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  1. Average in a back 5 poor in a back 4. Our weakest area on the pitch. Frank will sort it
  2. Wow what a game. Fair play to Ajax they never gave up. Great drama
  3. Started going 78-79 and stood on the old North Terrace with my late brother. From then it was at the front of the shed with my uncle progressing further back till I was old enough then spent most of my time singing in the middle of the shed or in the early 90''s walking along to the benches for a better view. On the occasions my future wife went along I would sit the old West stand once i sat in the East middle for Spuds 1990 £15 for the best seats in the house. Since ,sadly all seater I've sat everywhere and for the last five years have a season ticket in the west lower. We need safe standing. Even though the view in the ground is so much better. Those packed terraces and the songs will stay with me forever.
  4. A 3-1 win. No clean sheet but exciting free flowing football. Love it
  5. On my way. Like everyone says the media love these scum bags. I hate this lot and their vermin fans more than all the rest put together. Any win would do but I would love us to totally thump them and shut the bin dippers up. God I can't stand them . 4-0 Tammy hatrick. I did say he would come good . Come on the Chels . Let's f**kin have em
  6. On way back from a game that at half time I thought we would stroll to a 4-0 win. I think we are too open at the back, maybe instead of trying to attack with Dave and Emerson we should play a five at the back or go 442 let the four defenders defend. Once everyone's fit we will be ok. Need Rudi and Kante as soon as. One thing this season won't be is boring. Frank will sort it.
  7. We all pray thou, pray for a win and Spuds defeat
  8. Play like we did against the dippers and we will win comfortably. Give Tammy time he will be fine. Let's get right behind the lads. Best gear on , Paul Weller on my I pod on the way there on the train. Meet my Chelsea family in Starbucks take my seat in the west lower and sing my heart out. 3-0 win . Happy days. Matthew Hardings blue and white army. Come on the Chels.
  9. Three Englishmen to start. Love it. Well done Frank. Glad Mount and Tammy start. We will never know how good they can be unless they are given a proper test. Come on you Chelsea boys
  10. Three trophies in three years. Yeah I'm so dissapointed. Have a day off
  11. Happy days Can't wait for the new season The legend returns
  12. Great memories thank you. Long time ago now. Was at the dippers and the following round spuds game. If I remember crowds of 40000 + but didn't we have 6000 for a game in between at home.
  13. Wonder where Clive Walker was in this picture? Choppers last season. Micky Droy, Tommy Langley ian Briton, and Johnny B had a couple of good players. That was my first kit. A proper kit
  14. Geoff Hurst was manager and that season went from Bad to worse. At least he was sacked for the great John Neal. At least with John Neal we gave him time to build that squad. Dixon, Wee Pat , Spakers, Eddie to name a few What a team what a manager
  15. I was only 12 and it scared the s**t out of me. If I remember it was that season they divided the shed with a steel fence and you couldn't get from one side to the other. I could be wrong.

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