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  1. sky showing the second team posted with kepa iin goal
  2. Betting sites all showing the team first posted lol what a shambles
  3. the app showing the same now so guessing this is the team.
  4. Time to rotate with 3 games in a week the majority of the squad will be involved at some point. jorg and mount are certain to start as both banned for Madrid and I’d rest Kante kova Christiansen Werner alonso Havertz and maybe even Azip. for me id line up mendy zouma Silva Rudi James jorge billy chilly Ziyech mount pulusic what an abundance of talent we have where you can almost virtually change the whole team and we still look strong.
  5. Could again see a bit of rotation and wouldn’t be surprised if Giroud gets a start here with Mason and Kia. Werner has played a lot of football and it could be his time for a rest. in the middle Kante comes in for whoever Tuchel wants to keep for Madrid. At the back he might give Dave a rest another who has played his fair share of late.
  6. Love the way he is comfortable using either foot for both controlling and passing the ball. Also shields the ball very well and is looking much stronger than when he first arrived. As his fitness and confidence increase so will his influence on games. Tommy’s next test is trying to get both Mason and Kia playing together regularly in this team!
  7. Where did i say i was gutted he wasn't injured ffs! talk about twist words. I would like to have seen him brought off as a precaution jut in case he had tweaked that knee.
  8. I think he was coming back regardless
  9. He shouldn’t be. when Zouma went down I was actually guttted he never came off because I would liked to have seen Christiansen and Silva play together for 20mins
  10. Looks like the whole squad is buying in to the way he wants to play and with players being able to come in and out with fluidity its great going forward keeping the team fresh.
  11. I’m not sure Lampard brought Mason lol
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