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  1. Zouma always recognizes danger after it happens.
  2. He changes his runs way too much, off the ball really poor.
  3. Personally would have subbed Chillwell first. He crosses to spots too often, misses teammates runs. To me he's our 4th best outside defender, unfortunately our top two are both on the right.
  4. I only want to buy a new striker if we got a top shelf one, otherwise roll with we have.
  5. Think COVID may be helping Tuchel acclimate, you can hear him so often across the field on broadcasts.
  6. Yup and the clubs may have more control over the diet and schedules on away games.
  7. Just like Sarri brought Jorginho, and Frank brought Mason, maybe TT for his first window could do us a little favor and bring Mbappe.
  8. Great game for many, I went Rudiger, forced Salah to be subbed.
  9. "Ok, so now it is not that we have won all games when Jorginho started (which now we haven't) but that we are unbeaten when he's started. I'm fed up with people using wrongly statistics. What about comparing to the random expectation drawn from the team results and all the players? That's what proper stats do, not just counting games to draw a conclusion that it is most likely not a direct result of the variable (Jorginho playing) and certainly not significant. Also, correlation is not causation!!!" Just do a two sample T test and there you go. We average 2.21 points per game when Jorginh
  10. 'Played well overall but had me clenching the buttocks big time the last 20 minutes when they were really pressing and he turned the ball over cheaply a couple of times. Just about got away with the turn on the edge of our box but then tried to run and passed it straight to Fabinho." Nah, Werner changed his mind, he showed his feet then turned up field for the over the top ball. That was miscommunication, and I think Werner was. just out of gas at that time.
  11. "I don't know, that last 10 tonight was hard work to watch." A lot easier tho, than December and January
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