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  1. Whose over hyping him? I’m just saying we need to see what he can do. Who do you think we play there instead then Jorghino?
  2. With Kante having a niggle and banned for the next match it’s time to give billy a run to see if he can dictate a game from the centre of the park
  3. I’m not necessarily singling him out but it wasn’t just today he’s been poor for a while. i Agree his service was sh*t but he has zero presence about him. With the way we play, sending crosses into the box we need someone hungry to get on the end of things. He just isn’t that type of player.
  4. Deserves a run in the team, one of our better players when he came on.
  5. I’m sorry but I think it is time he has a break from the starting line up. regardless of what position he starts in whether out wide or up front he just isn’t playing well enough. Always seems to be on the back foot and his body language isn’t great at all. we have better options up top than him in ollie and Tammy and certainly better wide players in Pulusic and Cho so it’s time for him to start fighting for his place instead of being included because of the price tag.
  6. Time to “rest” Reece with Dave capable of doing a much better job against Grealish. id imagine Rudi will come into the centre with Zouma as I would be surprised if Silva is ready to go again. It would be good to see Gilmore come in instead of jorghino with Kante and Mount. Pulusic and Cho are certain to start with one of 3 strikers. Villa have big strong centre backs so might be a game to put Werner up top.
  7. I know lol it baffles me some of the ideas people come up with
  8. Why we need to spend £60 -£70 million on Rice when we already have this guy. much more mobile than Rice, not afraid to get stuck in and capable of finding a pass forward. Showed up well today against the Liverpool midfield .
  9. Either has to be given a start up front or dropped to the bench. His confidence is shot atm and seems to always be on the back foot.
  10. time to change your hairdresser!
  11. And a round of applause at the start when the player took the knee but obviously the media won’t report that!
  12. Big up to the 2k lucky ones who got in, plenty of noise and miles better than the spammers in the earlier game.
  13. Never has a bad game. Not so much offensively tonight but very assured defensively.
  14. Actually thought he improved when switched to the right tonight
  15. His first mistake tonight but thankfully it didn’t cost us and he seems to not be the type to dwell on a mistake and move on. Very calm and assured.
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