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  1. can we get Andreas and Rudi playing as a 2 in a back 4 ?
  2. I like your post it was well put together until your last few words. Shame you let yourself down. firstly let me offer my best wishes that you recover from your accident speedily and fully, never a nice thing to happen. secondly I think it is harsh to be disappointed with our fans (or any fans for that matter) in the current climate. Who knows what hardship is bestowed on people atm and with the added hassle of COVID tests etc I don’t blame anyone for not going. Who wants to do a day trip to a European final costing you the best part of £800 and all u see is the inside of the ground.
  3. Or do you class being the better side and not taking your chances as “bottling it”?
  4. Is it possible to lose to a better team on the day or do you class any loss as “bottling it”?
  5. Can’t see him playing the final unless Dave is dropped and I can’t see that happening. playing Dave rwb would be the wrong decision it has to be Reece or Callum
  6. I think it will be tough to get him this season with westham qualifying for Europe.
  7. A great servant to the club who conducts himself impeccable without fuss after what could be seen as shocking handling by management. A true professional. If only he had pace he would be some striker! I hope he gets some minutes in the final and a decent transfer afterwards.
  8. well then the law of averages says its due to change lol
  9. Seeing so many negative line ups. 5 at the back , 3 holding midfielders ! wtf lets play our usual system let our defenders defend and our attackers attack and see where it takes us. would hate to see us lose with a pathetic whimper!
  10. A big game saturday in the right position hopefully and he will be undroppable by Southgate!
  11. Many be Throw them a googly, play Giroud with havertz and mount behind .
  12. Are we going to have a week of negative “we have not got a hope sh*t?”? it’s football, a one off game, anything can happen !
  13. Mendy Dave Christiansen zouma james billy kova emerson Ziyech Giroud Callum should still be good enough to get what we need and keep Silva,Mason, Rudi ,jorg and timo for the final.
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