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  1. You need to see a doctor about that feeling mate!
  2. massive game! what we see if pedro and rudi fit kepa dave rudi luiz alonso kante jorghino kovacic pedro giroud hazard come on you blues!!!!
  3. Naturally tired towards the end yesterday but first 45 he dictated the game well. Struggled a bit after but I feel he’s adequate replacement for Jorginho especially against lesser sides.
  4. Made a few mistakes last night but on the whole he’s growing nicely into a Chelsea shirt. i hope he gets more game time as I feel he offers a more stacking threat than Kovacic but saying that I don’t think Sarri will chance him against the scousers.
  5. I’m guessing we will actually see what this guy is really like as a keeper Saturday.
  6. Desperate for him to be fit saturday. Without his pace I can see us struggling badly against the speed of Liverpool’s counter attacks.
  7. The big games and big situation have never been a problem for David it’s the games against the so called weaker sides that he seems to switch off and struggle .
  8. has to be rested Wednesday and back for the game saturday. awesome defender!
  9. The more I see of this boy the more I like. A future captain in the making, I hope we keep and give him chances this season.
  10. how about Pope or Heaton at Burnley? cant see them keeping both as both will want first team football.
  11. Irony is obviously not your strongpoint.

  12. yes lol didn't you not watch yesterdays game?
  13. I Think he gets more stick than he deserves. offers such a threat going forward, not afraid to shoot with his wand of a left foot or his swinger of a right and is decent in the air. yes he lacks a bit defensively and pace wise but is technically good and gives 100%effort every game and doesn’t hide when things aren’t going right like some. As someone said at times he looks tired, I’m not surprised with the amount of effort he puts in every game and the lack of back up. That’s a club problem by failing to signing suitable cover not his.
  14. Turning out to be a great loan move for him, would love to see him in the position Bakayako played today. I like Baka but looks like Rubens could offer so much more in the position.

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