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  1. Schooled a good few times by Grealish And eventually booked.
  2. Not going to be popular here I guess but: Can’t see the problem myself. If you already subscribe to Sky/BT you get the games etc you pay your subscription for. These are bonus games that you have a choice to watch or not, not a rip off to me you have a choice. Agree that £15 might be a bit over the top (£10 would be fair imo) people have been so spoilt in lockdown with all games free to air, it wasn’t going to last forever! I will certainly be getting our games and if you get 5 mates round it’s £2-50 each hardly going to break anyone.
  3. went on the outside just the once today and we ended up scoring from it. needs to take on his man on the outside more often.
  4. solid today and showed without doubt he is our best defender and popped up with a nice goal too
  5. Rolls Royce of a player. His touch vision and movement are superb and not afraid to get stuck in either!
  6. without doubt he is capable of playing 30 games in a title winning team. He has ability and his work rate is one of the best in the squad. Title Winning teams are made up of different types of players and in my opinion there is definitely room for a player like Mason. only time will tell i suppose.
  7. good post this spot on regards all of them Add Billy to the mix who before his injury had the potential to be the best of the lot. Hopefully he comes back stronger after the injury and doesn't go down the same path as RLC.
  8. Think jorghino defo stays. 50/50 on Rubens , still leaves us 4 for 2 positions going forward even if he does go. And others that can play there in emergency so still plenty of cover. that’s without the Rice rumours still going on
  9. Agree I don’t think it’s a great move for us but at this stage of his career he needs game time. when I see he didn’t start last night I guessed something must be in the pipeline.
  10. Not Zoumas fault in a million years , he’s doing his job making sure one of the best strikers in the division doesn’t get the ball. i think Emerson is slow getting there but actually does get there and completely misses it. On as sub , he has no excuse for not getting back goal side sooner.
  11. Just announced to Villa on loan , a good move for him he will do well for them.
  12. Worked hard tonight which is more than you can say for some. Always gives his all for the club so how so many can get straight on his back after missing a penalty and a pass I don’t know. im guessing he meant to do both ! get off his back, the lad is quality. Still a lot to learn but he will get there.
  13. I'm not sure what formation we will playy tonight as in the past Frankk has preferred a back 3 against Spurs. personally i would prefer a 4. mendy dave zouma silva chilwell kovacic jorginho barkley callum giroud werner mount Kai Tammy on the bench if needed
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