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  1. Batsh*t, Jorginho, Barkley, Tomori 0/10 Worst players we have
  2. YEAAA!!!!! Pedro always has a good shot on him.
  3. Why are we so hesitant to take shots from distance? At any distance really. This walking the ball in crap isn't doing it and it never really worked.
  4. Lampard is an absolute legend and my favorite player of all time. Managing is not for him though. Doesn't have the mental toughness. He's too easygoing and mellow with the players.
  5. Awful. We look like sh*t. Take a shot from distance once in a while FFS.
  6. Can't see anything but a loss for the Chels unfortunately. The worst strikers in the league. Abraham is total sh*t. Got a sh*t haircut too.

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