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  1. Love how the media made it a big deal, while the likes of United who is the club with most debt in the world isn't mentioned ever. Financial loss without the calculation of sale of players isn't bad at all.
  2. We could/should have a massive budget going into the next summer transfer window considering we didn't spend anything (apart from Kovačić), plus sales from this season will add to that transfer chest. So basically we should have two budgets plus our sales money, but of course we won't spend it all obviously but the funds will be at our disposal to strenghten this team. Obviously if the kids show up we will have less to spend as they are all English and from our academy. Then we will just add to depth and rotation power.
  3. Think Mount and Ruben should get the edge over Barkley. Also think Ruben could play a deeper role under Lampard, sources claim that he might even try him out as a striker. He has the pace and is built strong solid goalscorer could be good?
  4. Shouldn't underestimate Sheffield, they are a solid side and knowing our defensive worries i doubt they will sit back and wait for us to score. Saying all this we should be able to create several chances and get a few goals in early if we are clinical enough. Think we will manage to win and keep a clean sheet 2-0 Chelsea prediction.
  5. Think Bakayoko will leave us before September 2nd, hope it is a permanent deal. Nothing against him but his loans didn't help he just can't cope. Get as much as we can for him and wish him well.
  6. Well earned and hard fought win too. Both Norwich goals could have been prevented and were "cheap" goals. In the second we tighten things and it was all us. Happy for Tammy and Mount both excellent, also VAR should have prevented Norwich first goal, and it should have gave us a penalty when Azpilicueta was kicked in the box. I guess VAR will work only on the teams that need pushing.
  7. James is an exciting prospect, but think people will expect too much from his after a good season on loan at Wigan. Not position related but we had Bamford who was excellent in the Championship and did nothing in the top division. Tammy had two excellent loan seasons but obviously he will need time to adapt to the Premier League. I really hope he is an instant success but i feel he will need time to adjust to the team and the new league. Also on the Azpilicueta topic, people jumping on him and pointing fingers after years of being in the top three performers in the team? Someone mentioned he is the new Ivanović before he left and it is true. We always need a scapegoat and this time it is Azpilicueta. I agree his form is not good and that he could potentially be replaced as a starter, but is he a bad player? No. Excellent in three positions and was always 110% for us, think he could still be very good for us as center back. We should have pushed Ivanović there too and not keep him at right back and get murdered with pacey wingers.
  8. Love Ruben but he is injury prone for a big lad. Hope i am proved wrong since he is a brilliant player.
  9. With potentially Rudiger back and eager we could look more solid at the back, i hope Norwich can't cope with our pressure and we convert our chances. Doubt this will end in a goalless draw tough haha.
  10. Rudiger playing all 90 looks promising, could fully expect him to start against Sheffield and probably getting minutes against Norwich too.
  11. Young player, needs time in the top flight. Did people really expect him to score 20+ goals like for Villa in the Championship?
  12. Shades of excellent high pressure football are there, if we were more clinical in these three games we would probably win them all. Think Frank should work on the defensive part, we are so easily hit on the counter which he also said he knows. Don't think we are poor by any mean, played some good football but were unlucky and naive in some of the goals we conceded. Hope Roman gives him a proper go, with a proper transfer window. Knowing the intelligence of Frank he will make us very good in no time.
  13. Fair to say with 4141 that Leicester played it was a matter of time when our legs would be gone after Liverpool and 120 minutes of intense football. I found the 4231 open on the counter, but it was all down to bad defending and bad passing. Don't think it is a bad formation i prefer it to 433, just because we looked better with 433 in one game doesn't mean 4231 is bad. With all the players back and we gel things will look far better.
  14. Social media racists FC, i can put a Spurs badge on my profile and say racist things. Media will report Tottenham fans in racists tweets.
  15. Tough game but a full seven days rest and with some new options for rotation. I'd go with: Kepa Azpi - Rudiger - Christensen - Emerson Kovačić - Kante Pedro - Barkley - Pulišić Michy Won't happen tough

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