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  1. the real shed end

    Bate Borisov V Chelsea (EL) Thurs 8th Nov 17:55 UK

    Very poor but a wins a win. Credit to the travelling fans deserve all your expenses back for that sloppy display. Everton next have to pull ourselves together for that one. Up the Chels
  2. the real shed end

    Most under-rated Chelsea player of the premier league era?

    Eidur gudjohnson got to be up there Steve Clarke is another but there are loads
  3. the real shed end

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Great till he went to spuds. Then he was 'judus durie' said he was off to scotland. Never forgave him for that one. What about little John Spencer ( apart from that famous penalty miss)
  4. the real shed end

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I think we need to give the lad a full season before we really make our minds up. We let Bakayoko have a season. Why not let one of our own have a chance to shine.
  5. the real shed end

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I feel we and the board should support him for one more year. I agree there's been some strange moments but 2 trophies in two years ain' bad at all. I think a lot of people have short memories or they are not old enough to remember pre 97. Before you ask I'm a season ticket holder and was there when we were proper sh*t One more year for Conte. Up the Chels
  6. Great result, fantastic support and a great day out. We all did it for Butch . And one last point and the sweetest point of all F**k Jose Zigga zagga oi oi oi
  7. the real shed end

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    A real sad day for any Chelsea fan. A truly lovely man. A well spoken Chelsea legend. Let's win the fa cup for Butch. My thoughts are with his family. A truly sad day
  8. the real shed end

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Worst player since Dave Mitchell. (At least he tried). Hope he proves us all wrong. I cheer everyone in a blue shirt but , he pushes it. Can't see what Conte sees in him but there must be something.
  9. the real shed end

    Leicester City V Chelsea (FA) Sun 18th Mar 16:30 UK

    Not bad for 10 men. Bakayoko is a liability its like playing with 10 men.. Come on Chels finish this lot off
  10. the real shed end

    Chelsea V Crystal Palace (PL) Sat 10th Mar 17:30 UK

    No false number nine , Play a proper centre forward and we will win 2-0. Play a false 9 and who knows. Spuds are out the champions league so things ain' that bad
  11. the real shed end

    Worst in 35 years

    Can't believe all the negativity towards Roman and what he has done for us with his money. 5 premier league wins, 4 fa cups, 3 league cups, champs league, Europa league We cant' win every year and Roman cant just keep dipping in to his own pocket all the time we have to be self sufficient. 5th in the league still in the fa cup, still in the champs league (just) we would have been well happy pre 2004 to be where we are. Sorry it' not that bad. I was there in 79-83 that was bad. Lets get behind the lads for the rest of the season and if 5th is where we finish so be it. I will be there next year and so on no matter what.
  12. the real shed end

    Chelsea V Hull City (FA) Fri 16th Feb 20:00 UK

    Play the strongest team for both games. If we are 3 up (hopefully) then rest key players. This is our most realistic chance of a trophy. Win this and hopefully not lose to Barca and I would be happy. To everyone who goes. Sing up FFS support the team and Conte when they most need it. Come on the Chels
  13. the real shed end

    Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    Your right. I get people moaning when we are losing 3-0 but when we are 3 up. ? Come on. As for Conte did he guide us to the title and a cup final last year. Short memories.
  14. the real shed end

    Watford Vs Chelsea (PL) Mon Feb 5th 2018 20:00 UK

    If only the team was half as good as our away support. Well done lads and lasses cheering that lot on. Team lacks any leaders and we desperatey need a centre forward who can hold it up. Don' start baka again why not David Luiz from the start at least he can pass head and tackle.
  15. Yup stayed till the end still singing in a half empty stadium. Reminded me of the old days. I kind of like it. Weird after all our glory years. We have to take the rough with the smooth.