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  1. btw, CHO's first touch is silky
  2. we've been better with pedro on the right and CHO on the left, than we were Willian on Left and CHO on right
  3. well especially with this group... too many players better attackers than possessers
  4. Wearyourblue

    Chelsea v Man City (PL) Sat 8th Dec 17:30 UK

    We can agree to disagree then on how RLC played, I think his attacking has been excellent, but defending meh. RLC plays more like a 10 and less like an 8, which seems to be what is required. Pair that with how Fabergas played, and you're asking Alonso, who's an attacking back to cover for 2 players. Maybe longterm I'll be wrong, but in the midfield I see RLC's top end with Sarri being a super sub when chasing a goal, I think he has much more potential as a winger under Sarri. He needs a higher work rate.
  5. Wearyourblue

    Mateo Kovačić

    Kovacic just defends so much better; and what if Kante gets knicked - who steps in? If you had to play one mf at all 3 spots in Sarri's system you'd pick Kovacic first, he's the only one in my opinion with the technical ability, work rate, and defensive ability to play all 3 spots. I'd rather see RLC take minutes from Willian.
  6. Wearyourblue

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Man City (PL 2018)

    The point I'm making is that the determination seen was a direct result of the tactics.... most importantly leaving Morata out. They weren't super determined at the outset of the City game, that came as play went on and confidence was gained. The success of the tactical change and the personnel brought that mentality. I don't know anyone talking about how good our mentality was before Kante's goal. Just as the Spurs game it's hard to play yourself into a game when everytime the ball is won Morata is offsides. To be fair to the players they've been used to having the ball working it into great position's and having chance after chance squandered by inadequate frontline play, it's hard to make big runs forward from the back when your 9 keeps putting himself offsides.
  7. Wearyourblue

    Chelsea v Man City (PL) Sat 8th Dec 17:30 UK

    I think his evaluation in the Wolves game is overly harsh too... He had RLC covering for him instead of Kovacic, and he was playing balls with Christensen instead of Luiz. Hard to play well, when the cover you are used to getting disappears.
  8. Wearyourblue

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Man City (PL 2018)

    Wolves saw 4 different players play RLC, Fabergas, Christensen, and Morata, of course there was a difference in attitude, 3 of those players don't defend. Many here bemoaned Alonso's game, well he had Loftus Cheek protecting him instead of Kovacic, Fabergas was out of position and too high on the build up to both goals, a spot Jorginho immediately calms down, Morata has no mental toughness, and Christensen was the other player supporting Alonso and played a part too.
  9. Wearyourblue

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Man City (PL 2018)

    I don't know if I can agree with that, I think we lose this game too if we swap Pedro out for Morata. Playing Hazard at the false 9 let a lot of other things happen. That work ethic was allowed to happen to only due to a tactical change. And we know Hazard doesn't love the false 9, so it was a bit of a gutsy move by Sarri. A lot were questioning it early - complaining about our two best players both not playing in ideal positions, in the end its what won it for us.
  10. Wearyourblue

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Just want to say RLC and Kovacic are so valuable in their positional flexibility. When Kovacic starts and RLC comes on, basically any player that's not a defender can come off. Those are the only two that I feel that way about... though Ampadu when he hits form will add to that as well. I don't see RLC not making the 18 again this season when fit.
  11. Wearyourblue

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Sarri is going to make Kante a better player
  12. Wearyourblue

    Chelsea v Man City (PL) Sat 8th Dec 17:30 UK

    Interested in the January window... Morata not even on the 18 for this one says somthing.
  13. Wearyourblue

    Chelsea v Man City (PL) Sat 8th Dec 17:30 UK

    Marcos Alonso deserves credit too very composed pass to Hazard after the win back And Kovacic with moment of brilliance moments before
  14. Wearyourblue

    Chelsea v Man City (PL) Sat 8th Dec 17:30 UK

    Also have to give pedro props thats not such an easy ball to compose, he was pretty clinical receiving and playing that