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  1. And most of the other guys, I think Frank / Morris have an attachment to the academy boys that they don't have with Pulisic. Just like Pulisic's transfer value was inflated due to the American market, his opportunity is a little suppressed due to not being an Academy guy. To be fair though, I don't think it's bad in Frank's position to favor an Academy player over even a superior non academy player, the youth club needs to show the end product to keep being developed.
  2. He just loses guys visually all of the time in the box. You don't see him checking his shoulders much. Compare that to our manager:
  3. Zouma just is too slow of thought, and doesn't check his shoulder enough. Zouma had the easiest play to stop it , but didn't.
  4. Willian's playing well... but not well enough that he should be an automatic entry, he's a starting rotation guy IMO.
  5. All can be true... he can still be fantastic, good enough for Bayern, and not as good as some fans think!🙂
  6. Yea the Christensen / Zouma pairing didn't work. Tomori has stabilized the back, Tomori / Rudiger will be #1 with Christensen the backup and Zouma out.
  7. I just feel like you could say this about any attribute. Willian covers ground better than most players, he's pacy and puts in the distance each game, it's what he brings that keeps getting him on the field with every manager we've had. There are a lot of bare minimums that are missed across the board.
  8. The criticism should be easy to see... he's played 204 premier league games with 24 goals, often times he's one of our main 3 in the attack, it's not enough production for his position for a top team. his work rate is great and he has nice attributes, he fits the era of the 4-4-2 better in my opinion as the wide midfielder more than attacker. He defends and works hard enough that hed be a great 4th attacking option, but too often he's our 2nd or third.
  9. The thing about Tomori, is he attacks so well out of the back. He's strong enough to run forward, he now has a goal and assist this season and made a few more nice runs that should have led to goals, neither of which AC has. Tomori plays to make plays, AC plays solid, but maybe plays too much to not lose IMO.
  10. Tomori plays so decisively, I can't see mistakes getting into his head. Tomori is a different class than Christensen.
  11. I think 11 points in 7 games is subpar and 1 clean sheet is subpar. Right now, he's not in the same conversation as Sarri or Conte as far as quality - the hope is he will be in a year or two.
  12. Yup, sure looks like a 10+ year captain type
  13. Far from it... who cares about adaptability if you don't defend well in any of them? Last year we conceded 1 / game in the PL this year so far 2/game. Not sure personnel use is better. I preferred last years to be honest. As far as one of the best players in the world... he had one year that he looked the part, and that was under Sarri. He had by far his best output under Sarri, and injury issues aside, has underperformed so far this year for Real. Does everything include results? style of play? Frank really has only done one thing really well, that's integrate our academy, everything else has been sub par. We all hope he improves with experience,
  14. I just don't get this 3-4-2-1, Conte used it to be good defenders around a playmaker like Luiz, we're using it to surround Zouma. Conte used it to protect Fabregas defensively so he could distribute from deep, Lampard is protecting Kante. I just don't get this system with this lineup.

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