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  1. That's probably some of the plan.. the false 9 keeps Hazard on the pitch, and lets Willian wear down the wing.
  2. anyone with a decent link... mine is just laggy
  3. My starting line up with transfer ban would be. Hazard RLC CHO Pulisic Jorginho Kante EP/MA DL/AC AR Dave I still think RLC could play a very good 9, he's strong enough, plays very well with his back to goal, has more goals this season than any of our 9's, I'm just not sure what's missing for him there TBH. But with a ban we need Hazard, RLC, CHO and Pulisic all on, and RLC would do the best out of those 4 in the 9 role IMO. We don't have enough players this year in the 25-28 year old range this year, I think that would help next year.
  4. Most of this time before January he was 17, while he helps us, and I think he should be #2 of the wingers now only behind Hazard. It's pretty off to say he should have been playing over Willian and Pedro while the team was doing well, also Sarri didn't play him more due to Bayern, the transfer window also signalled the end of Morata, and Hazard was a false 9 in part to get CHO minutes. I just don't see the connection. I see it as Sarri saying 1-5 on the front line are Hazard, Willian, Pedro, Morata and Giroud, and when Morata fell out of favor they were Hazard, Willian, Pedro, Giroud and CHO. Now we've added Higuain, but CHO continues to move up the ranks.
  5. Also, it seems CHO's face is plastered everywhere on the Chelsea website. Really has me thinking that Hazard is going to Real, and CHO has been promised his spot for next season.
  6. I don't know on the form... people were still criticizing him starting Alonso last game, and he was brilliant the game before in the Europa match. I think people know some guys aren't great, and they just hope another guy is better, even if he isn't. Would we be worried if Emerson went to any team ahead of us?
  7. Look, Is there really much difference between England playing him against Montenegro and Chelsea playing him in the Europa? They are both ways to help break a youngster in and get used to the level.
  8. He's doing great... but he doesn't have much defending to do.. won a couple headers. DK is looking for early balls to the 9.
  9. Yeah, am aware they want to sign him permanently but after watching lots of his games this season, he appears to be the most improved of all our players on loan and is better and faster than all our fullbacks currently, is it impossible to call him back from the loan because with his incredible pace and defensive awareness, bringing him back will immediately solve our RB or LB problem. It says they have a option to purchase at 9 mil... which means I don't think it's our decision, it's Torino's.

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