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  1. and he never passes in the box too even if the other player is in a better position
  2. one of the best games of this generation IMO, you'll miss a lot of things on your playthrough especially the NPC's quests. I had to read where they are going to be so I don't miss them
  3. the only thing I don't like about this situation how we are not even getting to what he's worth today, all high profile players went for a very high price which helped the club to find good replacements at least
  4. I don't know if i love the game or hate it still getting my ass beat by the ogre
  5. this team need John Terry in the dressing room
  6. me entering a thread about new signing
  7. I hope so too and it's just a ploy to get the board to spend on decent players
  8. i think because it comes comes in 2 discs waiting for mine to get shipped :(
  9. you haven't watched american sports commentators, more than 95% of theses people don't even watch the game. they have nothing to lose. there is no accountability ,they get paid to be entertaining and that's what he's doing same goes for sports journalism in general https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9w_XUQyJJQ this is one of my favorite videos about this
  10. why do people care about one random guy's opinion. as long Jorginho,s keeps playing like this i am happy
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