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  1. TrueBlueBIH

    Mateo Kovačić

    That is actually a great idea, he has pace and runs a lot. Could do a decent job.
  2. Maybe i can't forget the Wolves game , pathetic was probably harsh. Let's say the worst in the back four :)
  3. TrueBlueBIH

    César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    People were talking that his performance aren't good this season. He switched three positions during two seasons, and in my opinion he was the top performer in every. His performance against City was outstanding, in his 300 performances i don't recall him being poor. Mr consistent and my favorite player at the club by far.
  4. TrueBlueBIH

    Antonio Rudiger

    He grew on him, he is a strong defender with quite some pace. Rarely makes a big mistake, the most recent is the Roma away game where he was poor. Works well with Luiz and he is only 25 so much room for improvement.
  5. You thought he did well mate?
  6. TrueBlueBIH

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Man City (PL 2018)

    Dave for me, however Rudi and Luiz were also superb.
  7. Second team, bench with kids no need to risk anyone. The first team will have a full week rest until Brighton away. I wouldn't even send them to Hungary. Win, lose or draw makes no difference as we secured the top spot.
  8. Have to say i was surprised and didn't expect this. Excellent team effort and the defense was top notch apart from Alonso who was pathetic again. Sarri showed he had a plan B and we controlled the second half and earned our win. A string of "easier" games ahead and we should capitalize on it.
  9. Battle it out as men and i will be pleased no matter the result. We made one half chance in the last half and hour after going down to Wolves midweek.
  10. TrueBlueBIH

    Just signed up from Norway.

    Welcome mate
  11. TrueBlueBIH

    Marcos Alonso

    For a full back he is extremely slow, if the Wolves wingers went pass him like he wasn't there imagine the horror when he faces Sterling and Sane who are extremely fast.
  12. TrueBlueBIH

    Andreas Christensen

    We have inserted a buy back clause. Then again he shouldn't have been sold, he is doing so well at Bournemouth.
  13. Was just talking at work about the Azpi and Zappa switch would be ideal. If we start Luiz and Alonso as we always do that side will be constantly pushed and we will probably concede from that side just like against Wolves. I am very pessimistic about our chances for Saturday, great chance for the players and Sarri to prove us wrong.
  14. TrueBlueBIH

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Kante is pushed forward because his love child Jorginho can only play as dmf. The football is definitely suffering because of Kante's pushing forward, even tough Sarri won't admit it. Kante Barkley Loftus Dreams do come true.
  15. TrueBlueBIH

    Andreas Christensen

    Probably a very unpopular opinion but he has been poor or bellow average in every game he played this season. Yet he mostly played against opposition that are inferior to us. I am all up for giving chances for our talented youngsters, but at the level of football we are playing you just can't have big mistakes and look shaky in every game you start. He is probably shaken by the fact he isn't a starter and gets the odd chance, but you have to have a strong mentality to break into this team. At some point he has the mentality of a toddler.