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  1. Absolutely not. Imagine a Sarri midfield of Jourginio, Kovacic and Bakayoko 😲
  2. Pretty good first half. Then came the team talk and it all went sour. Why when the opposition has a corner do we bring everyone back in the final third. We have no outlet apart from dribbling it out and putting ourselves under constant pressure until we f**k up. Just one issue among many which I put down to Sarri. Came out they game feeling like we lost. Anyway Burnley Monday for 90 mins of Sarri ball
  3. Bit doom and gloom on here. It's the chance, and a good one, of a trophy. I'm on my way and I'm optimistic. 3-0 Come on the Chels
  4. Rubbish first half. Only really Dave consistent. Pedro kovacic poor Alonso truly awful every poor pass puts someone under pressure.
  5. After last night's game with thousand of empty seats do we really need a sixty thousand stadium. There would have been 23000 empty seats. We shold have a re think. Knock down the shed and hotels and build a huge single teir stand. Get the proper shed back. 45 to 50 would be plenty. Just my opinion
  6. On my way home. Tidy performance as peple have said ruben,hazard,CHO all played well. Thought Jourginio played well too, but he did have loads of time and space. Only negatives loads of empty seats and poor atmosphere first half. It did improve as the team did. Would like to see the same 11 for the pikey boys. Let's get that top 4 place and get behind the team
  7. Willian had a good game today. Good performance all round
  8. If he does go , and I hope he doesn't we would be a bang average mid table team.
  9. If he does go , and I hope he doesn't we would be a bang average mid table team.
  10. CHO and RLC need 90 mins week in week out then we will see how good they are. What we got to lose
  11. On my way back from the game. We should have started the game with the players that finished it. We really only started playing when we were one down. Bit like the crowd really, only singing when we were one down. Mind you there was nothing to sing about in the first half. Great goal from Eden. Made me laugh as a lot of people left with 10 min to go. We need to support the team to the end On to the next
  12. Proper old school chelsea support yesterday. Never stopped where i was in the upper tier like the old days Hardly heard city Lets hope its the same against the spuds. Proud of our support always proud to be blue Need safe standing though at all grounds
  13. Play like we did yesterday ,sing like we did yesterday and there will be only one winner. Up the Chels
  14. Every chelsea fan who sung their hearts out. Rudi , kante hazard CHO any of those

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