan boys have now absolutely no valid excuse to call for Jorginho to be at Chelsea going forward
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