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Bournemouth v Chelsea (PL) Sat 29th Feb 15:00 GMT


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7 hours ago, Munkworth said:

We’ve got our usual fall from Grace after a good result out the way to an actual decent team?

Apart from the odd fuming here and there and the usual calls to sell Alonso/Azpi/Barkley/Christensen, most posts were very realistic, I felt.

Onwards and uowards against Bournemouth!

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2 hours ago, Nevamind said:

So we stick with the back three, idk? If so Willian in for Barkley and maybe Tammy for Giroud. 

Do you reckon RLC could start? 

I would start as we did yesterday, Bournemouth are nowhere near the level of Bayern.

If RLC is fit bring him on after half-time yet he wasn't even on the bench yesterday.................

I don't think Bournemouth will be able to keep Giroud as subdued as yesterday and against Bournemouth that should give us more traction up front.

Willian will most likely come on in the second yet apart from a teasing cross per game is not threatening to set the world on fire just at the moment.

Abraham in the second if we are not getting any success.



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11 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

For some weird reason, we have had some horrible results against this lot in recent years. We really can't afford for that to happen again in this one.

No we certainly can't.

One of my mates is a lifelong Bournemouth supporter and he's been well pleased with their results v us in recent years.

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Noticed against Spurs Barkley's shot off the cross bar set up Giroud and yesterday after Mount had a break cleared it was Barkley following up with a shot Neuer saved.

Yesterday he put a shift in closing down Bayern not as good as Mount yet just the same as good as Willian. 

Think if we play the same set up he might very well score.

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Important to bounce back and fight for the top 4, we have a serious game period and we need to take the points.

------------- Caballero -----------

James -- Tomori -- Rudiger -- Azpilicueta

-------- Jorginho --- Kovacic ------

Willian ------- Mount ------ Pedro

------------- Giroud ----------------


Bring in RLC slowly, can't wait to see him playing. Even if Abraham is fit, I believe he should earn his place back.

CHO, Pulisic and Kante we're badly missing them. 

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12 hours ago, bluesfan said:

If Tammy/Giroud convert the chances we create we should have no problem here. Hopefully the Bayern loss will bring some extra motivation and we can be at the top of our game.

Tammy is very doubtful.

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