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  1. Who ever let you out of the kitchen should be shot. Now run along little doggy.. back to making sandwiches.
  2. f**king hell... my sides.. you are so hilarious. And they say woman aren't funny.
  3. Kepa is the absolute worst. f**king dumb sh*t he is. He should've been gone after that bs against sh*tty.
  4. CHO has got to be the most overrated crap player we've had in a while. Guy has to go on loan. And never come back. Also we're f**ked next season if we keep playing James, Christensen, Barkley.
  5. The people here praising Jorginho for being a "game changer" are insane. I wonder if they're watching the same games. Guy is total trash.. worst Chelsea player for a long while.
  6. Batsh*t, Jorginho, Barkley, Tomori 0/10 Worst players we have
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