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  1. We need a point at Anfield. If we lose and Man Utd and Leicester win both their games we could end up with the scenario where they can play out a draw last game and both qualify regardless of what we do against Wolves
  2. do you think they'll notice we have 12 on the pitch?
  3. think you'll find he is 25 not 29
  4. A top defender who doesn't get the credit he deserves. He knows his limitations on the ball but defensively his attributes far out way that. With the right partner can perform a good partnership but i think the partner needed isn't currently at the club
  5. Has had enough chances to show what he can do and improve, he's not good enough if we want to challenge anytime soon. decent ball player but not a premier league defender.
  6. Head and shoulders above any player we currently have. How glad must he be that Werner and Ziyech are coming in!
  7. And won’t get any better Saturday when Deeney does the exact same thing!
  8. Trying to predict our line up for this game is neigh on impossible !
  9. i'm sure someone has to be charged before a court case takes place
  10. i think i recall him playing centre back for the youth team at some point though i may be mistaken
  11. about time we stopped playong him at left back either play him right back or bench him , need a left footed player there going forward too predictable.

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