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  1. i think i recall him playing centre back for the youth team at some point though i may be mistaken
  2. about time we stopped playong him at left back either play him right back or bench him , need a left footed player there going forward too predictable.
  3. Boys a superstar even in a shot performance he shines. hope his injury isn’t as serious as it looked !
  4. awful attitude today , so easy to play against When in this mood, should have been hooked
  5. Should have saved it end of. but with 70 mill invested we are stuckwith him
  6. Much better yesterday. I play him against both Brighton and Forest. He needs a run of games and some faith shown in him.
  7. turnyitb


    Kevin De Bruyne 9 appearances sickens me to see that!
  8. You need to see a doctor about that feeling mate!
  9. Naturally tired towards the end yesterday but first 45 he dictated the game well. Struggled a bit after but I feel he’s adequate replacement for Jorginho especially against lesser sides.
  10. Made a few mistakes last night but on the whole he’s growing nicely into a Chelsea shirt. i hope he gets more game time as I feel he offers a more stacking threat than Kovacic but saying that I don’t think Sarri will chance him against the scousers.
  11. I’m guessing we will actually see what this guy is really like as a keeper Saturday.
  12. Desperate for him to be fit saturday. Without his pace I can see us struggling badly against the speed of Liverpool’s counter attacks.
  13. The big games and big situation have never been a problem for David it’s the games against the so called weaker sides that he seems to switch off and struggle .
  14. has to be rested Wednesday and back for the game saturday. awesome defender!

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