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  1. With all the money coming in from TV, sponsorship etc. Couldn't the club have chartered extra planes and paid towards the cost of each ticket. As an example 1000 tickets for £500 That's around Higuain (270K) drinkwater (120K) and Giroud (120K) wages for a week Footballs crazy and UEFA and the FA couldn't care less about the fans. It's all TV audience's and corporate.
  2. In for me. Two finals one we could win and a third plays behind two teams that are years a head of the rest. As I said elsewhere the team needs some leaders and a back bone. Give the guy another year. Some of the football hasn't been great I must admit
  3. Third and two finals in one season and everyone is complaining. I know the footballs not been great (I'm a season ticket holder before you ask) but let's give the guy another season. Come on I remember the late seventies early 80's. One thing we need more heart and backbone. That's what we are really lacking. No leaders out there. Up the Chels third at the start of the season I would have ripped your arm off.
  4. There was more than 2000 Frankfurt fans at the entrance to Brompton Cemetry alone Trouble tonight I feel
  5. On my way and confident we will go through. We need to concentrate at the back and Eden to produce his magic. What us fans have to do is get behind the team and sing our hearts out. Sarri needs to play Ruben for 90 mins too Come on you Chels cheer me up
  6. Credit where it's due both the dippers and the spuds never gave up. Still c***s though. Hate them both
  7. Two f***ING nights ruined Won't watch the final hate the pair of them
  8. After being totally depressed all night and most of the day due to the dippers getting through. Ajax have really cheered me up
  9. Barca are awful. If Spuds make it through I would have to leave the country. Hate the pair of them What a shi* night
  10. The red bit looked pink from where I sat. Still a poor kit.
  11. Big seven days a head. If the players want it enough it's theirs for the taking. It's up to them. Play ruben from the start and a little cameo for Gary Cahill but only once we are 2 up. On my way. Up the Chels top three by the end of the day
  12. Absolutely not. Imagine a Sarri midfield of Jourginio, Kovacic and Bakayoko 😲

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