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  1. Well, Conte would have got the best from this squad still. If Sarri is to succeed with us, we need serious investment for his one way system to bring success. And am not sure the board can afford investing too much. who would you change for me, our defense needs change first they are clueless once the ball is near them
  2. our defense is a joke no matter how bad Sarri is, the way we give up goals is just embarrassing
  3. theone

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    this team need John Terry in the dressing room
  4. I agree we don't have a plan at all while other teams attack our weakness we rely on our passing
  5. Arsenal at least scored we don't even do that
  6. you mean he didn't attack with Bakayoko and Drinkwater as midfield options he changed the tactics to cover our midfield problems
  7. this team just gives up once it goes down, having said that Sarri needs some tactics as well
  8. under Conte, apart from City how many games were this bad
  9. I agree, this is way more pleasant
  10. Arsenal used the same Spurs tactic and literally the same result no plan whatsoever
  11. Sarri keeps saying what the problem is but nothing has changed in our attacking play
  12. theone

    Christian Pulisic - Official

    me entering a thread about new signing
  13. theone

    Hudson Odoi

    why not send him on a two-year loan if we are not going to play him, a win for both sides
  14. theone

    New year

    Happy New Year everyone Eden signing a contract and the board signing players which actually improve the team
  15. Mourinho sacked by Man U