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  1. Needless fouls and poor set piece defending
  2. Can't see anything but a loss for the Chels unfortunately. The worst strikers in the league. Abraham is total sh*t. Got a sh*t haircut too.
  3. jeez, getting behind our defenders with ease now
  4. It's Inter Milan and they can f**k right off... w**kers.
  5. Hey, good music is universal. I like it all. I play drums and play mostly rock.
  6. Uh what the f**k why?? What's your problem? I gave a game recommendation that I thought was good. Get the stick out of your ass you f**king cock sucking piece of sh*t!!
  7. http://store.steampowered.com/app/219640/ Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Very cool game for cheap. Unlike any FPS.

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