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  1. Up 1-0 we should have been tight on martenelli + 1 defender. That was how they were going to score.
  2. I think Sarri would have done us well, I don't see anything FL has brought to the table so far. I don't see any attacking or defending organization. I see too much of Mount / Willian in the attack ( I think Willian should start often... just not all the time).
  3. What's up with FL and Pedro... we would be so much better off with Pedro / Giroud than Mount/Bats/Barkley
  4. 8 corners already... but only 3 shots, 1 on goal
  5. 8 corners already... but only 3 shots, 1 on goal
  6. The problem with Kante isn't Kante, it's playing Mount with him and to a degree Willian. It's a fine line up against Liverpool or Man City, where they will out possess and we need to run about. Willian takes a heavy touch to set up his shot, it's hard to find that touch against bottom half teams, even his goal against Tottenham which I loved needed quite a bit of space to make work. Mount just doesn't work in tight space.
  7. "So Isco would send Mount to the bench, if I understand his qualities? I say that as I have not seen him in physical challenges or running back to defend. " Frank puts a little too much emphasis on that IMHO, Willian more grit than creativity, needs space to work well, same with Mount, same with CHO (but he's a touch better in tight space). I would have guessed before the game we'd have trouble scoring, we don't have creators out there. Mount doesn't win near enough balls to play a man down in the attacking third.
  8. Emerson just ducks out on balls in the box... doesn't want to be near them.

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