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  1. Klippity klopp might have to sign on in the morning after yet another defeat. Great team performance, love it, hate the dippers
  2. How about, disguises, tales from the riverbank,see saw. Best band ever
  3. Great game of football. Havertz for me not busy enough. Nice to see fans back. Got to take our chances.
  4. Be on our way now under normal circumstances, shame. Along as Willy is in goal and theres 5 at the back (with the wing backs) we will be fine. A Chelsea win to cap a great season. It's written in the stars. Come on you blue boys
  5. The people who say they want him back never watched him. Sorry no where near championship standard let alone premiership Short memories. We must move on not backwards
  6. Just got to concentrate no risky passes at the back. Great first half. Well done you Chelsea boys. Well done sir Frank
  7. Good second half. Well done Frank for turning it round. Going to miss going to Wembley with all the lads it's always a good day out.
  8. A proper shed end with a capacity of 15000 all safe standing. We must stay at Stamford Bridge
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