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  1. Think Tactically Jose got the best of Frank on the last 10-15
  2. "Havertz with the hatrick has MOTM though apart from his finishing did not stand out too much, good at spreading the play wide." Most comical take of the day, apart from his finishing? What about the runs to get in position to score? What about 2 balls on platter for CHO and Mount to finish, if they finished like Havertz? What about winning the ball and poking it to Ross Barkley for his goal? He's also silky in the passing game.
  3. Pulisic where Mount is Ziyech where CHO is Mount where Barkley is James for Azpi Chillwell for Emerson Werner for Abraham may be our best XI
  4. Two brilliant should be assists from Havertz so far.
  5. Think we'd look much better if Barkley and Mount swapped positions
  6. I'd lose Jorginho in this, not like we'll have the ball now, win it be direct. Bring Mount back, 4-3-2 with Havertz and Werner up top. Havertz and Werner both have pace and goal scoring experience. Not sure why Zouma and Christensen were 30 + apart on that ball
  7. More credit to open the game opening needs to be given to that big ball from Rudi to James, so well handled by Reece James, that won the corner.
  8. "The thing with Mount is that he is more known for his pressing from the front. Playing slightly deeper would change his game dramatically." I actually think it would improve his game dramatically. I think he will develop into a better Matic. His strengths offensively are hitting it from distance and slotting a pass forward with pace through the lines. He really struggles technically near the box, but plays well forward. He also seems to run into others passing lanes a bit much for my liking.
  9. "Sarri did transform our club by playing possession based football but Lampard has fully developed a totally new identity that suits more to our club and to our own mentality, this so called reputation of Chelsea being this club that plays "anti-football" and that parks the bus was never a full picture of our club as we were always looking to attack and to show our teeth and grit and that's exactly what Lampard is looking to do, he has been at the heart of this culture and this club and he simply understands what Chelsea is all about.": I really don't see us do anything particullarly well t
  10. "Fot anyone questioning lampard's ability to set up a defence, its worth noting that we actually dont give up that many chances. 4th in the league in terms of the expected goals from how many chances opponents create against us, which i think is very good considering how many individual errors that are made. " Would be nice if Abraham could lay off a pass like Rudiger did.
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