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  1. Poor under Sarri, improved under Lampard but i still don't see the effects of his game. He lacks assist for a deep lying player maker. Gets a few goals but most through penalties. Lampard rates him very highly but i just don't see it.
  2. Dave is my favorite player in the current team, however by next season when we buy a new left back he will be a squad player at best. He can can still provide great cover for various positions in this team and can do a good job when called.
  3. Think it would be best to part ways. He isn't getting better plus gives space for new blood.
  4. I wouldn't go with 343 again, it is a slow formation and our fast wingers are out. Must win simply as no more slip ups in the league against relegation battlers.
  5. Keep Tomori, Zouma, Rudiger and sell Christensen. Buy a new CB in the summer
  6. Unpopular opinion but i rate Tomori and Zouma ahead of him, and well above Christensen. Not sure why Lampard is now forcing Rudiger and Christensen when they are obviously the worse pair.
  7. The first half was let's say okay, the second was completely outclassed by Bayern. The quick second goal killed us off and we where all over the place. Clubs at two very different stages, we are in a rebuild and Bayern is an established compact team. We will see a lot of players leave this summer, and probably a few big signings in. Hope we buy smart like with Ziyech, buy players that we need not just because they are superstars. Focus on the league now obviously, the second leg go out do our best but the tie is pretty much good as over.
  8. Love Mason to bits, but he was overplayed by Frank. The lads needs rotation and a rest, however with Pulisic being out Lampard didn't have much of an option than to force him.
  9. With Pulisic, Odoi, potentially Ziyech or in the best case scenario Sancho he would be unnecessary.
  10. I am highly sceptical that we will manage to pull this off, as loads of top top teams will be after him. If we do it will be MASSIVE for the team and for the club.
  11. Very pleased with this, even though it's not official until i see him with the Chelsea shirt. For his quality, age and experience 38 mill is peanuts. Absolute bargain of a deal, and he is pretty much a player we need. He can score and he can assist which is more important for a player in his role. Excellent overall, these are the kind of signings we should be making to strengthen this team further, no more signing dead weight. Either we need them or not, promote kids if we are short for cover on certain positions simple.
  12. After a solid first season under Sarri (not including the League Cup final), this season he is super poor and he can't even blame the shaky defense for every goal. He needs to improve drastically. The stories linking us with several new keepers aren't going away so he should step up. I think it would be a mistake to sell him after one poor season, saying this he needs competition. We should buy a new perspective keeper that will keep him on his toes, and that will provide quality competition. Why would he worry when we have a 38 year old Caballero as a possible substitute?
  13. We are famous for not strengthening after a title win, we usually go a step backwards.
  14. I'd go with --------------------------Kepa----------------------------------- James----------Tomori--------Rudiger/Zouma----Azpilicueta ---------------------Jorginho----------------------------------- -------------Kovačić---------Kante---------------------------- Odoi--------------------Tammy------------------Pulišić Kepa has no cover no competition and Willy is just poor. I'd prefer Zouma as he really found some solid form. Odoi as he has to be played, if not sell him. Pulišić to start if fit, either that or Willian but Frank will probably play Mount there. These two home games could define the rest of our season, massive games.
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