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  1. I think Pulisic's struggles are due to our tactics, he seems to want him running in early to leave overlapping space for Chillwell. Our system right now congests the flanks too much, winger play doesn't matter much in our current system, it's just hold the ball up for our outside defenders to run forward and around them, then pass the ball to the outside back for the cross in and hope. I think FL like Mount a lot but has no idea how to use him, and it's hurting the whole squad. The question that must be asked of Mount is if he were on United, City, or Liverpool where would he play? I th
  2. "2. Mount on the other hand is perfect for the way we want to play. He works incredibly hard off the ball and is a critical link player. He doesn't get into the team because of favouritism as many morons suggest but because he fits with the way we want to play and gives his all for the team." If he's perfect for the way we want to play the way he's being used currently, we will never be good enough. He's not playing well enough that he would get into a similar role at Liverpool, Man City, or Man Utd. And Franks seems to have built our team around him. The way I could see him working is th
  3. "Are you insinuating that Mount gets into the team not because of his performances but other reasons? " I think he's a start every other game type of player, who'd have trouble getting in Liverpool, City, or even United's sides. But for some reason FL treats him as a player he has to adjust all of tactics for.
  4. "Just change side of CHO and Pulisic and that's that IMO." And James and Chillwell
  5. "Lampard needs players for his football to work, he needs that Rice signing and if our wingers can't come back in form he needs another winger too. We should really go for Rice in this window while Lampard still has the time to change things, if Olle could get Bruno when things started to get tough we should back Lampard to get Rice." What's Rice supposed to do for us.. we have do many defensive minded midfielders - Mount, Kante, Kovacic and Jorginho, we need more creativity in the midfield.
  6. I can't quote on Chrome but: "I am all for people criticizing Frank for the recent results as the performances alongside the results have been indefensible but trying to discredit what he achieved last year and describing it as a bang average performance by Frank is just ludicrous." FL's style wears our players down, we run around too aimlessly, he praises Mount for running around aimlessly against City, I'm convinced the pandemic saved our season last year. It was a timeout you don't normally get, without it, I believe we are lucky to finish with 60 points. "Firstly if I was to focu
  7. "What boggles my mind is when people post this kind if thing without any context." The context is we were a team coming off of 72 points the prior year. I'm of the opinion we would have hit at least 75 with an experienced manager.
  8. What boggles my mind is how fans think. Frank earned bank with last year's 66 points, but think AVB was garbage with his 64 points. Frank was at best bang average last year. Correct me if I'm wrong but the bar before FL last year was 75 points, every Chelsea manager before last season under RA has been sacked for less than 75 points, yet Frank's 66 is supposed to have earned him something, that's just love for the nostalgia. Since Roman acquired Chelsea we have never gone consecutive years without a top 3 finish. Last season was the third season under Abramovich that we had under 70 po
  9. "What it tells me is city are content and not pressing letting us have the ball in defence" True, but we still look for him over Mount and Kovacic
  10. Everyone looks first to find Gilmour... should tell you something about our starting midfield.
  11. If you spent hundreds of millions to improve your squad and you got worse, I think you'd start looking for a person or two to sack
  12. I'd start 2nd half with CHO on for Mount and Gilmour for Kante, and go 4-2-3-1 with Werner, Pullisic - Ziyech - CHO
  13. We're playing 3 defensive center mids, and none that have attacking skills, there is no support or creativity for the forwards.
  14. Many calling out people for not being supporters for thinking Frank should go, had no problem not being supporters when it was Sarri.
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