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  1. He had a nice game... probably his best in months. But he's not tidy enough on the ball. Everton gave us plenty of space in the attack, they matched in a really odd way. While his pressing is nice, it's really the 4th or 5th ability you look at in your attackers. He won 3 or 4 off the press that he just gave right away, some of that will stop with experience... but some of it he just needs to get much better on the ball. Gilmour is the one that looks future world class every time he plays, he's younger and more influential. I prefer RLC to Mount... but RLC has to stay fit as well.
  2. Mason Mount really starting to look like Frank's biggest problem and a bit of a pet, not technical enough, doesn't score enough. I'm not sure if a youngsters best attribute is ability to press should put him on a front line like Chelsea. Interesting how many academy players have a clean first touch, yet the one with the most playing time, the ball comes off his foot heavy so often. I don't get Frank's typical "we weren't clinical enough" comments after games, yet Mount starts so frequently. Very awkward shot too from the run, always seems to be falling after wards.
  3. Up 1-0 we should have been tight on martenelli + 1 defender. That was how they were going to score.
  4. I think Sarri would have done us well, I don't see anything FL has brought to the table so far. I don't see any attacking or defending organization. I see too much of Mount / Willian in the attack ( I think Willian should start often... just not all the time).
  5. What's up with FL and Pedro... we would be so much better off with Pedro / Giroud than Mount/Bats/Barkley
  6. 8 corners already... but only 3 shots, 1 on goal
  7. 8 corners already... but only 3 shots, 1 on goal
  8. The problem with Kante isn't Kante, it's playing Mount with him and to a degree Willian. It's a fine line up against Liverpool or Man City, where they will out possess and we need to run about. Willian takes a heavy touch to set up his shot, it's hard to find that touch against bottom half teams, even his goal against Tottenham which I loved needed quite a bit of space to make work. Mount just doesn't work in tight space.
  9. "So Isco would send Mount to the bench, if I understand his qualities? I say that as I have not seen him in physical challenges or running back to defend. " Frank puts a little too much emphasis on that IMHO, Willian more grit than creativity, needs space to work well, same with Mount, same with CHO (but he's a touch better in tight space). I would have guessed before the game we'd have trouble scoring, we don't have creators out there. Mount doesn't win near enough balls to play a man down in the attacking third.
  10. Emerson just ducks out on balls in the box... doesn't want to be near them.

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