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  1. What a frustrating half of football. Come on Tommy sort it out !
  2. Looking at his performances so far this season and if he continues in the same vain it would be criminal to loan him out again next season!
  3. Absolutely agree but he must have got his advice from the doctors. Let’s hope no one else goes down because of it!
  4. Tested positive for covid and is isolating.
  5. Looks like he’s got his head down and getting on with his work. deserves a start against Juventus Wednesday
  6. This is the team I would start but feel Tommy will play Christiansen and move Dave to rwb in place of Reece. He might also play Kai instead of Timo or even Kante.
  7. That’s why you play 3 at the back so Rudiger is pulled out wide to cover! We don’t need 3 centre backs staying in the middle marking no striker lol. Let Walker worry about what Alonso is doing imo.
  8. Played pretty well tonight in a makeshift back 3 and it changed his angle of cross nicely for the goal. Would like to see him there with Silva next to him
  9. Went down late with cramp, I think that has more bearing on him not taking a spot kick.
  10. Kepa Chalobah Christiansen Sarr james Saul Kante chilwell ziyech Werner Odio should be strong enough to see off Villa if not we have the cavalry on the bench
  11. So frustrating last night seeing him hug the touchline, get in some good advance positions to keep checking back and passing backwards! Needs to start getting the ball in the box nice and early before defenders get a chance to set themselves for the likes of lukaku to attack. Also we need someone else attacking them and the only other attacker we have with an aerial threat would be Kia so for me he has to play if your playing Reece as WB.
  12. He’s transformation is nothing short of remarkable! He really is a top class centre back in a back 3
  13. You could be right as he improved more as the game progressed. Looked like he was trying to hard and snatching at things in the first half
  14. Showed today how vital Mason is to our team but great that we got away with it and a nice rest for him!
  15. This guy is the gift that keeps on giving lol
  16. No way in a million years our midfield 2 will be Mount and Kante lol
  17. Lol yes he got the assist. But I think you’ll find it was kova’s through ball that supplied the striker. I can see Kante linking up very well from right mid with lukaku
  18. I said we could see, personally I’d play Mason jorge Kante across the middle but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kova in for a compact three. anyway remind me who fed our forward Sunday for the first goal ?
  19. Agree completely, could even see us switching to 3-5-2 with Mason and Kia benched.
  20. His vision, touch and execution in the part he played in the second goal was exquisite!
  21. No way we can let him go on loan. Playing his premier league debut he coped with Saha with ease and even found time to bang in a worldy!
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